Part II: Comments from a Military Man – July 25, 2014

The interview with Commander Strelkov was informative and insightful. I am shocked that the US and NATO are so involved in Ukraines civil war, reminds me of the beginning of Viet Nam when they announced sending “military advisers”and the resulting quagmire of defeat. God bless the brave Donbass militia to utterly destroy the nazi invaders and their mercenary scum!

By John King / Edited by S. Naylor

Strelkov: “Over the course of yesterday and today our losses near Marinovka-Kozhevnya-Dubrovka totaled approximately 50 men (almost all of them – wounded), 2 tanks, 2 BMPs, and 1 BTR.”

Comment: The Ukie Army can afford large loss of men and material as they have US/NATO behind them, the capacity of the state to enforce conscription; and PMC (Paid Military Contractors, mercenaries) to make up losses in men. The Tanks/IFVs plus equipment can be made up with old CCCP stock still available to Kiev plus the steady arrival of NATO equipment.

The SDF (Novorossia Militia) do not have the men or material (despite the MSM fraudulent claims of Russian aid) and losses to the SDF can not be easily replaced. What shocked me reading one of your posts about how an entire Base with Tanks/IFVs and Equipment was not utilized until a few…

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