Russian Railways-An Innovative Response


The worlds second largest railway system with over 85,000 km. of track (and still building) is in Russia. In St. Petersburg the Central Museum of Railway Transport is at the
Varshavsky railway station.


There on public display is a rail based RS-23 ICBM  also known as Scalpel.  Recently announced from officials within the  Russian Ministry of Defense are plans to reintroduce the rail based deployment of ICBMs.   “Bulava” and “Yars”  missiles will be configured to  train cars as part of a rolling and virtually undetectable platform.
This is a brilliant and relatively inexpensive defensive means of countering and defeating any attempt for an enemy to achieve “first strike” capability. The Bulava missile (RSM-56)  is an extraordinary solid fuel multiple warhead (10) with flexible use at sea and land. Currently it is installed in the Borei class submarines.  The Yars (RS-24)  also carries 10 independently guided warheads with 150-300 mega ton yields. 
The US nuclear first strike doctrine which has produced the European “missile shield” was based on assumption that once Russia had scrapped the Modolets rail based ICBM system it would take decades to reintroduce apparently due to the manufacturing having been done in Ukraine.
The Start 3 Treaty on nuclear arms reduction has no provision concerning a rail based ICBM system as neither parties had one at the time of signing (2010).


The new Russian rail based ICBM launch platforms will be operational within 3-4 years.  Interestingly the costs for defeating the first strike doctrine are expected to be minimal thus in keeping with President Putin’s strategy of not being caught up in an expensive arms race, but rather use “innovative” defense solutions.
After all, the 85,000 km.  of rail is preexisting, the missiles already built and the vast expanse of the worlds largest country is still in need of railways for commercial as well as industrial usage.

After having spent hundreds of billions of dollars in attempting to construct a nuclear first strike capability, the US and its delusional denizens will have to once again accept the reality of MAD. The name defensive shield was mis-leading and its stated goals of being  defense against Iran is a lie. The entire program was offensive and targets Russia.


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