Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow, Russia

Mamayev Kurgan

Moscow’s Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War stands in Victory Park (Парк победы) at Poklonnaya Gora (Поклонная гора, which translates literally as “Bowing hills”), not far from Moscow State University and the Luzhniki Olympic complex in the southwestern part of the city centre.

Поклонная_гора Photo by eugeny1988, from Wikipedia Commons

121 Victory Park

The first memorial to be placed at the site was a granite stone monument in 1958, and the park was laid out in the early 1960s.  Construction of the museum itself did not begin until 1985, and the first exhibition opened 8 years later. The full opening was held on May 9, 1995, marking the 50th anniversary of Victory Day. The obelisk in front of the museum is 141.8 metres tall, representing the 1,418 days of the war. A bronze figure of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory, is mounted at a height of 100 metres, and a…

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