In 1776- A Look Forward

IN 1776 the Congress of the United States had some different viewpoints than the current “congress ” at that time  American leaders had morality and was not infected with the #obama_virus.



And whereas the execerable barbarity, with which this unhappy war has been conducted on the part of our enemies,  such as burning our defenceless towns and villages, exposing their inhabitants, without regard to sex or age, to all the miseries which loss of property, the rigor of the season, and inhuman devastation can inflict,  inciting domestic insurrections and murders, bribing the savages to desolate our frontiers, and casting such of us as the fortune of war has put in their power, into gaols, there to languish in irons and to want, compelling the inhabitants of Boston, in violation of the treaty, to remain confined within the town, exposed to the insolence of the soldiery, and other enormities, at the mention of which decency and humanity will ever blush, may justly provoke the inhabitants of these colonies to retaliate. 

RESOLVED,  That it is recommended to them,  to continue mindful that humanity ought to distuingish the brave, that cruelty should find no admission among a free people,and to take care that no page in the annals of America be stained by a recital of any action which justice or Christianity may condemn,





and to rest assured that whenever retaliation may be necessary or tend to their security, this Congress will undertake the disagreeable task.



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