Novorossiya: People’s Militia Address to the Europeans

Video: Novorossiya People’s Militia Address to the Europeans

Note: English Subtitles by Olga Luzanova and Marcel Sardo

Transcript: Novorossiya People’s Militia address to Europeans 

Translated from Russian by Olga Luzanova

Militiaman #1: In the light of the current events in the whole world we would like to speak to the residents of the so-called European Union.

Launching wars is happening regularly. Yesterday the Nagorno-Karabakh has been started again. Somebody would say again that there are mercenaries, and so on and so forth. Ukrainian soldiers still have been claiming that we are mercenaries from the Russian Federation. However, together with my friends, I am addressing you from my hometown, where I was born, grew up, from where I went to the Ukrainian army, served there 2 1/2 years and came back here. We are not mercenaries of Putin – we are ordinary people who just simply wanted to live straight.

As of…

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