“Operation Jericho”: Obama’s Failed Coup in Venezuela

The Venezuelan people facing the defense of the sacred land of the liberators and, despite any intrigue, fight and conquer in all circumstances to preserve their dignity, said Monday the president, Nicolas Maduro.

“Chavez left us this task and we will fulfill whatever the cost, uphold integrity, sovereignty, peace and protect the beautiful people of Venezuela, anyone can us, nobody mess with Venezuela,” said the head of State on national radio and television from the sun lounge Peru Miraflores Palace in Caracas.

He said Venezuela should let you know “imperialist North and its allies lackeys here, the unpayable cost of putting a Marine (Marine) in Venezuelan territory” after the US government said the situation in the South American country as a “extraordinary and unusual to US national security and foreign policy threat”.

“Great countries are built on great values ​​and the most important of all is courage, courage, truth, defend what must be defended at the cost of it is, when you have to defend it, not after” He referred Maduro, adding that those who are guided by these values ​​are those that will be remembered in history.

He stressed that the measures taken by the US government are nothing more than a desperate alternative to continue their interest to destabilize Venezuela, and even militarily intervene it through actions such as international isolation. JGP


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