Azov Battalion Refused Orders to Block DNR Drive to Sea of Azov

Voices from Russia

00 crisis 02. ukrainian soldiers. 02.03.14


Trying to prevent the advance of Novorossiyan forces to the Sea of Azov, the junta command tried to send the Azov Battalion, now in reserve, to the front. However, the leaders of the terrorist battalion refused to advance to Novoivanovka (south of Amvrosievka), saying, “We lost 4 killed and 35 wounded in the battle for Ilovaisk”. What’s more, the battalion withdrew from its frontline positions and went back to Mariupol to “rest and resupply”. A second attempt to rouse the Azov into action became farcical. When 8 Corps headquarters tried to contact Biletsky, the commander of the terrorist unit, they heard nothing but swearing in response. Recently, the junta promoted Biletsky to Lieutenant Colonel in the VV MVDU, even though he’s a convicted criminal. No doubt, this emboldened him to disobey orders and swear at his superiors. Because of this confusion, the Novorossiyan counter-offensive was able to come to jumping-off…

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