On 1 January 2014 Alexander Bednov along with 6 of his elite group were assassinated. Statements issued: According to the press service, 30 December 2014 Prosecutor General’s Office has commissioned security forces detain battalion members and ensure their appearance for questioning. During the arrest January 1, 2015 the head of the battalion “Batman” refused to comply with the requirements of special forces to disarm and had a fierce armed resistance. In the shootout, he was killed.
There are currently a number of theories as to the circumstances surrounding this assassination, many blame internal battles for control, others blame the Kremlin. Few accept the official version perhaps because the photos do not depict anything more than a public execution with the use of high explosive thermobaric projectiles. Difficult to imagine any resistance after being hit with such ordinance. 




Commander Bednov was never allowed to answer the charges which have been leveled at him post mortem. Had there been any substantiation to them perhaps it would not have been necessary to silence him. 
Others who were political rivals to the Plotnitsky group have disappeared as of late.  On 21 Dec. three members of the Borotba Movement were detained in Donetsk.


Victor Shapinov, Maxim Firsov and Maria Muratova are members of the Ukrainian anti-fascist organization Union Borotba. During a solidarity visit to Donetsk on Dec. 21, these three comrades were taken prisoner by Vostok Battalion soldiers.  On Dec. 27, Odessa Regional Council Deputy and survivor of the May 2 massacre Alexei Albu went to the Vostok Battalion headquarters to appeal for their release. He has not been heard from since.

The only commonality that Batman and Borotba share is the fight to free Novorossiya from fascist oligarch control.
Are these events connected? Who in power would benefit from their elimination and has ties with Kiev and the separatists? Answer  Rinat Akhmetov, considered as a financial backer of Vostok and employer of hundreds of thousands in the Donbass region. His statements indicate he has no desire to see Novorossiya free from Kiev. Journalists and news media outlets around the world have been silenced and forced to print retractions after his army of lawyers threaten legal actions against any who investigate his past and present dealings, including murder investigations. 
Akhmetov has been in London while his country burns, trying to stay on both sides at once. Taking out Batman and Borotba clearly would be seen favorably in Kiev and give him leverage to stay off the sanctions list. 
It would be wrong enough to kill Commander Bednov but to dishonor his reputation and standing as a great patriot with scurrilous charges is something that only a scumbag like Akhemetov could do. 


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