Having a stated and public policy of mutual “defense”; HATO has within its framework the axiom of “an attack on any country of HATO is an attack upon all of HATO”.


With logic and a sense of tenable attributes, it would therefore be assumed that the inverse is applicable.  Foreign policy of the US however does not allow for logic and could be more easily compared to the “nuland, psaki model”  an hysterical and irrational woman in the throes of menapause .
This latest escalation involves a disposal of all logic and is  represented by  Poland {a HATO member regime}
launching its armed forces into a conflict zone ie. SE Ukraine.
Logic could only interpet this as HATOs’ direct military intervention into a non-member nations’ civil war.
(Difficult to paint as defensive and untenable to exclude the 27 other regimes participation.) 
If Polish boots are used it is the same as German boots or any other HATO member regime. So HATO is reportedly; directly  taking part in Kievs ethnic cleansing ATO. 

On July 16 of this year in the port of Odessa in an atmosphere of high secrecy was made unloading twelve (12) self-propelled wheeled guns – 152mm gun-howitzer vz. 77 “Dana” Czech production, the armament of the Armed Forces of Poland, as well as staff buses and trucks.
After unloading the artillery battalion (presumably from the 1st Artillery Brigade Mazury), fully stocked Polish soldiers followed their progress on railway Separate station for loading on the platform.
I do not know whether that is the most “unpleasant surprise for the militia”, which said Poroshenko, but with an open entry into the civil war in Ukraine, the regular armed forces of a foreign country (and, incidentally, a member of NATO), the military-political situation changed radically .
Fully unleashing the Russian Federation – and its allies – hands for an adequate response.
Is the case when looking for your dear friends, help for rapid dissemination of information – that one then said that did not know about.



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