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smithA 1987 Pindosi DoD study found that scientists at Israel’s Weizmann Institute, pictured above, worked on lasers to enrich uranium used in Israeli nuclear weapons.

End of Israeli ‘Nuclear Ambiguity’ Good For Peace
Grant Smith, AntiWar.com, Mar 31 2015

An Israeli-conceived, Pindosi-enforced farce masquerading as “grand strategy” is finally dead. For years the Israeli government refused to confirm or deny its nuclear weapons program. The February release of the Israeli section of the DoD-commissioned report “Critical Technology Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations” (PDF) killed off the policy while setting off an Internet conflagration last week (the most vicious unfolding over Twitter). At one side of the political spectrum, the document’s release was evidence of “a shocking breach” by the Obama administration and betrayal of Israel by some media outlets for even reporting it. At the other it revealed a “highly successful partnership of Pindosi…

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FSKN: Money From the Sale of Drugs are Used to Fund the “Color Revolutions”


FSKN:  Money From the Sale of Drugs are Used to Fund the “Color Revolutions”

About $1 trillion comes into the world economy every year from drug trafficking
Funds derived from illegal drug trafficking, are actively used for the financing of the “color revolutions”, emphasises the Federal Service for Drug Control (FSKN).

“We must not forget that besides the influence on the economic system, proceeds from the drug trade are used to finance terrorism, and the organization of mass actions of civil disobedience, “color revolutions”, said today the First Deputy head of Federal Drug Control Service Vladimir Kalanda, speaking in Yerevan at the round table in the framework of the forum “Eurasian Economic Perspective”.

So, according to him, in Ukraine “among the most active participants of the Maidan were representatives of the so-called non-governmental organizations sectarian wing, which allegedly were  engaged in the rehabilitation of drug users”.
They currently noted Kalanda, “are the shock troops of the national battalions, which is a stronghold of the existing Ukraine’s political regime.”

About $1 trillion comes into the world economy every year from drug trafficking
“About $1trn annually to the economy of all countries, which are obtained from drug trafficking,” informed Kalanda.

Kalanda also referred to data of the UN office, according to which “only at the height of the first peak of the financial crisis of 2008 almost simultaneously in the world’s biggest banks to address the critical shortage of liquidity was thrown 452 billion dollars”. “But as a multiple of actual damages above and reaches about 2 trillion dollars, which is equal to the GDP of a country like France,” stated the representative of the Federal Drug Control Service.

He also drew attention to the fact that the informal sector is associated with drug trafficking, and to promptly respond to innovations that make a real contribution to the development of economic relations”. So, gave an example of Kalanda, “drug trafficking via the Internet has developed much earlier” than network trade in all other goods. As another example, he cited the development of electronic payment systems, which, according to him, “are one of the basic payment mechanisms for the occurrence of these / obtained from the sale of drugs/ money in banks”.

The task of the States in this area FSKN consider “the decriminalization of the financial sector, prevention of drug money in the real economy”.