OSCE Experts: 400 Bodies Found in Mass Graves near Donetsk, Many May Lack Saleable Internal Organs

Voices from Russia

00 donetsk mass grave. 01.10.14


On the TV channel “112 Ukraina”, OSCE Special Representative on Combating Trafficking in Human Biomaterial Madina Dzharbusynova stated that the possibility exists that the bodies found in mass graves in the Donbass could be without saleable internal organs, saying, “At a meeting of the OSCE focusing on implementing human rights obligations, members of NGOs working in this field pointed up that there were reports of mass graves in [Novorossiya], where, according to their testimony, the bodies buried lacked their internal organs, so, they raised a concern that there might be an illicit trade in such”.

29 September 2014


Latvian activist Einārs Graudiņš told RossiskayaGazeta that unidentified bodies of civilians are in Donetsk morgues after their removal from mass graves. Graudiņš visited two mass graves as part of a group of eight EU experts, accompanied by DNR and LNR officials. He said that the bodies were only under…

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