Western intelligence is becoming an oxymoron

Western intelligence is becoming an oxymoron


As escalation between NATO and the Russian Federation is vamped up by the unelected spokesperson of the 28 nation bloc NATO (Rasmussen)  ahead of the scheduled  September 4 meeting in Wales; it becomes incumbent for a public discussion of the claims made.
Already the previous accusations made by NATO concerning #MH17 have been shown as a fraudulent attempt to attribute the responsibility onto Russia and President Putin personally. Having failed to produce credible evidence to support that bogus claim; NATO has undeterredly created the latest round of charges based once again on social media posts and tweets.
The “invasion” of Ukraine by military forces of Russia consists of highly questionnable  photographs and unverified tweets together with imaginative analysis.

The question becomes: could the huge budgets currently allocated for western intelligence services be reduced significantly by the replacement of the current structure with internet cafés?


The much needed delivery of provisions to the civilian  victims of Kievs’ so called anti-terrorist operation or ATO in SE Ukraine (Novorossia) has been condemned by Rasmussen and the other supporters of poroshenko juntas publicly announced ethnic cleansing campaign to drive off and or kill the Russian speaking inhabitants. 

During the height of the Cold War when East Berlin was blocked to regular shipments of supplies, a massive effort using aircraft was made.  Now it seems as though roles have been reversed and  a similar effort is being undertaken with regards to Donbass.

The one major thing that has been exposed for all the world to see is that western mis-leaders and their followers have no genuine concern or humanitarian compassion and selectively pretend to only to achieve public support for military actions. 



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