Recently there have emerged reports of the US constructing a new embassy in Bishkek Kyrgyzstan.
As reported by the Aki news agency and confirmed by unnamed diplomatic staff. According to explanations cited in their article two flights of Ukrainian Antonov cargo planes which departed from the Abu Dhabi airport in the UAE were “routine flights carrying building materials.”
The UAE is some 1600 miles from Bishkek and not known as an exporter of anything more than gas, oil and recently Feb. 2014 arms sales to Ukraine.
Apparently these routine flights have aroused a great deal of suspicion due to the circumstances surrounding them. A total of 154 tons of materials went uninspected due to the cargo being given the  specification of diplomatic mail status. The last time a similar event occured was Nov. 2013 Borispol airport Ukraine prior to Maidan.


In addition to the Soros center being located in Beshkek which you may recall plays a key role in the US backed color revolutions, it seems a transfer of Charge D’Affaires has also reportedly occured.
Its no secret that the US has had a falling out with the Kyrgyzastan government after getting the boot from the Manas transit center which was used for logistic operations during the Afghanistan invasion and occupation.
In June of 2014, the center located within the Manas International Airport was returned to the Kyrgyz army. Since that time the US has been subsituting its loss with a base in Romania. 
In view of historic precident and the unlikely nature of transporting bricks, lumber, cement etc. 1600 miles from a country that has virtually no manufacturing capacity we must explore other scenarios.
As mentioned earlier Abu Dhabi in Feb. 2015 was the location of an international arms expo- (International Defense Exhibition IDEX-2015)
and as was widely reported: news of arms sales to the regime in Kiev.


The arms deal, according to press reports, was struck with the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and deputy supreme commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
This was criticized as a covert attempt on the part of the US to supply lethal weapons to Kiev through one of its satellite states. (The UAE is itself one of the ME largest arms importers)   


Cars of the American Embassy, arrived to unload cargo from Ukrainian plane flown from UAE-
frames of video surveillance cameras.


On March 28, 2015  aircraft brought seven containers weighing more than 78 tons, while five more containers with a total weight of almost 74 tons were delivered on March 30.


The newspaper (Delo No)  added that the cargo had the status of “diplomatic mail” and was not subject to any inspection by the Kyrgyz side. The cargo was accompanied by several people and accepted by at least 14 employees of the U.S. Embassy.


This indeed is a very unusual way of receiving building materials and comes from a point of origin not known for exports other than oil, gas and weapons.


Of course it could have been nails, bricks or lumber flown on a charter flight 1600 miles and labelled routine diplomatic mail not subject to inspection. Or there could be plans for a coup in collusion with collaborators within the Kyrgyz government with weapons at the ready to distribute.
You have to remember the history of other events of equally mysterious cargo that was received by the US Embassy – in Ukraine.
In late November 2013, in Kiev while Maidan flared, the Americans turned to the then Ukrainian authorities with an unusual request – to allow a touchdown in the Kiev airport of  “Borispol” two military transport aircraft of the United States “Hercules” with a “diplomatic cargo”. What the load consisted of, the Americans did not explain. However, as already reported to President Yanukovych, by the Security Service of Ukraine, some of  the cargo contained boxes… with $60 million in small bills.
The Hercules landed just in time for the buildup of the Maidan when it needed financial support.


(In addition to Victoria Nulands free cookies the molotov tossing peaceful demonstrators were being paid upwards of $100 a day).
Soon there appeared on Maidan in Kiev new banknotes in denominations of 20, 50 and 100 dollars. Then in Kiev airplanes landed from other countries – also with a “diplomatic cargo” for the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. The result is known..
The fact that the US arms, trains and finances extremist groups to wage proxy war to achieve its geo-political goals such as what is currently underway in Syria supports the merits of concerns that Kyrgyzastan could become a future target of US aggression and that NGOs such as the Soros foundation are already at work undermining and compromising its government.
As with previous attempts by the US to interfere and subvert by using the color revolution methods such as Georgia the end results are failure.


The puppet Saakasvili installed via the Rose revolution is today charged with crimes while in office and subject to arrest and prosecution in Georgia. While the regime in Kiev implodes there remains a strong possibility that a similar fate awaits Petr Poroshenko


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