Humanitarian Corridors for Donbass

The callous charge of the mis-lead west that Russias’ intentions to establish a  humanitarian corridor for reasons other than the word defines is belied by the fact of Russia’s support for humanitarin corridors in Syria as well. This consistency is a true representation of the Russian peoples genuine and heartfelt concern and to suggest otherwise is merely a refraction of the accusers own mindset. Since Russia has OSCE observers already at border crosings the reckless suggestion that it is needed for the passage of arms is as disingenuiness as it is moronic; meant for the crowd that is still searching social media for proof of the BUK system akin to searching Iraq for WMD.
Moreover a humanitarian corridor is needed for the influx of soldiers and conscripts who seek Russia for safety and medical care who have  unfortunately been forced into a military force commanded by a chocolate making oligarch mad man  who makes Dr. Strangelove appear sane. petro or bloody peter poroshenko is a reprehensible mass murderer who belongs in the dustbin of history.



  As craters 30 meters in diameter and deep enough to bury a house appear in civilian areas in Donbass with ballistic missiles deployed against a defenceless civilian population and weapons of war (Smerch) that were made to be used against professioal nation state armies and tank battalions not to destroy simple everyday neighborhoods, schools and churches. Labeling the part of the country that didnt participate in a farce election (that was a fate d’accompli since bloody peter  had already been referred to as the elected leader of Ukraine by his paymaster in washington even before the election) as terrorists and subjecting the people to austerity while allocating vast sums to carry out the agenda of Shell and the whole fracking international community international interests which has been to commit a war of agression to plunder the natural resources of Ukraine.
With  orders from his cia handlers to provoke a war with Russia poroshenko is willing to send thousands to their deaths and already has.  This genocidal pogrom is a fractal representation of a larger war against all of humanity.
  Rather than promoting and investing in  sustainable energy  while preserving an ecological balance these criminal parasites can only think to kill and exploit.  Of course the west could not conceive how a nation such as Russia has genuine compassion for all those hundreds of thousands of innocent families displaced by these criminal actions of the junta,  because the only motivation that they know of is corporate greed.  


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