Huge Amounts Of Weaponry Abandoned By Ukraine In Debaltsevo

The Barricade

A key accusation directed towards Russia by America and the EU during the Ukrainian crisis has been that of Russia allegedly supplying the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics with weaponry. Despite not having any substantial evidence, the question at the center of this accusation has been “how else can you explain their influxes of weaponry and supplies?”  The answer in the case of recent events is quite simple and can be explained by the momentous routing of the Ukrainian army by the NAF at Debaltsevo (Debaltseve).


The Ukrainian army at Debaltsevo, despite Poroshenko’s lies, were in fact encircled and heavily defeated by the NAF. With heavy casualties and no way out of the cauldron, up to 2000 soldiers opted to abandon their weapons and flee with their lives. President Poroshenko proclaimed to the world that this retreat was in fact a ‘planned withdrawal’, an odd statement to make considering the sheer…

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