Kiev promises war with Russia?

The delusion of impunity which is a characteristic of fascism is highlighted by the recent statements uttered by the “acting defence minister” of the Kiev junta. The ink wasn’t even dry on his confirmation document (actually there was no ink due to the cap of his writing instrument being firmly ensconced )


and he was threatening Russia with war and peeking out from behind Victoria Nulands skirts promising a “parade in Sevastopol” .
Such reckless and fantastical delusions play well to his base of support –


the nazi losers and their offspring in Kiev- however his threats are not viewed favorably by anyone else except his masters the warmongers zionist cabal who long for another world war .
Nuland (the kagan ilk representative) sees a war between the US and Russia as being in the “best interest of Israel”.
  After already dragging the US into disastorous wars in Iraq and Syria; Nuland and her ilk now want to push the US into another war this time with Russia .
The US department of state is filled with dual loyalists who always put israhell first even if that means the destruction of the country that they pretend to represent.
The regime in washington like the regime in Kiev is filled with traitors and zionist dupes;   thats why they have such a close relationship; and of course their homosexual and lesbian “affiliations”. 
The truth is Americans do not want war with Russia and do not support the positions of their tyrant king barack who like historical figures of the past were crushed. (see Napoleon,Hitler).


Kiev promises war against Russia? – News – World

Given that Crimea is part of Russia, as is Sevastopol, which has a special federal status, such a statement by the leader of the armed forces of Ukraine can in no way be taken lightly. The implication that somehow the Ukrainian army will in the future be in a position to hold a victory day parade on Russian soil, something that could only take place after the military defeat of Russia, is a direct promise of war against Russia.


Official Moscow has for the most part ignored the ridiculous delusional statement. However, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin did state on social media that: “In connection with the futile idea of conducting a victory parade in ‘Ukraine’s’ Crimea, Kiev decided to limit the holding of a gay-parade in their capital.”

The response from official Sevastopol was a bit harsher. “The intentions of the Ukrainian defense minister do not coincide with the plans of the federal city of Russia for the next one thousand years. We are not planning to hold Ukrainian parades here, only parades of Russian ships and military units and free Russian citizens of Sevastopol”, Itar-Tass quoted Deputy Governor of Sevastopol Yevgeny Dubovnik as saying.

Kiev continues to aggressively provoke Russia

Counting on the full support of their masters in the United States and NATO, Kiev continues to carry out actions that in any other context would bring about an open state of warfare between states.

Since the armed coup in December we have seen Dmitry Yarosh, the leader of the Right Sector, seizing Russian assets and properties in Ukraine, killing and kidnapping Russian journalists and citizens, hundreds of verbal attacks by “officials” on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and top Russian leaders, death threats against officials of all levels, sanctions applied against Russian officials and even journalists by the Kiev, ethnic Russians killed and bombed on a daily basis, attacks on an embassy with the participation of the foreign minister, military incursions into Russian territory, the bombing of Russian border checkpoints, the stealing of Russian resources including 4.5 billion dollars in gas, false flag operations staged to blame Russia, continuous wild claims against Russia by top officials… and the list goes on.

Russia continues to attempt being patient and pursue a path of peace, diplomacy and negotiation, always taking the threat to civilians’ lives into account as a matter of the highest import, but there may soon come a time when the delusional Kiev will eventually force Russia to respond with force.

Kiev channeling Washington

Apparently, having been mentored by their US sponsors, Kiev is using the exact same tactics that have been used by Washington in the invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and the attempt on Syria. The junta does not openly declare war on Russia because they know they would be squashed like ants, yet they attempt to provoke Russia into military action.

From the egregious media manipulation to transferring the blame for their own crimes onto the victims, Ukrainian government has shown that it has almost mastered US tactics used to demonize and dehumanize an “enemy”. These tactics are being used while the junta continues to wage a war against Russia that the US is not going to do by itself. Like using Islamic terrorists as proxy armies against its Middle East enemies, their junta in Kiev has become nothing more than another proxy engaged in an operation for Washington.

Something in the Water?

If people were not dying and the country was not being torn apart, one might find the complete absurdity and delusional architecture of the junta a cause for hours of laughs. Just the fact that Kiev, like a mouse rattling a toothpick at an elephant, continues to make bellicose statements. But this is not a theater of the absurd but a real “power” that is engaged in punitive military operations against its own people.

The parallels between the attack on South Ossetia, taking place on the eve of the Olympics and the coup in Kiev are breathtaking. And like the tie eating Saakashvili, the absurdity of Washington’s puppets in Kiev is almost the same. Like Saakashvili, who was promised full support by NATO, Kiev believes Washington’s promises and behaves with such impunity that one has to believe they have been told they will be protected by NATO, should Russia decide to use force to defend its own security.

The junta should study what happened to Saakashvili and previous US puppets and the real “support” given by Washington to Georgia and Saakashvili who believed he was on a fast track to NATO. Kiev would have been advised to study how the nazis were defeated in WWII as well but in reality it is too late for that.

From Prison to Government Post

Like Yulia Timoshenko and a host of others, the latest additions to Kiev’s “government” seem to have been chosen from the rosters of the previously disgraced and the country’s top oligarchs.

Although Valeriy Heletey has no significant military experience to speak of, which makes him eminently incompetent to act as a Defense Minister, this does not bother Poroshenko, who now has the right to make such appointments with a rubber stamp from the Verkhovna Rada. Poroshenko believes it is good not have a military officer in the post as the military is attempting to consolidate too much power.

Lieutenant General Viktor Muzhenko was confirmed as the new head of “the joint chiefs of staff”. He was until recently a top “official” overseeing Kiev’s “anti-terrorist operation” against those opposed to the junta.

The oligarchs are doing well in Ukraine, Kolomoisky was given a governorship, Poroshenko himself is the president, Timoshenko was released from prison, and now Yuriy Kosyuk will be responsible for defense issues in the presidential administration.

Then there is Alexander Turchinov, who was investigated in February 2006 along with his SBU deputy Andrei Kozhemyakin, regarding destroying FBI files. He was also investigated for destroying documents implicating Yulia Tymoshenko in crimes.

Then there are known traitors to Ukraine like the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaichenko, who was recruited by the CIA and even provided the CIA with their own room in the SBU headquarters to browse files.

Vitaly Klitschko and Arseny Yatsenyuk, who were revealed to be nothing more than puppets for Victoria Nuland and the West, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Sych from Svoboda, as well as many other Svoboda members, such as Andrey Parubiy, Andrei Mokhnyk, Igor Shvaika and Oleg Makhnitsky – all, who were rewarded with top posts, although none of them were qualified.

Then there is the leader of the Right Sector Dmitry Yarosh, who was appointed Deputy Secretary of National Security. Dmitry Bulatov from the Ukrainian Union of Nationalists (UNA-UNSO) and his cohort Tatyana Chernovol.

So, Ukraine is now being run by traitors, criminal oligarchs, billionaires and CIA assets and the people, who oppose them, are being eradicated and terrorized into submission. But then who else would sell their own country down the river and kill their own citizens? Who else would sign agreements, giving away the country’s resources and industries? Who else would provoke Russia, stealing billions of dollars’ worth Russian gas, destroying entire towns and regions? Who else would agree to place NATO elements on their land and completely give up their sovereignty for a few bucks? Who else would send all of the country’s gold to be kept in the US? Well, the current line-up, of course.


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