Fascists in the Ukrainian Parliament

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Editor’s Note. Pål Steigan is a noted Norwegian author and debater, who has followed close the events in Ukraine. I came in contact with this important analysis of the Ukrainan recent elections through the Swedish award-winner blog Jinge.se (“Best Political Blog Year 2013-14”), whose publisher is professor colleague Anders Romesjö, from Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University. He agreed with my offer of translating Pål Steigan’s piece from Norwegian* in the Professors’ Blog. Pål Steigan had titled the original version, ”Fascistene i det ukrainske parlamentet”. It was headed in Jinge.se as “Minst ett trettiotal fascister i den nya parlamentet i Ukraina.” /M. Ferrada de Noli.


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Fascists in the Ukrainian ParliamentPAUL STEIGAN

By Pål Steigan

“Victory for the democratic, pro-Western forces,” said most Norwegian and Western media about the recent elections in Ukraine. And they claim that the Nazis and fascists have been completely marginalized.The truth is the…

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