On July 17, 2014  a Malaysian Airline- Boeing 777 crashed in SE Ukraine in an area of a  conflict zone designated by the International Red Cross as a civil war. Previous to that flight Malaysian Airlines had flown in an air corridor well to the south and at some 2,000 metres higher.


The initial unsubstantiated claims by the regime in washington would have us believe that Russian technicians had in tandem with separatists used a sophisticated surface to air missile system (BUK) which is equipped with IFF (identification friend or foe) and fired a  missile which brought the plane down.


There are numerous reasons to reject this “conspiracy theory” 1) it was first advanced by john kerry who is a well known and notorious liar 2) the skies in the area were clear daylight  and atmospheric conditions favorable which would have allowed for the missiles plume to have been visible.
Keeping watch in the skies over Donbass is a matter of life and death for the locals who live in fear of attacks


3) the BUK is a complex and identifiable system that involves four tracked vehicles for deployment and the only known and verified use in the conflict zone is by the Ukrainian army.  (apparently defending against the militias non-existent  invisible aircraft)
4) “If Rasmussen had convincing evidence of militia’s fault for the downed Boeing, he would provide it,” Pushkov
5) If Russia had radar evidence to show that a BUK missile was used by the Ukr army they would be expected to provide it as well, but since Russia does not claim that it was shot down by a SAM it would therefore not be anticipated.
6) Radar proof of two SU-25 jet fighter aircraft in the area and purportedly “escorting” the airliner has been provided by the Russian Defense Ministry and has not been disputed; further substantiated by eyewitnesses accounts who witnessed the SU-25s flight even in an interview with a BBC reporter which ended up on the cutting room floor never to be broadcast.  Although the SU-25 is designed as a tactical low altitude attack fighter jet



there are known variants and upgrades combined with a pressurized suit for the pilot and a slight reduction in the altitude of a target would have allowed for a kills shot and effective release of its air to air missiles.


The evasive and secretive investigation conducted by?  is fouled by the false narrative spewed by those who are desperate to cover-up the facts while slamming the gavel and pronouncing  a guilty verdict before the trial.  Conclusion in the court of public opinion is all the grandstanders ever wanted, the truth is irrelevant as deception is their motto.
It was only one year ago this month that another lie for war was being pedalled by the same cast of characters as they lied about a chemical attack in Ghouta, Syria blaming Assad with “proof that went poof” .
There may never be definitive conclusive proof of what caused the deaths of the 298 people on board #MH17 made public; (due to the suspects in control of the investigation)  however it is extremely unlikely that the plane fell by accident or was shot out of the sky by an invisible undetected missile fired from the ground.

Russian Radar #Kaliningrad

The new radar station in the Kaliningrad enclave will be ready to monitor missile launches from the entire European continent already on Tuesday, Nov. 29. The new station plays a significant role in the complex of measures, which Russia takes in response to the growing power of the US missile defense system. The radar station in the Kaliningrad region will be put into service of the air defense system on November 29, Viktor Esin, the former chief of Russia’s missile troops told Izvestia newspaper.

The over-the-horizon missile warning radar Voronezh-DM is situated in the settlement of Pionerskoye of the Kaliningrad region. According to Viktor Yesin, the station will monitor the western direction on the distance of up to 6,000 kilometers. “The radar virtually covers all of Europe, including Great Britain,” the official said.

The station will be able to detect all missiles launched in Europe and monitor airspace in western areas from the North Pole to the north of Africa.

The radar station of the new generation was developed at the Moscow Research Institute of Long-Distance Radio Communication. Unlike the stations of the previous generation, Voronezh-DM consists of only 23 blocks of equipment. The new station consumes 40 percent less electric power. It is possible to redeploy the radar station quickly, if necessary.

Russia has a similar radar station operating in the south, the Krasnodar region. Another station like that will be ready in 2012 in the Irkutsk region (Siberia).

The radar station in the Kaliningrad enclave can serve for 20 years and be modernized afterwards.

Last week, President Dmitry Medvedev released a harsh statement in connection with USA’s refusal to guarantee that its missile defense system would not be aimed against Russia. The president ordered the Defense Ministry to put the radar station in the Kaliningrad region in operation and strengthen the defense of strategic nuclear forces.



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