Interview with Young Field Commanders, Alexander Zhuchkovskiy and Oleg Melnikov


NOTE: Translated in a Rush; Subject to Change.

Original: Strelkov Info
Translated from Russian by Gleb Bazov

Note: this Interview was taken prior to Igor Strelkov’s and the Militia’s breakout from Slavyansk.

Militiamen Alexander Zhuchkovskiy and Oleg Melnikov are both veterans of the defence of the village of Semyonovka, the very same one that the Kiev Junta practically erased of the face of the earth. At first, Melnikov commanded the group that eliminated enemy fire correctors, and later was in charge of erecting reinforcements around Semyonvoka. Zhukovskiy, apart from participating in the defence of the village, dealt with the transportation of volunteers into Novorossiya. Oleg and Alexander answered the journalists’ questions.

Question : How long can you hold in a siege?

A. Zhuchkovskiy: Indefinitely. If they don’t maintain a full blockade, you can hold. But if all the population leaves – it would get hard. Then they would…

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