Russia may build a large military base in Syria – columnist channel “Star” Fedor Ivanjica reported, quoting President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. According to the President, in Syria are waiting for such a request, and if he did, then it must satisfy ‪‎Damascus‬.


“With regard to the Russian presence in different regions of the world, including in the Eastern ‪‎Mediterranean‬, in the Syrian port of Tartus, it is necessary to maintain the balance that was lost after the collapse of the Soviet Union over 20 years ago. For us, the more strengthened Russia’s presence in the region, the more stable it becomes, because Russia plays a very important role in strengthening stability in the world. In this regard, I can say that we welcome the expansion of Russia’s presence in the Eastern Mediterranean, especially on our shores and in our ports,”- said Assad in an exclusive interview with columnist channel Star Fedor Ivanjica, responding to a reporter’s question about the possible extension of the current item logistics in Tartus to a full naval base.

The head of Syria also had a direct parallel between the events in the Middle East and ‪‎Ukraine‬.

“I keep coming back to the fact that there is a connection between the Syrian crisis and what is happening in Ukraine. Firstly, because both countries are important for Russia, and secondly, because in both cases, the goal – to weaken Russia and create a puppet state,”-Bashar al-Assad

Forgotten Beach


During Soviet times, the Soviet Navy had a few of locations away from their own shores: Cam Ranh (Vietnam), the island of Socotra (Yemen) and Tartous (Syria). After 1991, our Navy is actually all of them left. There is only Tartus, albeit in a purely nominal form. Every eight months, one after another, here came floating workshop of the ‪‎Black Sea Fleet‬.
This, in fact, is the difference between a full military base and paragraph logistics – in point can be made simple repair and restock, and the base – a specially equipped state territory, but which is a permanent military force with weapons, equipment, warehouse logistics property.


Tartus – the only Russian base in foreign countries, the only point in the Mediterranean-based Russian warships. Basing agreement objects Soviet Navy was signed with the Government of Syria in 1971. The base in Tartus was created to support the actions of ships and vessels of the 5th operational (Mediterranean) Squadron, their supply of fuel and supplies. In 1991, the Mediterranean squadron ceased to exist, since carried out a one-time trips Russian Navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

Now the point of security in Syria consists of floating berths PM-61M, floating workshop, which, as already mentioned, comes to Syria, as appropriate, to ensure the activities of Russian ships in the Mediterranean, warehouses, barracks and various household objects. Point service 50 Russian sailors.

In 2009, in Tartus have been working on the modernization of the object. Russian forces engineering team has been put in order infrastructure gone unused. With the help of divers raised the anchors 16 (50 tons each), hold it, and replaced them with new ones. Also restored were concrete coatings, welding and painting works, and laid pipeline for fresh water.

Competitive advantages

“If Russia wants to be a truly global power, she, of course, necessary to have military bases abroad, – expressed his opinion channel STAR Academy of Military Sciences, Professor Vadim Kozyulin. – Expanding the network of such objects is possible provided that we have a specific political interests in the region. In the case of Socotra – the fight against Somali pirates. Cam Ranh – protection of our oil fields. Tartous – control of the busiest shipping routes to protect it from pirates. “

With open just two Russian military bases in the Mediterranean Sea to Moscow turned Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiadis. The first of these could be deployed in the interest of the Navy in the port of Limassol, the second – at the airport “Andreas Papandreou”, combined with the international airport of Paphos in the southwest of the island. Arguing its proposal, Nikos Anastasiadis recalled that last year the Russian sailors had a positive experience based in the port of Limassol. It was visited by heavy nuclear missile cruiser (TAPKP) “Peter the Great” and the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov”. (Адмирал ‪#‎кузнецов‬)


Earlier the crew of ‪петр_великий‬ “Peter the Great” took part in the security of the third stage of transportation of Syrian chemical weapons in cooperation with the Chinese, Danish and Norwegian seamen. A naval aviation pilots from the Air Wing, based aboard the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, worked flights to the Mediterranean Sea to the southeast of the island of Cyprus.

“The US has 500 military bases around the world, and Russia only four plus two points logistics, – said the chief editor of “Arsenal of the Fatherland” Viktor Murakhovski. But even in this case the United States in every way hinder the reconstruction of Russian military bases, especially in Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. “


The Impact Point

Russia and Cyprus in particular because not until then did not agree. Nevertheless, the fact that the possibility of basing the Russian fleet in Cyprus for Syrians remain unnoticed could not. Today, Russia is negotiating the establishment of bases in ‪Vietnam‬, ‪Venezuela‬, ‪Nicaragua‬, ‪‎Singapore‬, ‪Seychelles‬ and ‪Cuba‬. These issues were discussed during a recent tour of Sergei ‪Shoigu‬, the countries of Latin America. According to the results of the Ministry of Defense reported that Russia is extremely interested not only in the creation of such facilities, but also to simplify the visits of ships in the ports of these countries, as well as the possibility of long-range aircraft refueling. Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly ‪Antonov‬ also confirmed that Russia is in talks only about the creation of items and ensure that there are no plans for a permanent presence of armed units of the Navy and the Air Forces of Russia on the territory of Latin America in Moscow no.

Syria Russia today – the main geopolitical ally. Only due to the tough stance of Moscow, Washington did not dare to carry out a military operation to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. And in this vein, as noted in the West, paragraph logistics in ‪Tartus‬ played a role – as well as the ongoing military-technical cooperation.

According to TV STAR Syrian President Bashar ‪‎Assad‬, Moscow fully complies with its obligations to supply arms and equipment to the ‪(SAA‬) Syrian Army, which also affects the security of ‪‎Syria‬. Among the major contracts have already been implemented – supply 36 air defense systems “Pantsyr-1C”, modernization of the entire Syrian T-72 tanks, as well as the fleet of MiG-29, missile complex “Bastion” supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles “Onyx”. In the future, Damascus will get 24 MiG-29M / M2 and eight battalions of air defense systems “Buk-M”, as well as modern anti – aircraft missile systems S-300 PMU2

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  1. Thanks for bringing to attention this interview President Assad gave with Fedor Ivanjica. I would agree that Russia plays an important role in stabilizing global affairs by countering the United States most aggressive foreign policy tendencies. President Putin’s approach to International Relations is fairly conservative. His strongest disagreements with the U.S. revolve around the attempts of the latter to empower revolutionary militants and facilitate regime change.

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