Middle East Regional Stability Role of Russian-Iranian Enhanced Cooperation

Middle East Regional Stability
Role of Russian-Iranian Enhanced Cooperation


Both sovereign nations agreeing in principle to meet common challenges: regional stability, terrorism, drug trafficking, piracy on the high seas, stability of oil market prices  and sanctions from a mutually shared perspective. 


As a founding member of CSTO, (Collective Strategic Treaty Organization founded in 2002 as a military alliance) The Federation of Russia has conveyed an invitation for the Islamic Republic of  Iran to  become a Member State in the collective defensive military partnership. There are currently 6 member states,  and 2 observer countries.
Armenia-Belarus-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Russia-Tajikistan observers: Afghanistan, Serbia
Both Russia and Iran are littoral states of the Caspian Sea and have mutual interests in its preservation.  Although named a sea, its legal definition as a lake  is being litigated.  Currently only ships flying the flag of a littoral state may chart its waters.  Iranian history and culture dating back to the Persian Empire is replete with  stories and tales of its great importance. Geographically Iran is strategically located and possess immense natural resources and scenic beauty.  Recently the first passenger sightseeing train service was commenced from Budapest,  Hungary to Tehran.


At the closing of the Caspian Summit 2014 as a gesture of commitment to the preservation of ecological diversity and to underscore the importance of maintaining the fishing industry,  the leaders released thousands of sturgeon fingerlings into the lake.  A valid point of difference between the littoral states approach towards a long term ecological balance vs western oil company’s (operating under the flag of Azerbaijan)  interests was an oil spill 2008 in the Caspian that BP was responsible for and was caught trying to cover up.   Whether it was an accident or a deliberate attempt to cause harm to the indigenous food source has not been made known.  The Russian Navy together with Iran, help to insure that the Caspian Lake will remain free from western criminal negligence.  (Bopahl, India Union Carbide executive is a convicted criminal while avoiding extradition from the US)
  Azerbaijan is viewed by the west as a gateway into the region for mineral, gas and oil extraction.  Recently its armed forces shot down a helicopter belonging to CSTO member Armenia,  this has raised tensions within the Caspian community.  Incidentally Azerbaijan is known to be a client state of Israel having purchased large quantities of weapons from them. Rumors surrounding the possible use of aircraft  landing fields in Azerbaijan by the IDF in an attack upon Iran, as threatened by Netanyahu have been adamantly denied by Azerbaijan  government sources. 
As we become aware of the Wests proxy nation of KSA acquiring additional naval assets and the deployment of medium range missiles in the kingdom,  there is little doubt in Iran and elsewhere  that the “rabid dogs” in washington/tel aviv intend to use the KSA as a stooging ground to wage war against peaceful  Iran. (Iranian armies have not left their borders in over 300 years) The term “rabid dogs” was first coined by Moshe Dayan who in a speech declared “Israel must be seen as a rabid dog in order to survive”. (Apparently the US has adopted this as a defense doctrine also.)
Although Iran is fully capable of its own defense and able to  deter aggression against it, membership in the CSTO will be considered; and that is what makes Iran’s  enemies nervous.
Deranged politicians in washington singing on stage “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” and their minions talking as though “taking out Iran” is an option, will need to STFU or risk being seen as delusional comedians,  after Iran becomes part of a collective military alliance with the most powerful nuclear force on earth- Russia. 

We learn from physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  As it is in physics so it is in world affairs.

So in a feeble and doomed attempt to subdue Russia, the obama regime has in effect created and strengthened the impetus for Russia to  increase engagement with countries who’s leadership is  not under NATO’s  jack boot.  Much has been written and observed concerning the renewed Russian Chinese bonds and agreements;  (APEC 2014) 17 new agreements were signed while rejecting the Trans Pacific initiative put forth by the US.  In the bi-lateral relationship including a huge increase of trade anticipated between China and Russia, ie.  long term oil and gas import-export deals in excess of 400 billion USD, together with currency swaps and financial transactions using the yuan and ruble it becomes evident that “isolating Russia” is only in obamas imagination.


Russia and China with BRICS participation, have created the BRICS development bank. Funded with 100 billion dollars, the BRICS bank promotes itself as an alternative source of funding for countries seeking to  avoid the predatory loan practices, cronyism and criminal corruption associated with the  IMF and World Bank.   In addition the two Permanent Members of the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) will more closely cooperate in defense matters including hyper-sonic missile technology. 

All the  while China and Russia are slowly reducing  exposure in the toxic US treasury note sector. A huge vulnerability in US planning for world domination is the dependence upon foreign governments to continue underwriting the expenses associated with maintaining a “defense” apparatus that results in trillions of dollars in deficits. 
China has reportedly reduced holdings of US treasury notes from over three trillion down to 1.43 trillion at the same time  augmenting its gold reserves substantialy. This is an indication of China’s desire to no longer be seen as an accomplice to washingtons bloody drive for world hegemony as well as reducing its risk in the event of the dollars fall, when its global reserve status is replaced.  China through its financial leverage over the US is sending a message that a US dominated unipolar world will not happen.
Essentially, unknown  behind the  West’s media curtain;  BRICS (Brazil Russia India China South Africa) presents a unified alternative to the US/EU controlled IMF and World Bank.  Western bankers having held a monopolistic advantage since Bretton Woods, appear to be in a state of fear and panic at the prospects of competition.  Underlying the farsical claims of “Russian aggression” while employing NATO to deliberately provoke military responses,  western banksters tremble.


Russia is seen as a lynchpin of this global economic evolution and thus becomes a target of an unrelenting media campaign to discredit Russia while utilizing sanctions in an attempt to weaken her economy. 
In the Quiotixical quest to “isolate Russia”;  aside from isolating European farmers the regime has managed to isolate the American public from any and all reporting that differs from their Straussian attempt at manufactured reality.  It promises to be a hard and painful “sobering” when facts collide with fantasy. 

  In a not too distant past men who cavorted  on stage in public  singing songs about destroying another’s country would have been considered deranged, nowadays they become elected and fit right in to the asylum of washington. m.youtube.com/watch?v=UTWvmk2eRLw&feature=youtu.be
In the not too distant past men who joked about the reasons for a war that left over one million civilians dead as well as thousands of their own countrymen dead with tens of thousands of their own soldiers with grave injuries of their body and mind would not receive applause and laughter while admitting that the pretense for the invasion of  Iraq (2003) was a lie and just a cruel joke.  Twenty two more veterans will commit suicide today, many having realized that they were dishonored and led into battle by psychopathic warmongers.

“While the pathetic lap dogs in washington bark for more sanctions, the world is not listening.” 

Yes, washington has been able to successfully isolate hundreds of thousands of farmers in Europe from delivering their crops to market.  The agricultural sector in Europe has been hit hardest by retaliatory measures instituted by the Russian Federation in a carefully calibrated response that also is intended to reduce overall food importation in support of the Russian agriculture industry.
When the EU attempted to pressure South American countries from filling the void, Bolivia’s  President Evo Morales stated- “last time I checked Bolivia is not in Europe.” Summarily dismissing the colonial overtones of Europe’s desperate pleas.
The unilateral and unlawful sanctions which capriciously assume authority, which is no where to be found in any legal documents, is served up with ad hominen attacks upon President Putins character from the US president who has chilly approval  ratings in the teens and is  widely regarded by his domestic constituency as a pathological liar. Under  the control of the Rothschild banking cabal, US foreign policy serves the criminal elite who view themselves as too big to fail and above the law. Ironically after calling Russia “just a big gas station” and saying “Russia doesn’t make anything” Antarres blew up on lift-off, Russia launched a replacement  relief mission within hours and it was determined that the US would be dependent upon Russian built rocket engines for years to come!  The arrogance and haughty spirit of washington went before the fall.


Politicians in washington are merely paid puppets of the cabal, a cabal  which operates through government operatives in various western nations made possible  via ownership of their central banks. This latest scheme of inciting Russophobia  appears to be yet another collosal failure with a litany of unintended consequences.  With European farmers suddenly prohibited from exporting to what had been  a major market, 25% are now  subject to bankruptcy, having become unable to find alternative markets. (Protests by outraged farmers against the sanctions have gone unreported behind the Wests media curtain.)
Early attempts for the EU to provide compensation to European farmers were inadequate, expensive, and imbued with fraud. (Poland reported losses far in excess of annual norms) Largely as a result of Merkel’s reluctance to foot the bill the subsidies were subsequently halted, while being viewed by analysts as “nothing more than a face saving PR stunt.”
  US food exports to Russia were nominal, due to restrictions placed on importation of genetically altered crops and meat that containes hormonal growth compounds as well as antibiotics. (US agriculture remained the least affected.)
What oppurtunistic strategy  envinced from washington appears to be, is to drive the European farmers off their land, buy it up for fracking and turn Europe into an importer of GMO food from the US while decreasing Europe’s gas dependence on Russia. 
Towns, regions or localities which resist these plans will be called “terrorists” or “separatists” and shelled into destruction.  The template for these operations is being played out right now in Donbas.
Mis-leaders of Europe are, when necessary being pressured to enforce the sanctions, others are willingly obliging washington’s demands eagerly using the fig leaf of sanctions to decimate their countries agrarian economys. With  promises of jobs for  family members in fracking companies, EU mis-leaders are lined up eager to sell out their countries, this has apparently become a trend. 
Restrictions placed on Monsanto and the growth of genetically altered crops in Europe are expected to give way after self-sufficient agrarian economies lose the ability to  feed their own citizens.  

“When farmlands wither and land prices drop, companies like Burisma will buy up the lands and begin to frack the EU.”

These strengthening military and economic strategies between Russia and Iran come at a time of turbulence on their respective borders and within their spheres of influence.  Both Russia and Iran view their common threats as originating from a shared enemy: US/NATO.  Direct military hostilities as  in a conventional 20th century war have been replaced with economic/information  warfare while using proxy forces to destabilize regions. Efforts by the West and their proxies after 4 years, over 200,000 lives lost and untold billions of dollars have failed to bring down the Syrian Government.  Russia and Iran both are significant supporters of the rule of law, sovereignty and defending their rightful interests in not wanting NATO to create yet another failed state and safe haven for terrorists as was done to Libya.
In the election for Syria’s President in June 2014, 88.7% of SYRIAN voters elected Dr.  Bashar Al-Assad as their  legitimate leader.  Contrast that with western support to mercenary groups from over 80 countries which has resulted in the creation of the largest most well financed global terrorist group yet, and you get an idea of the stupid, incoherent, dangerous and short sighted policies of the obama regime. 
Unable to whip up any public support for strikes on Syria in Sep.  2013 even after staging the Aug.  21,  Ghouta false flag event (chemical weapons use blamed on the SAA)  obama under orders from his aipac masters went ahead with plans anyway inspite of 90% public disapproval.  Russia after shooting down two missiles fired at Syria from the Mediterranean was able to achieve a UN brokered deal for CW disposal.  After assessing it’s defeat and failures with regards to Syria,  the rabid dog turned on Russia and “Maidan” in Ukraine was hatched. 

Combining organizational, with money and  propaganda dissemination techniques-attempting  to create chaos and anarchy that would turn elements within their population against  government and leaders, this modus-operandi has been exposed as international fraud.
  Using the “Maidan Template” of paid mobs (100 USD per day) -with NGOs directing a false narrative and the controlled media portraying the mobs as “upholders of democracy” washington threatens destruction of legitimate democracy and seeks to replace it with an oligarch controlled  tyranny, such as we find in the US today.    China has announced that it will continue to consult with Russian experts on preventing such unlawful meddling as was witnessed in Hong Kong recently. 

  Lacking any sense of a moral compass and contempt for international laws as well as their own,  the US/NATO rogue empire is seen as the biggest threat to world peace by an ever increasing majority of citizens of NATO  membership countries, as well as the rest of earths inhabitants.

Nations are finding it in their best interest to counter these threats by joining or  forming stronger alliances economic, diplomatic and military. 

The US is a superpower in the military sense only, its economy based largely on its status of being able to print a species of fiat that is currently used as the worlds reserve currency. Detroit is a microcosm of US manufacturing, US GDP figures are assembled much like derivatives and present intangibles as products. With  “the opinion of mankind” having become no longer considered or  valued, the US has suffered  a profound loss of  the respect, trust and credibility that is required to be a world leader.  That the US is being left out of a global  evolution is apparent, while maintaining a delusional sense of superiority aka: “exceptionalism” or ubermensch .

“The world is no longer listening to an increasingly irrelevant and schitzophrenic narrative spewed from Washington.”

While purportedly attempting to “isolate” Russia, the dual citizen PNAC cult that owns potus, along with their deluded apocalyptic devotees (US congress) have exposed their vulnerability. While this charade has been on the worlds  stage, the crowd is walking out.  There is a broad and common perception amongst people everywhere domestic and foreign that the worlds mainstream news media is only a NWO government propaganda wing.  Several western news services are collapsing with many more able to avoid impending bankruptcy only through governmental collusion. It appears the the ever widening rift between reality and the narrative presented on mainstream news can no longer be denied. 



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