Shoigu’s Latin American Tour Aims to Strengthen Regional Stability – Russian Defense Ministry

Although largely unreported in western media the recent tour of Latin American countries: Venezuala, Nicarauga and Cuba by a Russian delegation headed by the Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu demonstrates the determined strength and resolve of President V. Putin and Russia to withstand the feeble attempts from the west to isolate the worlds largest country. Perhaps this serves to explain the MSM news and informational blackout of what can only be characterized as a highly successful strengthening and renewal of friendship. Many do not recall the long history of Russian ergo Soviet relationship with Latin American countries, for them this visit could be seen as new or unexpected. Even as US/NATO seek to expand into countries which Russia has warned against-Ukraine, Georgia citing threats to its strategic core interests, the implications are clear. In 1962 during the heighth of the Cold War, the US installed nuclear tipped missiles in Turkey and Italy. These strategic weapons served to alter the balance of power with Operation Anadyr being the result of the USSR attempt to restore deterrence. Known as the Cuban Missile Crisis or the week that the world stood still. The so called European missile shield and NATO expansion explained as defensive, is most certainly not seen as that in Russia.
Just as the installation of Jupiter missiles in Turkey and Italy upset the balance of power causing a response, so too will reckless expansion of NATO. Historians agree that the world was never so close to thermonuclear war as in October 1962.
I am by no means suggesting what will or will not be the Russian response(s), only that inevitably there will be. The idea that there exists a line between defense and reckless escalation goes unacknowledged in Brussels and Washington. Perhaps it is an indication of the nexxus of rampant greed and corruption that exists between NATO policy makers and their defense contractors. Since most of the brainwashed west sees no problems with NATO in Ukraine they should understand if the response(s) are Russian ICBMS in Cuba or a strategic bomber base in Venezuala or Nicaragua.

Shoigu’s Latin American tour aims to strengthen regional stability – Russian Defense Ministry

MOSCOW. Feb 15 (Interfax-AVN) – Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s official visits to Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba were scheduled in advance and reflect the Russian leadership’s consistent policy to strengthen regional stability, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov.
“Importantly, the visits were scheduled in advance. They were not extraordinary and were not connected with Europe’s and the United States’ sanctions, either,” Antonov told Interfax-AVN on Sunday, summing up the results of Shoigu’s Latin American tour.
“Many keep saying today, that Russia has just started dealing with problems of Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region. We have always attached great importance to broadening dialogue with Latin America. The Russian defense minister has paid official visits to this region twice over the past two years. Our dealings with Latin America are not of momentary nature, but reflect the Russian leadership’s consistent course to strengthen regional stability and assist the regional states’ effort to build their armed forces,” he said.
“The Russian Defense Ministry welcomes Latin American countries’ steps to promote socioeconomic development. We are also convinced that if further progress is to be made in this area, strong and reliable armed forces must be built. This involves efforts to raise a reliable shield against obstructionist, terrorist and other subversive forces active in the region, not, of course, to militarize the regional countries’ economies,” Antonov also said.
During Shoigu’s official visits much attention was given to an assessment of regional problems that have cropped up lately, he said. “Against the backdrop of new challenges and threats old problems sharpen, including territorial disputes and political contradictions,” Antonov said.

The navies of Russia and Venezuela are planning to hold joint military drills in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea, near US territorial waters, a source says.


The military exercise is scheduled to take place in the second half of the year and will involve a unit of Russia’s Northern Fleet ships and Venezuela’s Air Force planes, Interfax-AVN news agency quoted an unnamed military-diplomatic source as saying on Thursday.
Russia’s missile carrying nuclear cruiser, Pyotr Veliky (Peter the Great), as well as support vessels will take part in the military maneuvers, the source said.
“Russian and Venezuelan naval crews are expected to practice force deployment efforts in the southern part of the Caribbean Sea and hold joint tactical maneuvers in formations and air defense drills,” the source said, adding that details of the exercises will be finalized in March.
The military maneuvers mark the second time that a Russian fleet will be in the area since the end of the Cold War.
In December 2008, the Russian Northern Fleet’s Pyotr Veliky and large anti-submarine ship Admiral Chabanenko took part in a military exercise, dubbed VenRus-2008, with Venezuela’s navy in the Caribbean Sea.
Earlier, Russia announced that its Navy would build up a constant presence throughout the world’s oceans.
On February 10, the Secretary of


Russia’s Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, said Moscow plans to improve defensive capabilities amid rising threats from the US and its allies.
Patrushev said the US and its allies have opted for the path of confrontation with the Russian Federation, reminding that history shows Moscow will never be intimidated by the West’s threats.

Venezuelan president calls to create shield to protect country from possible US aggression

Nicaragua to Buy Russian MiG-29 Fighter Jets


The Russian-Cuban relations in the military and military-technical sphere are developing in a constructive way, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu said during the meeting with Cuba’s President Raul Castro on Saturday.
“Our relations in the military sphere are developing constructively,” the Russian defence minister said, adding: “We are interested in expanding cooperation in the naval sphere.”
Shoigu thanked the Cuban side for a reception of Russia’s Navy vessels during the call at the port of Havana.
He also invited Cuba’s military delegations to participate in this year’s tank biathlon international competitions, international war games, the 4th international security conference and the international scientific and technical forum Army 2015.
Raul Castrol said Cuba’s military delegations would take part in these events.


Shoigu said the approaches of Russia and Cuba on global and regional security issues “fully coincide.” “Our countries are bound by common interest in forming a just and polycentric world order based on equality, adherence to international law and respect for it with the central role of the United Nations,” he said.
The minister said his visit to Cuba comes as the countries see a robust development of bilateral ties. “Your country is our long-time friend and a symbol of love of freedom and independence in Latin America,” he said.


“Cuba, which has survived in the conditions of a blockade for over half a century, continues firmly and consistently following the track of defending its national sovereignty and implementing its development model,” Shoigu said.
Shoigu also said that today the good and time-tested relations between Russia and Cuba are revitalizing. The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Havana in July 2014 gave an impetus to strengthening bilateral ties, he said.
“Our priority it to implement the agreements reached during the highest level meetings,” he said.
The long traditions of friendship between the people of Russia and Cuba are a “firm basis for expanding bilateral cooperation and coordinating efforts on the international arena,” he said.
Shoigu concludes his trip to South America, during which he also visited Venezuela and Nicaragua.

During a visit to Nicaragua, the Russian Defense Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu opened topographic center, the equipment for which it was supplied and mounted by Russian specialists.


“We hope that the centre will make a significant contribution to improving the combat capabilities of units and formations of the army of Nicaragua, which will benefit the Nicaraguan people,” said Sergei Shoigu at the opening ceremony of the center.
He toured the centre, equipped with mobile digital topographic system and classroom training.
The commander of the army of Nicaragua army General Julio Aviles thanked the head of the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, noting that the center meets the most modern requirements.
Equipment equipment for the center, which is located on the territory of the chief command of the army of Nicaragua, was delivered 106 experimental optical-mechanical plant, Moscow).


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