Al Qaeda forces Druze of Idlib Syria to destroy their shrines and convert

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The Jabal al-Summaq region in the Idlib province of northern Syria is home to nearly 18,000 Druze spread out amongst 18 villages, all of whom have been living under the control of  Jabhat a-Nusra (JAN), (the  Syrian Al Qaeda  branch)   for nearly two years.

An offshoot of  Islam, hardline Sunni groups such as JAN consider the Druze faith a form of heresy. Nusra gave the Druze in Idlib a choice: Convert or fight. They converted. Publicly, at least.

“They claimed they were fighting infidels, and that we had to decide our own fate and our identity, to either be with the Muslims, or the infidels,” Abdul Majid Sherif, a resident and retired math teacher who currently works as the head of the Media Office of the Free Democrats Party of Idlib, tells Syria Direct’s Moatassim Jamal.

“They forced us to accept their interpretation of Sunni Islam, or else we’d be…

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