Much research with extensive and overwhelming evidence indicate that the chemical attack on 21 Aug. 2013 in Ghouta, Syria was a false flag event to be blamed on President Assad and his loyal and honorable army as a pretext for acts of aggressions (air-strikes)


To that end mass media embarked on an extended campaign of lies and dis-information similar to the “WMD in Iraq” stories used to scare the pop into supporting the Iraq invasion of 2003. There are afterall still people who believe Saddam Hussein and Osama  Bin Laden were best friends; so there are also morons who think that Bashar is “evil”. The real evil is from people who staged an attack killing abducted children to achieve their war interests.  The real evil is a corrupted “free press” which becomes complicit in war crimes #bbc #cnn
Bashar never did use chemical weapons but obamas proxy forces did.  Syria’s Elections
The zionist regime in washington has a revulsion to democracy and rights of self-determination whenever and wherever and now in Ukraine.
The New World Order and their mouthpieces (obama rasmussen  cameron hollande merkel ) have exposed their fascist agenda with the implementation of the “black hole” doctrine first postulated by zebrenzki to create destabilization in areas around Iran* (isis)  and Russia* (nazi) with the intent of forcing military intervention by their targeted countries*. As of 5 July 2014 these plots have failed miserably neither Russia nor Iran have been duped into military responses.  Russia has embarked upon a course of action which includes  humanitarian relief for the now well over 100, 000 refugees seeking safety from the ruthless killers from Kiev;  and providing a framework and platform  for the investigation and documentation of the war crimes being perpetrated in Ukraine.
These war crimes that were   meant to provoke, will be used at the future prosecution of those responsible. 





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