ATO-Just Business and Nothing Personal?
Analytics by nikanatin

West again eloquently silent. It is the wests will carried out, appointed by the President of Petro Poroshenko.



Until a few days ago at a meeting of the Security Council of Ukraine, he instructed law enforcement officers:
Form a few new units and that will override the possible occurrence of militias. And said:
It is about the direction of Berdyansk, Kharkov, Lugansk north, Mariupol and Dnepropetrovsk region. On the moral side of this decision even say no. Ask another question, more close and clear as the current Ukrainian government and the West: what money will be equipped a new army units?
Everyone knows: the state treasury is empty. As we recall, this summer statesmen decided to spend in the country share “Support Ukrainian army.”


Ukrainians, as they say about themselves, the people are kind, sympathetic, friendly and, most importantly, peaceful – sacrificed to the needs of their “liberation” army of more than 150 million USD. (Remittances). The press service of the military department specified, then, that from all this, well, absolutely not “frail” amount of donations 138 million 406 thousand. USD. will be spent on the “logistics, the remaining money will be spent on medical care of the Armed Forces.”
But on further collected using SMS (5 UAH. Each) of 80 million USD. Defense Ministry planned to buy … sleeping bags, vests and helmets. No “golden” hardly get bags and other ammunition, given that the amount of about $ 13 million. US ?! So the question to ask yourself even allowed some Ukrainian media, for the most part crushed the SBU, the Interior Ministry and other Controlling-banning-checked by the authorities. Pinned down to such an extent that even the hint of the truth did not come through (and not penetrate!) On their pages. But here the “voice” they served. Apparently, all the same to resolve the “top”. And they told the media that stores the usual “sleeping” cost 200 USD, and the soldiers will sew on the 500, and probably in some prodeputatskoy “office.”

And despite the fact that the servile soldiers recruits who drop in hotspots, actually begging, – commented on the fact that the publication of “AIF” Ukrainian political scientist Denis Omelchuk.
It was then, after a series of major defeats “national consciousness” of military units during the civil war with the militia DNI and LC revealed that’re coming out patriots not only do not know how to fight, so they also “eat” something, even a new form at all not enough. Ammunition and equipment missing, and more abundantly, and with crackers here was tight, with bandages, iodine, aspirin, analginum and other drugs fared even worse. And all because the money for ATO abruptly ended. That has been started the action “Support the Ukrainian army”, which brought the state treasury more than 200 million hryvnia.
On account of Ministry of Defence also received 154.5 thousand. Dollars. US, 77.3 thous. EUR 5.3 thousand. CZK 450 Canadian dollars. 140 CHF 500 PLN. Total – Foreign Currency in UAH equivalent of 3 million 82.4 thousand. Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak (former Komsomol leaders of the regional scale, and they are able to take other people’s money) is explained in the beginning of the year (when the war up close and did not smell!) That costs for Ukrainian army increased by 50%, because “we need tangible preload” funds for medicine, “social” and even begging the agricultural sector. After the start of the military operation against the eastern regions, these costs have doubled or even tripled. According to official data, in 2014 the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has received about $ 1 billion., Still more than 11 million dollars. Army was given as a charitable support. Until the end of the year to carry out punitive operations in the east of Ukraine plans to spend $ 800 million.
However, according to the Ministry of Defense, the Army “to ensure necessary” only 30-40%. However, the president Poroshenko once atonement for his high office, immediately promised that “Ukrainian soldiers never to be naked and barefoot.” For additional funding for the troops even introduced a special “war tax” of 1.5% of the income of citizens of Ukraine, which should give an additional $ 300 million.

In general, these millions and billions of dollars and hryvnia – a lot of money for any country and for Ukraine – especially. Ukrainian economy is in a serious crisis, writes the magazine «Forbes». And emphasizes that the earlier the Ukrainian government has reached an agreement with the IMF to provide loans to 17.01 billion dollars., Moreover, that as of September, the country had only 16.3 billion dollars. Reserves. National Bank of Ukraine on November 3, said that the country will pay the current debt to “Gazprom” and for not yet delivered gas just at the expense of foreign reserves. It is expected that this year the payments will be $ 4.5 billion.

However, the soldiers found themselves in a combat zone, and volunteers, volunteer to help the Ukrainian army, still paint a bleak picture: the majority of the military is not only no body armor and helmets, but often the tents and sleeping bags. Units not even got to the ambiance, do not have proper nutrition, and forced to produce it themselves (rob civilians to seek out “grass” food). Similar reports come from different parts of the Ukrainian army throughout the period of armed conflict.
Lack of water, medicines, basic hygiene products for the Ukrainian army became the norm. However, we do not pity them. But here’s a fact I can not accept indifferently. In late October, the former Minister for Social Policy (2012-2014) Natalie King said that the lack of funds in the Pension Fund may lead to the fact that in November many of the 13.6 million seniors will not receive a pension. Or again: Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko recently complained to journalists that “on the nutrition of children in kindergartens and schools have money left over for two weeks.” A need, according to the chairman of the budget committee of city council A. Strannikova, before the year is 100 million USD. Already two months salaries are not paid employees of KP “Kievmetrostroy”, there are many other financial “holes” …

And this is in a prosperous capital, and what is happening in other regions? Ukrainian “backwoods” is already on the verge of survival … And please compare gigantic amounts going to the “needs” of the army and the necessary food to children in the same financial crumbs. The figures are not comparable.
But no one in the state still have not bothered to ask the obvious question: why is the water in the sand left the funds that were released to finance punitive action?

Apparently, quite deliberately not specified.
Here, for example, in some Ukrainian media “skip” information that is used in the Donbass 152-mm self-propelled “MSTA-S”. Military experts explained that the high-precision laser-guided missiles of these self-propelled howitzers allow you to destroy the enemy, minimizing civilian casualties. Lies, of course, the essence of an entirely different. The expert explained that only one shot of “Msta” worth 200 thousand. USD. – Is about 600 thousand. Rubles., And who will be able to calculate how much so already written off the money “at war” and more will be written off?
Every day, the fighting cost Kiev, according to Poroshenko, to 6 million USD. Experts called the figure even 7 million. According to them, the cost of lost Ukraine airplanes, helicopters and armored personnel carriers have already made more than $ 100 million.
At the same time arms dealers gladly calculate profits. If before, for example, a Kalashnikov rifle sold for 500 “buck”, but now it will not give less, than for 1100-1200. And after Lugansk Cartridge Plant was brought under control by militias LC, each cartridge Kalashnikov participants ATO was 10 times more expensive.
Apparently, based on the complete idiots bankers of Ukraine urged people to return the removed deposits. Savings Ukrainian citizens stored “under the mattress” – this is the “blood” in which so require banks. This was at a briefing in the National Bank of Ukraine said the other day the representatives of commercial banks. “Exchange rate stability – is our shared responsibility – said the Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Andrei Lush. – Approximately $ 8 billion. Now lie “under the mattress.” Return them to the Ukrainian economy, let breathe economy. Search equilibrium in the economy – our common goal. ” Chairman of the bank “Credit Agricole” Eugene Chemeris compared the savings of citizens with the blood of the financial system and encouraged them to donate money for the welfare of the banking system:
Now there is a war. Just as we hand over the blood-donor for the soldiers, we must pour the blood into the financial system, the country’s economy. We note in passing that every week under the building of the National Bank in Kiev rallies defrauded investors who complain that they can not withdraw their deposits, but their voices and do not want to hear, and hear not, though quite nearby is the Presidential Administration.
In this situation, somehow, even embarrassing to recall that, for example, that the total personal income of the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk on the results of 2013 amounted to nearly 2 million USD., And president of Poroshenko – 51,830,000 USD .

Moreover, the International Investment Bank (IIB), whose owner is actually the president Poroshenko because it directly and indirectly owns approximately 59% of the shares since the beginning of 2014 increased its assets by 50%.
Meanwhile, according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the President of the country is forbidden to assume leadership positions in business. Therefore, an international investment bank and a company that owns half of its shares, it is not included in the manual. The company is headed by his father Alexei Poroshenko (Valtsman). The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valery Gontareva question edition of “Radio Liberty”, which was published this information: Are there any signs of abuse in the rapid growth of income and the cost of such banks as IIS? – Noted that the reason for the rapid growth may be fluctuations in the dollar. Disingenuous pani banker. “Radio Liberty” directly links the growth of the bank’s assets exclusively with its owner – the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Incidentally, the bank does not hide its head of state supplies all the data is on the site.

But when the industry “bent”, flows into the domestic market collapse, and the banking system is in a state of PIS, the war becomes almost the easiest way to grow your business. To incite a war of the oligarchs and politicians – easy, but deadly for the rest of the people. However, the Ukrainian people have now the power that was worthy: eyes have seen that chooses … The latest example: the National Guard under the buses purchased from a former business partner Poroshenko 31 million hryvnia (about 92.6 million rubles). On September 19 the Ukrainian media reported. Bus manufacturer company “Bogdan Motors” is a corporation “Bogdan” Oleg Svinarchuk, a business partner of President of Ukraine, which in 2009 he was co-owner of this business. Interestingly, the company received an order without a tender. This was told the publication “Nashі groshі” referring to the “Bulletin of the public procurement.” But is it for someone a secret war in the Donbas is profitable to many Ukrainian businessmen?

So, in June gostender fuel supply companies to the tune of 6.2 million dollars. Won the company, part of the fuel group of people’s deputy Igor Eremeeva. When they began to understand, it was found out that the price of fuel is overestimated by 3-5 times.
And about the profits that made himself oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in “nezalezhnoy” already legends.


Recently it became known that his company is in late spring to get most of the contracts from the Ministry of Defence for the supply of fuel for the army. The price of the contract was nearly $ 16 million. Although until recently, many Ukrainian media confidently wrote that this noble man runs the equipment operational command “South” at his own expense. Certainly not! In addition, at least every third hryvnia released after the beginning of hostilities by the National Bank for liquidity and rate of the Ukrainian national currency, goes to the notorious “Privatbank”, controlled by the same Igor Kolomoisky.

Austrian edition «Contra Magazin» recently published material in which journalists have come to the conclusion that the oligarchs, including Poroshenko, cashing in on the so-called antiterrorist operation (ATO). The money that “nezalezhna” receives from the West, are, primarily, on the support of the army and the defense industry.

The authors claim: companies that perform government contracts, own oligarchs, including the very Poroshenko (№1284 in the global ranking of billionaires version «Forbes», state – $ 1.3 billion.)

Thus, at the expense of the public treasury moguls increase their already solid capital, while the citizens of the country in which the left and so little money, are forced to pay higher taxes and suffer from reduced social benefits.

In Ukraine, the mass action cynical schemes by which military lobby richer, says political analyst Sergei Mikheyev.
In the spring it was obvious that there was quite a lot of people who are on the so-called ATO make good money. A striking example – Mr. Kolomoisky. In addition to various frauds with fuel, flak jackets and the like, are used more “gray” schemes related to “Privatbank”: it is known that the oligarch lists participants ATO fees through your bank card.


There were rumors that people money on the card come, but here is to use them they can not. The scam is simple: “Privatbank” skims funds, and hopes that one or the other recipient of money in the end die.

But of those who profit from the ATO, catch the hand can only warlords. They get the money before the fight, but give them to the soldiers after the fighting, not to pay the victims, while specifying that they are either missing or poisoned “counterfeit” vodka …

Such frauds are easy to prove, but none are not engaged. Yes, and would not engage in this “stuff” on a background of total corruption, built by the war in the rank of state policy.

Kiev analyst Oleg Bondarenko said that, from a business perspective, there are forces interested in the escalation of the war:
How Poroshenko personally interested in military action, I have no information. I can only say that he was ready for war even before he became president. So, in private conversations tycoon called for tough military action against the Donbass. How he has a personal interest in the sale of weapons, hard to say, but it can be assumed that such an interest in the case.
And Igor Kolomoisky gives television interview in which he declares the beginning of a new wave of property. Kolomoysky lists of what to take and share. In it the assets of his sworn rivals: the once richest Ukrainians Rinat Akhmetov – he planned to take Dneprenergo, Dneproblenergo, operator Ukrtelecom; and oligarch Dmitry Firtash. Kolomoisky liked Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works and fertilizer producer “Sumykhimprom”. They say that these plans are already being put into practice. The group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky start press down under all the more assets.

“Private” – the most aggressive and active player of the corporate sector to seize the assets and businesses for the purchase depressed. These companies continue to control, telling the tale of a beautiful ATO assistance to widows and children. Very profitable, hiding behind revolutionary rhetoric – fog of war – to take away property “, – says Andrey Semididko, head of anti-raider Union of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine. Himself, by the way, the entrepreneur, is now engaged in a struggle with the raiders. Says a redistribution of property has not been since the 1990s. It started when recently to local authorities new people came. “They were engaged in looting. Attempts weaning property: capture buildings, shopping areas, markets, even for a short period of time bring the lease payments – says Semididko.

Ukrainian oligarchs, note there is anyone to learn. The tense situation in Ukraine in recent months is for American defense companies an excellent opportunity to increase revenue. Thus, the head of the concern «Lockheed Martin» Marilyn Hewson said in an interview with German newspaper «Welt am Sonntag», that Ukrainian crisis will help boost sales MEADS missile system and the new generation fighter F-35 NATO countries, primarily – in Europe. Thus, in the military-industrial complex of the United States is well aware that the tension in the Ukraine – a great opportunity to “make money” intimidate Europe vusmert “Russian aggression”. Most of the Ukrainian population under the influence of militaristic propaganda has long rest assured that at the eastern border troops are fighting the Russian army.






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