Shaaban: Moscow Meeting will discuss basis of holding dialogue conference, Americans are confused


In an article that appeared in SANA newspaper on 8 Jan. 2014, Dr. Bouthania Shaaban, political advisor to President Bashar al-Assad outlined the nature of the upcoming Moscow Meeting scheduled for 26-28 January.
Who will participate from the opposition side is unclear. Russia for it’s part has invited 28 opposition figures including individuals from the SOC.
Khaled Khoja made an announcement on Monday 5, Jan. from Istanbul, just hours after being installed as head of the western backed umbrella organization (Syrian Opposition Coalition).  Khaled Khoja is the latest in a series of leaders of the SOC. “We cannot sit at the same table as the regime… except in a negotiating framework intended to achieve a peaceful transition of power and the formation of a transitional body with full powers.” he said.


Also a spokesman for the group- Bassam Al-Malik issued a warning on Monday “Any member of the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) who attends peace talks due to be held in Moscow on January 26-28 will be sacked” in a statement to Anadolu Agency.
Although clearly there is a need for a political framework the idea of pre-conditions which last year in Geneva involved the opposistions demands for President al-Assad to resign is once again being employed. This years demands from the “opposition”, mirror views emanating from Washington of a power sharing arrangement which would preclude any Syrian voter participation.
It is doubtful as to whether the opposition has any control over forces on the ground to begin with and is using these unreasonable pre-texts in order to avoid the embarrasment of being exposed for what they are-stooges and props that the West uses as a fig leaf of legitimacy. Jokingly this pathetic cast of charlatons is laughed at as “five star” because of their tastes for living in fancy hotels paid for by their curators.  For those in the west when not taking power through Coup D’ Eat as done in Ukraine, like to pretend to be  champions of  “democracy” or as the Chinese call it “depocracy”. It seems strange that they advocate the installation of a “transitional government” in Syria without such niceties of an election. Bouthaina Shaaban believes that the Americans are confused. That the FP of the obama regime is duplicitous, schitzophrenic, incoherent and leads to chaos and destruction certainly is confusing.

Shaaban : Moscow Meeting will discuss basis of holding dialogue conference, Americans are confused

Damascus, SANA-Presidential Political and Media Advisor Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban stressed that Syria agreed to attend Moscow Meeting to hold talks on the basis of a Syrian-Syrian dialogue, indicating that what will take place is a consultative preliminary meeting during which the state and the opposition will sit to the table to consult together and discuss the basis according to which a dialogue conference will be held.
“what is suggested today is a dialogue between those who represent the Government and the people, and those who represent the opposition, in Moscow. Syria agreed on this Syrian-Syrian dialogue, indicating that there is more hope than what was in Geneva”, Shabaan said in an interview with al-Mayadeen TV on Wednesday.
She added that the problem with Geneva was that those who target Syria were meeting with the opposition party everyday and they were telling them what they must say, reiterating that there is no comparison between the keenness of the Syrian State on Syria and some parties which ally with those who are against the country.

“The Americans want to see what Russia can do during the meeting (in Moscow), and if they see that the issue is suitable and serves their interests, they might join it and if they found that it doesn’t suit them, they can announce a different opinion, therefore, the US hasn’t officially declared till now any opinion in regard to the dialogue in Moscow,” Shaaban said.
She indicated that during her meeting with Jeffrey Feltman and former US President Jimmy Carter in Norway, she felt that the Americans have at least started to understand the mistakes which they have committed in Syria and that they are convinced that the track which they have adopted will not lead to any place.
Shaaban added that Feltman was almost desperate regarding the opposition and he said “we know that President al-Assad will stay, but we are searching for a way how to deal with that,” while Carter was very enthusiastic to change the US stance and he announced in his deliberations before the conference which Shaaban attended that he advises the US administration “not to ask President al-Assad to step down.”

“They are searching for a road and they are not sure on which road they will walk … We have a problem as Arabs which is that we think that the West is always clear, know and ready…NO…They are confused,” Shaaban reiterated.

She clarified that what is taking place in the region should be seen from the perspective of a historical track and therefore,

we can’t say that the war will end soon or will not end, but we can say that what is more difficult has ended, affirming the importance of recognizing the historic value of the Syrian people’s sacrifices, who sacrificed for a very importance issue which is Syria’ existence.

Shaaban said that the political move and atmosphere and the public international feeling indicate that the world has started to appreciate and understand Syria’s stance.
She affirmed that the performance of the Syrian people, army and government has been honorable in facing this war. It’s aim has been targeting the identity of Syria, indicating that Syria is more comforted on the political and military levels and on all tracks.

Shaaban said that those who destroy factories, schools and markets can’t be called opposition as the opposition all around the world is the opposition which is keen on preserving the homeland and there is no armed opposition in the world or an opposition which kill and destroy.

She stressed that we must get out of the notion of opposition, which has been made to us by the West. to reach the concept of opposition in which the West believes regarding itself which is a national opposition that is keen on preserving the homeland and its people and institutions.
Commenting on the numbers of foreign takfiri terrorists in Syria and the concerns of the Western countries that they will return to them , Shaaban said that it is difficult to have specific numbers due to the nature of their existence in areas where they commit crimes, saying “The last number I have known is 20 thousand terrorists and if we include the Arabs there will be 60 thousand Arab and foreign fighters in Syria.”
She indicated that Syria has rejected security cooperation with the West and the US if it wouldn’t be accompanied by a political cooperation, adding that with regard to the airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq “ISIS” “They tell us before striking a certain place”.
Shaaban stressed that what is required from Syria internationally and regionally is what has been always required from it, which is not to be a country of resistance and not to have an ideological army or to have an independent decision, adding that the independence of decision and will are the main targets of this war.
She added that we must believe that the Arab-Israeli conflict is the map which directs all of these destruction in the Arab world, indicating that terrorists have been going to the Israeli hospitals since a year ago and that what is taking place in Quneitra and Golan proves that Israel is involved in terrorism which is targeting Syria.
She called upon the Arabs to unify their ranks in the face of terrorism which targets all of them, saying that the Zionist enemy boasts of occupying Palestine or its international relations such as during its aggression against Gaza in 2014 when it was proud of its relations with the Arabs.
Shaaban added that there has been no noticeable change in the stances of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Turkey which sees the region from an Ottoman viewpoint, not only Syria, considering that what is taking place is a Turkish aggression against Syria as Turkey finances terrorists and supplies them with weapons and facilitates their entrance to Syria.
She indicated that the profits of Turkey which came as a result of the war against Syria have exceeded USD 30 billion through what has been stolen from the Syrian factories, heritage and money.
Regarding the Egyptian stance, Shaaban said “We have always been talking positively about Egypt which is a brotherly country and the Egyptian Army is the brother of the Syrian Army…There is a history of amity between the two countries, and Egypt is passing through difficult circumstances now and our circumstances are also difficult, yet the mutual respect, amity and desire might allow our relations to witness a positive development in the future.”
Shaaban also reviewed many secrets and documents about what has been mentioned in her book “Ten Years with Hafez al-Assad”, particularly about the Syrian-Israeli negotiations and the US-Syrian relations.
R. al-JAZAERI/ Barry


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