The Great Wall of Ukraine



While teetering on the brink of financial solvency the regime in Ukraine has announced a bold new initiative that includes unpaid mandatory servitude to the state for unemployed,  self employed, farmers and students. POSTED
With plans for a wall to be constructed on the border with Russia and IMF funds largely used to purchase war materiel from Poland, Germany and other partner nations, a cheap local labor force will help to bring about Poroshenkos’ vision for Ukraine. As a leading European politician who is on the fast track for inclusion into the EU his countries “drastic economic reforms” could serve as a template for all of Europe.
Ukrainian history teaches us that their forebears constructed the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and since Poroshenko too is seen by many (including US congress) as half god and half man one can only imagine the stupendous quality of the public works projects in store. The Great Wall of Ukraine will perhaps be seen from orbiting spacecraft and thousands of years from now become a tourist attraction with people in awe of Ukraines’ first Pharaoh and his great contribution to all of mankind.
  “Glory to Ukraine and all heil the new Pharaoh ”

“Engineering arrangement of the Ukrainian-Russian border and administrative boundary with Crimea provides for earth and concrete walls, control strips, system of optical-electronic surveillance, alarm systems, lateral roads and fortifications to obstruct the movement of motor vehicles and people. At the river and sea areas it provides for systems of optical-electronic surveillance and lighting of the water surface, the establishment of observation towers and complex fortifications to prevent the landing of assault forces,” Lysenko said.
According to him, to enhance the combat capability of the border units there is a provision to purchase military hardware, special equipment, offences controls and recording means, completion of surface situation control system in the Sea of Azov and the like. “Most of the controls means and equipment are manufactured locally,” Lysenko added.


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