The Neo Crimean War

         The Neo Crimean War
Over the centuries Russia has defended Crimea from occupation schemes. Wars that spanned from the Golden Hordes, Ottaman Empire to the third Reich of the 1940s have been fought over Crimea. 
Konstantin Simonov, and  Leo Tolstoy are two of the greatest literary figures in Russian history.
Both were deeply influenced by their experiences while covering on the scene of the epic battles, constant struggles and human misery to defend the strategically important peninsula known as Crimea


Today once again Russia is tasked with defending Crimea. Having passed legislation in Washington that allows for lethal weapons to be furnished to the puppet government in Kiev, the EU balked and Obama trotted out new sanctions aimed specifically at Crimea. The EU readily went along in a face saving display of “cosmetic unity.”
(Obama is loathe to impose new measures without backing from Brussels, where there is no unity on the need for future sanctions, with Francois Hollande even suggesting on Thursday that existing ones should be lifted.

These economic means and mechanisms are part of wider hostilities in the futile quest of separating Crimea from Russia . The hybrid war for Crimea concotted by the Neo fascists in Washington (Victoria Nuland and her ilk) also involves the insertion of terrorists into Crimea to destabilize and create fear and public uncertainty. Perhaps more importantly terrorism is seen as a way  to discourage foreign investments.
India recently announced sending a delegation to Crimea in advance of new bi-lateral business transactions.  The fukus axis which likes to pretend to represent a delusional entity known as “the world community” (howbeit that it fails to include anything or anyone more than those with unipolar vision) responded by threatening the visa status of Indian citizens who travel there.
Attempting to travel from Ukraine after having been missing for years, an individual (wanted by the Russian authorities in connection with a terrorist event in 2002 that left some  130 civillian dead after having taken over a theatre) named Hassan Zakayev was


detained at a border crossing with false identity documents apparently supplied by the Ukrainian government. Also confirmed was a thwarted attack upon the Crimean Prosecutors Office of Natalia Poklonskaya which apparently  involved mailing and/or delivering  explosive packages.

SIMFEROPOL, December 19. /TASS/. Crimean Prosecutor Natalia Poklonskaya confirmed to TASS that an attempt to attack her office was prevented.


Thanks to militia guards who were in the office, an attack on people, including staff of the prosecutor’s office, was prevented, she said, praising the militia. “Well done,” she said commenting on media reports on perpetrators planning to blow up the Crimean prosecutor’s office.
Poklonskaya did not elaborate.
“The information is closed. A criminal case has been opened over the incident. I have no right to reveal the information,” she said.
The Rossiiskaya Gazeta newspaper cited militia commander Sergey Turchanenko as saying that unknown persons twice put explosive devices on the office’s premises.
Law enforcement sources confirmed one of the facts to TASS. A bag with explosives was found near the office, they said.

Infiltration of terrorists into Crimea have on more than one occasion been halted by the ever vigilant FSB and border crossing guards. Crimea is known as a sanctuary of peace, tourism, and political stability.

MOSCOW, December 18 (Sputnik) – Hassan Zakayev, suspected for organizing the 2002 terrorist attack in Dubrovka, was detained in Crimea on Thursday, carrying a fake passport, according to spokesman for Russia’s Investigative Committee (RIC) Vladimir Markin, Russian Kommersant newspaper reports.
Zakayev has been on the international wanted list for 12 years; however, the 41-year old Chechen lived in Ukraine with fake documents. The suspect was arrested when he tried to leave Ukraine and enter Crimea. According to Kommersant, Zakayev has been sent to Moscow for further investigation.
During the early 2000s, Zakayev was accused of transporting weapons and homemade explosive devices to Moscow that later were used by suicide bombers. These explosive were then used to set up bombs in Moscow.

Russia Remembers Nord-Ost Incident
Besides, Zakayev is accountable for two other terrorist acts. He organized a blast in one of Moscow’s McDonalds restaurants and was one of the organizers of the infamous Nord-Ost hostage crisis, RBK News reports.
On October 23, 2002, 40 Chechen militants took more than 900 hostages, who were watching the popular musical Nord-Ost in one of Moscow’s theaters in Dubrovka. Following three days of negotiations, Russian security forces stormed the building, killing the attackers. Some 130 hostages died in process.
Now with the arrest of Zakayev, Gerikhan Dudayev is the only person remaining, who is suspected of organizing the terrorist act in Dubrovka, Kommersant reports.

Moscow judiciary have confirmed the arrest of a new defendant in the 2002 siege of the Dubrovka theatrical center in Moscow, Khasan Zakayev.
A warrant for the arrest of Zakayev took effect in the middle of November, a source in the Moscow City Court told Interfax. The hearings are being held in camera as the defendants are being tried on the counts of terrorism.
According to the Moscow Presnensky District Court, the period of the defendant’s arrest has been extended until February 2015.
“Zakayev has been formally indicted on three counts: perpetration of a terror attack, membership in a criminal group and illegal storing of a weapon,” a source familiar with the situation told Interfax.
From the front lines of an anti-terror operation
Zakayev refused to plead guilty.
The newspaper Kommersant recalled on Wednesday its earlier report which said the arrest of a 41-year-old native of Chechnya, Khasan Zakayev, a suspected co-organizer of the Dubrovka terror attack in October 2002, had caused the re-opening of the criminal investigation.
More than 900 people were taken hostage during the Nord-Ost musical performance at the Dubrovka theatrical center on October 22, 2002. They were held captive for three days. The theater building was stormed in the morning of October 26. All terrorists were killed in the police operation. One hundred and thirty hostages died.
The Moscow City Court sentenced six accomplices of the terrorists from 8.5 to 22 years in prison in 2003-2007.
Yet none of the organizers was captured. Shamil Basayev was killed in the explosion of a truck carrying weapons and ammunition in Ingushetia on July 10, 2006. Khasan Zakayev and Gerihan Dudayev used fake ids and escaped from the police for twelve years.
Their whereabouts were unknown in 2007, and the Moscow prosecution service suspended the criminal inquiry into the Dubrovka theater siege.


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