A Perspective Of Leadership
By way of comparison it is evident that there is a vast difference between the leadership traits of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama.  The defining characterization of Obamas style is based on a constant perpetuation of fear. Not a single speech is uttered without some invocation of fear as the primary reason for why it is to heed his call. Perhaps it is not fair to single him out since all modern western leaders find the appeal to fear as  necessary for governance. However for purposes of brevity Barry is a typical example of fear induced “leadership”. It seems as though every week there is manufactured a new reason to be afraid of something or someone and Barack has the “solution”.
Contrast Vladimir Putin who does not use a constant fear mongering in order to engage support, rather President Putin uses an intellect and goal oriented approach better suited for the Russian persona. He is able to identify problems that exist and need to be corrected without the hysterical appeal to fear which I believe in Russia would be found in short supply.  Whereas in the west fear seems to be an endemic. Emotion vs Reason; one based on fear the other based on intellect is the major difference between the west vs Russian leadership traits.

                        ISOLATE RUSSIA
When we hear remarks concerning the Wests desire to “isolate Russia” the obvious suppositions are sanctions. Although Russia is the largest country in the world spanning twelve time zones and a veritable land bridge connecting two continents, there is another less obvious definition.  “Isolate Russia” also has much to do with the desire on the part of the west for “full spectrum dominance” to control the flow of information and its dissemination to the public.
In the American Declaration of Independence there is mention of “Respect for the Opinions of Mankind”; it remains unclear how it would be possible to have this respect unless able to first obtain it.  While the founding documents represent the core ideaology of America they are systematically dismissed and repudiated by the occupying government in Washington D.C.  Referring to them as being relevant to a different century and no longer applicable the current regime has effectively breached the social compact with ad hoc mutated interpretations. The futile and delusional quest to “isolate Russia” has much more to do with the suppression of truth and subjugation of the public opinion as it does to limit trade in goods and services.  Truth is the most valuable commodity and no one can claim to be the sole possessor of that, unless you are a tyrant with delusions of world conquest. 


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