Metropolitans Yazigi and Ibrahim-Kidnapped in Syria

The YPG: Bishops kidnapped by Feteh El-Hesun group

ANF – NEWS DESK 28.04.2013

West Kurdistan People’s Defense Units (YPG) released a written statement on the kidnapping of Greek Orthodox Archbishop of Aleppo, Boulos Yazigi, and the Syriac Orthodox Bishop, Yohanna Ibrahim, in Syria on 22 April.

The statement by YPG General Command said that two bishops were kidnapped by an armed group led by Feteh El-Hesun and affiliated to Free Syrian Army. YPG said they have reached this conclusion as a result of the research of YPG units.

YPG evaluated the kidnapping as an inhuman act against Syrian revolution and called on the FSA and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces to urgently release the bishops. YPG also called on the Coalition to apologize to the Christian world for the incident.

YPG warned that they will go into action to save the bishops in the event that they are not released soon.


MOSCOW, April 23 (Itar-Tass) – Militants operating in Syria have kidnapped two Christian metropolitans, Itar-Tass was told late night Monday by archpriest Nikolai Balashov, a deputy chairman of the Moscow Patriarchate’s department for external church relations.
He said the information on the abduction had been provided by his counterparts in Syria.
‘Metropolitan Paul (Yazigi) of Aleppo, who is a brother of the Patriarch John of Antioch, and the Syrian Jacobite Metropolitan of Aleppo & Environs, Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, were seized by militants on the road from Antioch to Aleppo Monday, April 22,” the Right Reverend Balashov said.
The Russian Orthodox Church urges all the Christians of the world to pray for the salvation of their brethren in Syria where the militants subject them to purges and persecution on the territories, which the government does not control anymore.
Earlier, the Chairman of the department for external church relations, Metropolitan Hillarion said he was keeping close contact with the hierarchs of the Antioch Orthodox Church. “They tell me that Christianity is exterminated up to the last believer in the territories where rebel groupings come to power – the Christians are either expelled or simply killed.”


There is an increasing incidence of abductions of Christians for ransom.
His Beatitude Hillarion underlined Syria’s centuries-old experience of tolerant co-existence of Moslems and Christians of various denominations – Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholics, Syriac Catholics, Maronite Christians, and Armenian Apostolic Christians.
“Syria has given shelter two more than 2 million Iraqi refugees and several thousand of them are Christians,” he said. “Now we can plainly state that external armed interference is going on in that country.”
“Thousands of paramilitaries and extremists disguised as opposition forces have unleashed a civil war in Syria,” Metropolitan Hillarion said. “Extremist groupings and the so-called Jamaats consisting of Wahhabi militants, whose arming and combat training has been financed by foreign countries, are purposefully exterminating Christians.”


Since the abduction of the Orthodox Metropolitans and the murder of their driver who was a deacon, on 22 April 2013 no new information is publicly available. Unlike other abductions where demands were made or ransom sought such as the nuns of St .  Thekla in Maaloula or the beheading of priests uploaded on U-Tube; there has been only silence.  If ransom or depraved publicity were not motivations then what was?
It falls within the realm of plausibility that after being targeted and kidnapped by the cia supported FSA the Bishops were handed over to their cia paymasters for interrogation and subjected to the “black prison” system operated by the cia.
20 months have passed and their appears to be no active investigation being carried out. Syria is in the midst of ongoing conflict and thousands of people remain missing, with limited resources their investigation appears to have gone cold. The fact that John and Paul were (as are the vast majority of all Christians in Syria) supporters of President Assad,


and could have been seen as  organizers as well as respected international voices opposed to the Israeli plan of arming  moderate cannibals to overthrow Syrias secular form of government. Combined with the logistical professionalism of the crime, the fact that cia/mossad are known to have embedded agents throughout the “Islamist” groups operating in Syria make it   unlikely to have occurred without cia  approval and or participation. The kidnappers were paid of course and the Bishops were removed from being threats, according to those inflicted with an obsessional quest to bring down the Syrian government.
Perhaps hidden away within the unreleased portion of the US.  torture report remains the truth as to what happened to the Christian Bishops from Syria. Does the CIA only torture Moslems? 



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