A forgotten victim of the recent atrocities in France was a man who devoted his life to law enforcement and the pursuit of justice. Whether he ended his life by his own hand as a tragic consequence of depression that can be attributed to unknown circumstances does not take away the years of dedicated service to his country and the contributions which he made to the endeavor of a just society.  The facts and circumstances surrounding his death are worthy of critical examination in hopes of preventing future losses.



Helric Fredou was a veteran officer (OCJ) of the Judicial Police a component of France’s National Police since 1997. His untimely demise was January 8, 2015 recorded as approximately 0100 hours Thursday morning. It remains unclear as to the time his lifeless body was first discovered, what has been revealed through public sources is his next of kin was first notified at around 0500 hours.
Assuming this notification was done in a timely manner consistent with standard investigative protocols when a fellow officer has fallen, this would place the discovery within one hour or 0400 hours.
According to subsequent interviews Commissioner Fredou recieved a telephone call at his domicile wherupon he left soon therafter, arriving at his office around 11:25 on the evening of the massacre. (Wednesday 7, January) At that time there was mobilized over 88,000 law enforcement and soldiers involved in a nation wide man-hunt for two very dangerous armed killers. After meeting with his team and receiving the latest updates on progress he entered his office purportedly to begin a report.
Although unspecified in news accounts we may assume that a law enforcement professional (colleague) first entered the crime scene.  France is a country reknown for criminalistic skills and the National Police are among the worlds finest.  For that reason it is unlikely that anyone would have processed the crime scene with a predetermined assumption. Commissioner Fredou was clearly dead with no reason to apply first-aid and no reason to summon a medical ambulance. Also there would be no reason to investigate with any dileniation from a homicide at that point.
The reconstructed time frame would indicate that forensic photography probably would have started their time consuming duties after arrival and set-up no earlier than 0500 hours. Forensic photography has come along ways since a French investigator by the name of Bertillion first pioneered it. It is a rigid scientific discipline requiring years of study. Keep in mind that at this point the investigation is identical to that of a homicide. A National Police Commissioner found dead while armed killers are on the loose! In addition to hundreds of photographs the bullet which passed through his skull would have to be found and tested to determine whether in fact it was discharged from the Sig-Sauer service weapon found near Helrics body. It is likely to have taken hours to complete the processing of the crime scene. While that was happening investigators were dispatched to the Commissioners domicile to obtain his personal computer, cell-phone and other items to aid in the investigation. Because of the nature of the death from apparent gun-shot wound to the cranium entrance forehead, the deceadants hands would be tied off in air tight bags to preserve possible gunshot residues before placement in a body bag and ready for transport to a facility where the autopsy could be performed. Reconstructed time frame would be around 0800 transport time. Assuming that a full forensic autopsy would be performed and toxicology tests done to determine whether chemical substances played a role or whether Commissioner Fredou had any physical ailments causing severe pain as a possible contributing factor, quite possibly 6 hours, which would bring us to 1600 hours. The determination of suicide is made by analysis from a combination of autopsy findings and investigative evidence.
The first public television news broadcast of Commissioner Fredous announced suicide was at 11:24; a subsequent public notification was made at 12:09 in a regional newspaper. Helrics next of kin were not allowed to view his body until late afternoon. The decision to rubberstamp suicide as cause of death whether than wait for completion of the process is apparent. One regional newspaper alluded to a previous suicide in Nov. 2013 that the Commissioner himself had discovered of a colleague in an apparent attempt to show a corollary or maybe as if suicide is an infection. The same newspaper reported that Helric was depressed and burned out evidenced by the fact that his superiors had requested that he turn in his service hand-gun. Also reported on various sites was that Helric was in charge of the Hebdo investigation. The command and control of French law enforcement is complex with overlapping jurisdictional authorities, the Gendarmerie falls under direct control of the Interior Minister although still retaining its designation as a military force structure. Within that Group there is RAID, and Paris Perfecture also is under direct control of the Interior Ministry so clearly Helric was not in overall command of the nationwide investigation. Perhaps there was a turf war which would explain the friction that was reported concerning the telephone call Fredou answered on that fateful night. Helric was well aquainted with the Interior Minister who is also mayor of Cherbourg where Helric was posted during his career. (2010-2012)
The statement released to the press of Fredous death would have to have been approved from the Office of the Interior Ministry. The investigative officers and pathologist would have been informed publicly that the state viewed the death as a suicide, rendering the investigation as open to criticism concerning a predetermined finding.
In the morning of 8 January 2015 around 0800 hours, yet another French police officer was killed. Clarissa Jean-Philippe age 26 was gunned down in Montrouge, a suburb   just two and a half miles from downtown Paris, while on call to a vehicular accident. Information and details were still incoming at 11:24 the time Fredous death was announced. For its part mainstream news failed to render any accounts of the Commissioners death until days later when it emerged. The press conferences (2) held by the Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, on 8, January did not make mention of Helrics name or fate.
Perhaps it is the open and shut manner of this investigation which has helped give rise to charges of governmental complicity from Jean-Marie Le Pen who in an interview suggested that the Hebdo murders bore the signature of the secret services. While dismissed by poliical opponents with the typical conspiracy theory label, state interests are clearly being advanced from the crisis. Within days Jews were being asked to resettle in occupied Palestine as a continuation of The One Million Plan, indeed 10,000 French citizens are expected to heed this call in 2015 as France is being portrayed as a hostile and dangerous enviroment for those of the Jewish faith. Those in France who look upon the cartoon charactarization depicted in the Hebdo magazine of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as neither praisworthy nor commendable are being marginalized and their patriotism questioned. Being anti-Islam is now politically correct in France as well as the western world. The reality of current documented events and the aftermath had they been foretold also could easily have been dismissed as conspiracy theories and ignored; and were.
The government of France policy of arming a fantasy group of insurgents who will topple the Syrian government and bring a land flowing with milk and honey is itself a ridiculous and absurd conspiracy theory, based on wishful thinking and a strong dose of delusion. A reality check might include the current state of affairs in Libya and Iraq.


For years Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and members of his secular government have been warning the western world of the dangers of fueling the takfiri extremists in their quest to reestablish colonial control over the ME. These warnings and appeals to the West to abide by international law were and are ignored. Rather than restrict and impede the flow of French radicalized extremists, the French government supports them. This newly created narrative of free speech being the cause of consequences from years of failed policy is being used and exploited for short sighted political gain and obsfusication purposes. It certainly is not a conspiracy theory at all that French secret services have combined to arm those whom the French government now claim to fight. The strategy by the west of igniting sectarian war in Syria has failed, the people of Syria see themselves first as Syrian whether Moslem Sunni, Shia or Orthodox Christian thereby setting an example to France on how to peacefully coexist.
In conclusion it should be noted that the two Couachi brothers had lived for years in the Limoges area which was within Commissioner Fredous jurisdiction and that they had been placed under watch which also would have been known to Helric.


Although the official story suggests that the authorities lost track of the now dead brothers maybe there was evidence to show that there was still current info in their files which showed otherwise. As far as the report which Fredou was preparing, it disappeared and there was no suicide note.
Even now because of a clamp down on information about Fredous’ death in France most of those protesting for free speech dont realize the censorship imposed on them by those who march under it’s banner.
The Fredou Affair calls into question the duplicitous and schitzophrenic nature of Western nations foreign policies viz a vis the Middle East. Conflicts of interest and turf wars are the result. Domestic law enforcement agencies are increasingly being throttled and impeded by their own nations secret services who maintain a supportive role of radical extremists who are viewed and used as useful idiots. Had the Couachi brothers caused murder and mayhem in Syria, it is likely the western press would have presented them as rebels and their acts as strikes thus sanctioning what they condemn within their own borders.

Forensic Sciences Institute of the French Gendamerie (FSIFG), Rosny Sous Bois, France
Name of institute (national language)
Institut de Recherche Criminelle de la Gendarmerie Nationale (IRCGN)
Name of institute (English language)
Forensic Sciences Institute of the French Gendamerie (FSIFG)
Colonel François DAOUST (sincejune 1st, 2009)
ENFSI’s permanent representative
Colonel François DAOUST (since june 1st, 2009)
1 boulevard Théophile
93111 Cedex
Rosny Sous Bois
+33 (0)1 58 66 50 20
+33 (0)1 58 66 50 27
Founded in 1987
National scientific agency under the administrative supervision of the General, head of the French Gendarmerie
Accreditation since 2007 based on NF EN ISO/CEI 17025
ENFSI member since 1992 (founding member)
Managerial data (2010)
Total staff: 250 full time equivalents (fte)
Reporting forensic experts: 150
Support budget: 4,5 million €
Investment Budget: 600.000 €
Case load :
119777 cases
129.674 exhibits/items examined
66.97797.502 expert reports
Case load :
119777 cases
129.674 exhibits/items examined
66.97797.502 expert reports
Fields of expertise
IRCGN offers a unique scope of expertise in forensic sciences. It is organized as follows:
One division for administrative and logistic support
Three forensic divisions each divided in four units:
Physics and chemistry:
ballistics, toxicology, micro-analysis, arsons, environnement and explosives
Engineering and digital:
signals, computers, vehicles, documents
Human identification:
fingerprints, biology, entomology, anthropology-thanatology-odontology
Biologic samples preservation service
Mass genetic analysis service
Two operational units
Disaster victims identification unit
National criminal investigation unit

Lab’Unic, the laboratory on wheels IRCGN


With its mobile laboratory, the Criminal Research Institute of the National Gendarmerie (IRCGN) has a projectable analysis tool on the whole territory.



This bus consists of a laboratory (2/3) and a command post (1/3). The “laboratory” allows, thanks to the carried materials (cabinet cyanoacrylate macroscoque comparison, ultraviolet spectrometer, infrared spectrometer, an ion scan, etc.), analyze directly on crime scenes or serious offenses collected clues by soldiers of the gendarmerie.


This mobile unit of analysis is in service since the beginning of this year.
Sources: SIRPA gendarmerie
Credits Photo: Police SIRPA
Contact: SIRPA Gendarmerie


The Great Wall of Ukraine



While teetering on the brink of financial solvency the regime in Ukraine has announced a bold new initiative that includes unpaid mandatory servitude to the state for unemployed,  self employed, farmers and students. POSTED
With plans for a wall to be constructed on the border with Russia and IMF funds largely used to purchase war materiel from Poland, Germany and other partner nations, a cheap local labor force will help to bring about Poroshenkos’ vision for Ukraine. As a leading European politician who is on the fast track for inclusion into the EU his countries “drastic economic reforms” could serve as a template for all of Europe.
Ukrainian history teaches us that their forebears constructed the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and since Poroshenko too is seen by many (including US congress) as half god and half man one can only imagine the stupendous quality of the public works projects in store. The Great Wall of Ukraine will perhaps be seen from orbiting spacecraft and thousands of years from now become a tourist attraction with people in awe of Ukraines’ first Pharaoh and his great contribution to all of mankind.
  “Glory to Ukraine and all heil the new Pharaoh ”

“Engineering arrangement of the Ukrainian-Russian border and administrative boundary with Crimea provides for earth and concrete walls, control strips, system of optical-electronic surveillance, alarm systems, lateral roads and fortifications to obstruct the movement of motor vehicles and people. At the river and sea areas it provides for systems of optical-electronic surveillance and lighting of the water surface, the establishment of observation towers and complex fortifications to prevent the landing of assault forces,” Lysenko said.
According to him, to enhance the combat capability of the border units there is a provision to purchase military hardware, special equipment, offences controls and recording means, completion of surface situation control system in the Sea of Azov and the like. “Most of the controls means and equipment are manufactured locally,” Lysenko added.

US irresponsible policy brings world to brink of new Cold War — Naryshkin

US irresponsible policy brings world to brink of new Cold War — Naryshkin
Russia  September 16, 2014
Citizens of many countries and business are starting to suffer economic losses, and a threat of destabilization is looming for pan-European space, Russia’s State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin says

MOSCOW, September 16. /ITAR-TASS/NATO weapon supply’s pledge to Kiev is fraught with interference in Ukrainian domestic affairs and abetment to war crimes, while US irresponsible policy brings the world to the edge of the Cold War, Russia’s State Duma Speaker Sergei Naryshkin said in his opening remarks of the lower house’s autumn session on Tuesday.
“We begin the autumn session amid serious deterioration of the international situation,” Naryshkin said. “The long-awaited ceasefire regime in Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics suspended massive bloodshed,” he said. “But the crisis and confrontation in Ukraine continue. And chaos instigated in the very center of Europe did not cool down belligerent passions of those who had provoked them six months ago,” Naryshkin noted.
The recent NATO summit has just made the current situation worse, the lower house speaker said. “We hear from different sources that the Kiev regime was promised deliveries of weapons and military hardware from some countries of this military bloc, and that is already fraught with outright interference in Ukrainian domestic affairs. Speaking straightforwardly, (it is) abetment to war crimes committed in the country,” the official said.
NATO starts handing over weapons to Ukraine, defense minister says
“For unbiased observers, all masks have already been cast away, and the moment of truth has come,” Naryshkin said. “We witness that citizens of many European countries who lived in the conditions of information blockade all this time began asking their authorities ‘inconvenient’ questions,” he said. “They begin to understand that blindly following Washington’s instructions is already turning national sovereignties of big and great European powers in the past in fiction,” he said. This tendency results in “citizens of many countries and business starting to suffer economic losses and a threat of destabilization looming for pan-European space,” Naryshkin added.
Meanwhile, “European political circles and elites are tens of thousands of people with different opinions,” the lower house speaker said. “Some of them are confused and concerned without any exaggeration,” he said with confidence.
“A cynical and irresponsible policy pursued by the United States brings the world on the brink of an essentially new Сold War. Its upgraded version is turning into reality of the present day,” Naryshkin said.



The “remarkably restrained” actions of the regime in Kiev apparently includes the possibility of  a nuclear weapons procurement program; as announced by the Ukrainian Defence Minister/CIA henchman  Helvetey at a news conference on  Sunday Sept. 14, 2014.
In the backdrop of previous announcements by Mr. Helvetey of being “at war with Russia”-“the Russians have invaded”-“A great war has been brought upon us” and of course who can forget his acceptance speech  after having “signed” the document with a capped pen when he boasted of a “victory parade in Sevastopol.”  It would therefore be easy to dismiss his latest tirade as yet another proof of his urgent need of psychiatric care.
Were his statements to be taken seriously the state desire of a country
to acquire nuclear arms has far reaching implications.  Would NATO allow its member countries to assist Ukraines nuclear weapons program or perhaps provide some ready made nukes? Obviously Washington has no regard for upholding treaties or international law, so the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty could be ignored or assistance could be provided by a NATO “special status” nation, which never signed it.  Trying to gain leverage over Russia by threatening nuclear arms deployed by a junta known for its ethnic hatred of all things Russian 400 miles from Moscow?
Therefore his statements are in themselves provocations and correctly analyzed would find the origin of them coming from  Washington, who are his puppet masters and pay masters. Trying to find a plausible fig leaf of defensive need, Mr.  Helvetey need only make up an imaginative threat-“Russia has threatened tactical nuclear use against us” with of course the non traceable caveat that this threat came “from unofficial sources”.
Provocative escalation against Russia,  because of its independent foreign policy and defence of international law particularly with regards to Syria continues unabated.  Russia is the largest country in the world spanning two continents and seven time zones and yet there are attempts to “isolate” it, not in a geographical sense but in the realm of finance and natural resources. The US neo -con policy is to drive a wedge between EU nations and Russia; with the US playing the role of an abusive husband and Europe the battered wife, finding herself trapped and yet dependent and unable to muster the strength and courage to walk out.  With the European economy sputtering being forced to engage in a sanctions tit for tat with a growing and dynamic economic powerhouse that Russia is developing is akin to a bitch slap from a pimp to one of his hoes.  This type of analogy is well suited when discussing a state department that refers to the EU with a vernacular such as “Fuck the EU”.
Quite simply the western monetary system is based on the US Federal Reserve note and is being challenged by Russia and its BRICS partners in a way which could flood the markets with dollars after no longer being necessary to be held in massive reserve quantities by central banks for transactions. This challenge is a development that is opposed by London based  bankers  as well as the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank which because of its’  monetary control of NATO countries central banks, hence exhibits a  de-facto control of NATO. The western global banking cabal (IMF and company) own and operate NATO as the worlds largest private mercenary force.
Mr.  Helveteys statements are absurd on face value and yet when viewed as coming from Washington his statements
can reasonably be interpreted as a
threat to Russia’s core strategic interests as well as an unacceptable risk for all who don’t jump while chanting the chorus- “Glory to Ukraine and Death to it’s  Enemies”.

Just who Ukraine may consider to be an “enemy” 5 or 10 years from now (or even 6 months)  is a matter of risky speculation on the part of European mis-leaders who are currently in support of Kievs fascist junta or those who  just remain silent about their doubts and misgivings.  As history has demonstrated there were few in Europe who recognized the coming danger to world peace or had the courage to speak out against the host nation and its “ultra-nationalist” leaders of the 1936 Olympics.  
While paranoid  extremists in the Nulandstan junta assume more operational control, it is of interest to note that the junta announced the “discovery” of some 4,000 internet “terrorists” based on social media evaluation and presumably information obtained from lie detector tests administered as a part of the constant search for “Russian spies”. Extremely fearful of “Russian propaganda” the junta has  banned and shut down the last remnants of broadcast channels and  newspapers which offered opposing views. What will be the reaction of  European neighbors towards  a nuclear armed ultra-nationalist aka fascist  Ukraine? Will Poland or perhaps Lithuania embark on a nuclear weapons program?
Or, will these statements be dismissed as hysterical  theatrics designed to coerce more conventional arms deliveries, reminiscent of Golda Miers 1973 visit to Washington, in which she told Nixon that if an order for fighter jets was not approved she would be forced to respond with nuclear?
The desperation of the junta to procure arms in the wake of their pyrric “victories” in Novorossia, which has seen the estimated loss of over half of their air-force, wide-spread desertions and defections in addition to tens of thousands of dead  conscripts, regular army  and punitive battalion members is found unspoken in this latest statement.  Presumably NATO countries will comply and reportedly are by supplying arms, training, advisors and  mercenaries to what has become Poroshenko’s lost cause. European mis-leaders like their counterparts in Washington do not represent the best interests of their people,  these “elite” are interested in only their own self preservation while creating a false narrative relying on appeal to national identity. American or German, French or British politicians  really doesn’t matter since  they all represent the same thing-servile vassals of the IMF  banking cabal that rules over the western powers, creating myths and spreading fear to perpetuate and promote wars that the bankers feed off. Whenever one of these charlatans attempts to identify with you as though they somehow represent you, just laugh in their face.
NATO has assumed yet another role for itself never intended nor chartered, becoming directly  involved in a non-member nations civil war. The unlawful nature of this active involvement must not be allowed to  be obscured by  individual members  contributing arms; while denying that the organization itself is participating. This false assumption runs counter to the defining characterization of NATO- “an attack on one is an attack on all.”  Conversely, “arms supplied to a European countries civil war by one NATO nation is arms supplied by all of NATO.”
To what extent NATOs’ actions are responsible for increased support of independence and breakaway movements around the world such as Scotland, (UK) Catalonia, (Spain) and Texas (US) are apparent.  The desire of more and more people is to unshackle themselves and  have representation in where and why their children are sent in harms way, as well as how their tax dollars are spent. Genocidal war crimes against a civilian population  in the quest for oligarchs increased wealth and power are paid for by taxpayer’s money with neither consent nor representation. 
While the public suffers under austerity programs which cuts and underfunds education, scientific research, cultural endeavors,  pensions, veterans benefits and the infrastructure of nations, resources and money for war and warmaking capabilities has eclipsed all else. In a vain quest for “security” peoples needs and dreams for a better future are ignored. When western mis-leaders must rely on fear tactics to “govern” and plunge the world into an abyss of perpetual war in order for them to cling to power; the people suffer.
The delusional vision of a unipolar world government was shared by madmen long before the current field of those advocates of a “new world order”, and just like them they  will also be defeated and swept into the dustbin of history. 
  The unelected elite who currently make these decisions are sowing the seeds of their own demise. #Ididntjoin my countries armed forces to fight in a manufactured foreign civil war will gain momentum as the western ruling  elite are exposed as liars, fraudsters, and self serving war-mongers.  NATO and the global elite who control it do not serve anyone’s national interests while surreptitiously posing as a nations defence, they are in fact unaccountable to the citizenry from which they drain.  NATO represents a global government which has no respect for borders or sovereignty. NATO operates in the capacity of the worlds largest private mercenary force with an opaque chain of command and zero public input.  The so called “humanitarian mission” to destroy Libya was an example of criminal thuggish larceny and murder.  Over 600 million dollars was owed to Ghadaffis government at the time of the hit. After financing and arming the paid Al Qadea linked mercenaries to “revolt”, NATO came in and finished off the government defenders clearing the debts and freeing international oil cartels to plunder the peoples mineral wealth.  Who did NATO protect? When Ambassador Stevens came under attack in Benghazi, Libya was still under NATO command and control busy with transferring weapons and fighters to the Syrian theatre; in order not to jeapordize the program NATO stood down an American rescue.  
Where did the orders originate from?  NATO is just a collection of hoodlums without honor or legitimate lawful purpose operating as an organized crime syndicate.  Even now American servicemen know that in the interests of global politics they are expendable and if shit hits the fan they will be left to die.  American generals were simply over-ruled by NATO bureaucrats and subsequently  transferred, or drummed out for opposing NATO and its “new world order” agenda.  
NATOs’ “accomplishments” and history of dismal failures are a raft of failed states left in its wake. When NATO uses the word “democracy” to describe the changes that come about as a result of their intervention or used as a pretext to bring down a government it is done in a cynical attempt to justify a war of aggression. Another word which NATO uses is “humanitarian” which results in bloodbaths and anarchy such as is the state of affairs in Libya-thousands of miles from the North Atlantic. 
While the NATO backed fascist junta in Kiev  freely uses weapons of mass destruction against the civilian population in Novorossia to and including ballistic missiles and phosphorus filled cluster bombs targeting homes, hospitals, schools and churches having killed over 2,600 civilians NATO applauds and sends more arms to their proxy forces.  These predatory actions of NATO have gone on largely unchecked since the dissolution of the USSR. China combined with Eurasian nations are emerging as Russia’s new defense partners in what has the potential of becoming a strategic alliance to counter the NATO world domination tour.  Already China and Russia have blocked NATO attempts in the UN to gain authorization to turn Syria into another Libya.  The legitimate government of Syria upheld by the will of  Syrian citizens and its duly elected President Bashar Al-Assad have withstood the onslaught of NATOs naked and malevolent aggression for over three years and 200,000 deaths. 
As the morally bankrupt western mis-leaders begin a new round of lies and pretexts for yet another attempt at the   conquest of Syria they become unmasked, hiding behind the black headscarves and waving the al-qadea flags the face of obama is revealed. 
Should NATOs proxy forces be successful in carving out a caliphate (financed by western oil purchases as documented by the Syrian government,)  then China and Russia could be assured that the same pattern would ultimately be repeated within their borders and spheres of influence.  The battle to preserve Syrian as well as Iraqi sovereignty is an idealogical imperative and a further impetus for the China/Russian alliance to help squash the western backed beheading “moderates” which as non-Syrian foreign born mercenaries they  have no legitimacy in fighting against the Syrian Army in what the western media cynically portray as a “civil war”. Although having already spent billions of dollars on these “moderate” terrorists there has yet to appear a cogent plan as to what they would do after ousting President Assad.  Their base of support does not come from Syrian citizens who recently elected Bashar Al-Assad 88.7%.  So presumably they would operate as an occupiers puppet junta. Turning Syria into a Libya type state of utter anarchy would most likely be the outcome. Without support from the people the word dictatorship comes to mind. Whenever obama talks about democracy and the bullshit about “no safe haven” just remember Libya, where the criminals who killed an American Ambassador remain at large taking dips in the embassy pool while posting selfies.   
Worldwide recruitment and spread of extremist ideaology is proof positive of western mis-leaders callous disregard for their citizens as well as future generations safety and well being.  While supporting, arming and financing a rebranded group of takfiris as though somehow calling them “moderate” makes a difference, it is merely a game of smoke and mirrors.  The selling and repackaging of Saudi Arabian foreign policy as though it serves the interests of America is obamas quest.  In exchange for increased oil production and the lowering of oil prices, obama has agreed to another huge 500 million dollar support package for the Saudi  kings proxy  armies to try and topple Assad.According to western definition Saudi Arabia is ruled by “moderates” and the complete elimination of Christianity, Shia, and Allawaite people and houses of worship  from Syria is all about being “moderate”. Enforcing the “moderate” Saudi Arabian interpetation of sharia law would turn modern, secular, religiously tolerant Syria into the same type of medieval dictatorship which obama views as a role model.  The trick to all of this is to get the gullible American public to pay for and support it.  The inbred louts that rule in Saudi Arabia are fawned over by western leaders who bow and curtsy paying obeisance to their supposed royalty.  Its funny to watch “American” presidents hold hands and kiss these pigs and that’s what they do on camera. 
The attempt by obama to lower world oil prices is designed to deprive Russia of cash reserves and inflict economic pressure on Russia’s oil industry.  NATO which has absolutely no concern for the preservation of the Christian community in Syria and serves only to further the interests of the Godless western banking cabal  will be tasked to assist.  Working within the propaganda matrix they will tax hundreds of millions of people who consider themselves “Christian” to help pay for the destruction and desecration of the cradle of their self proclaimed  religion!  NATO personnel are to be  used to destroy one of the last bastions of Christianity in the Middle East while pretending to spread democracy!
“Ukraine has not yet died”- but given the chance NATO will kill it and leave its corpse as roadkill for the scavenging  global elite who view humanity as “useless food eaters” while attempting to control the worlds food supply and hence population by forcing the implementation of GMO genetically altered crops.  Fracking (extraction of gas from shale)  is more about poisoning the fresh water aquafiers than the acquisition of an  energy source. The takeover of Ukraine by the nwo neo-cons has its goals set of finally getting GMO crops into Europe and fracking rich agricultural  land dismissing complaints as terrorism.  The oligarchs global network is not bound by nationalities and even joe bidens son is allowed to stick his snout in the trough of Burisma Holdings a fascist company created to rape Ukraine.
Victoria  Nuland (the wicked witch of the west) bragged about spending five billion dollars to bring about the coup d’ eat in Ukraine and sees the civil war that resulted as nothing more than a “complication”. NATO frets and moans about not being allowed to turn Crimea into a bloodbath and takeover the strategic ports of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.  Cry me a river!  So in review the US/Nato/EU cabal has bought itself a fascist run divided country with a broken down economy that promises to be a liability for all but the thieving oligarchs who rule for now. 
Those who are fighting against the new world order and their minions, in Donbas are fighting the good fight to preserve their families, land, heritage and way of life.  The junta in Kiev are lackeys who have sold out to the frackers and food adulterers.  In a big way the militias of Novorossia  are fighting for each and everyone of us who would do the same.  God bless the patriots in Donbas to defeat the foreign controlled invaders. #Death_To_NWO!  

In the studies of successful Resistance movements throughout history; found shared within their pages of history are multi-dimensional aspects which transcend a purely military definition.
There appears to be a widespread assumption or common misunderstanding that revolutions are won or lost on a geographical battlefield alone.


Using this strategy produces the very real possibility of winning every battle and yet losing the war; as was the case in Viet Nam for the US.
Ho Ching Ming was criticized for agreeing to engage in the Paris Peace Talks and many called him a traitor for signing the agreements which left a South Vietnamese government in place.
The reunification of Viet Nam and his subsequent victory are nonetheless history. 
As the campaign for freedom over fascism in Donbas transitions from bullets and blood to ideas and ink; we should keep a perspective that embraces a larger strategic objective and be steadfast in the ultimate certainty of victory. 



#OSCE (Organization Security Cooperation Europe) report covering time period as the latest “Russian invasion”  does not confirm nor support the latest hysterical accusations from POTUS/NATO.

The OSCE (Organization Security Cooperation Europe) report covering  time period as the latest “Russian invasion”  does not confirm nor support the latest hysterical  accusations from POTUS/NATO. (currently trying to convince members of the necessity for an additional 2% of GDP for NATOs’ annual budget.) 

September 3, 2014-in Newport Wales

   “Russian combat forces with Russian weapons in Russian tanks have been deployed in Eastern Ukraine.”


    “Throughout the week, the Observer Teams noticed a net increase of young people (both men and women) wearing military-style dress crossing the border in both directions but did not observe any weapons among these groups.

Transcript of the  OSCE Special Monitoring Mission’s report covered the period from August 20 to September 3, 2014.

    The observers said they had regular interactions with supporters of the self-proclaimed republics. Some discussed openly with the OSCE while others expressed their total mistrust toward the OSCE. At both Border Crossing Points, some supporters of the self-proclaimed republics explained that they are not allowed to cross the border with weapons.
    The observers registered a decrease in helicopter sightings compared to last week but they were still observed at border crossing points flying at low altitude along the border.
    In either case, in as far as could be seen, the aircraft did not violate the Ukrainian airspace.

The OSCE Observer Mission is deployed at the Russian Checkpoints of Gukovo and Donetsk for monitoring  at the request of the Russian Federation.  The decision was taken in a consensus agreement by all 57 OSCE participating states.

The profile of the people crossing the border remains unchanged and can be categorized as follows:
Families on foot or by car with luggage
Elderly people with few bags
Adults  with no luggage or empty cars
People wearing military-style clothes with or without backpacks

While the number of entries/exits has remained stable at an average of 6,523 per day for both Border Crossing Points, the OM has observed a clear reversal in the flow of people crossing the border.
Since August 26, the majority of border crossers have been going back into Ukraine with an average net flow of minus 429 per day for both Border Crossing Points in the last week and since that day 3,857 people have returned to Ukraine through both Border Crossing Points.
The statistics also show that the Donetsk Border Crossing Point consistently experiences more traffic than the Gukovo Border Crossing Point.
The cross-border movements registered at both Border Crossing Points account for 43 percent of all the Rostov Region’s entries/exits.
The OM continued to observe a general trend of very low cross-border traffic during the night hours. At sunrise the number of travellers slowly increases until late morning.
Then, the traffic flow decreases but rises towards the late afternoon and evening. The majority of the vehicles crossing the border have number plates issued in the Luhansk region.

Common observations at the Border Crossing Points

In general, the situation at both Border Crossing Points is calm.
People crossing the border talk to the Observer Teams (OTs) regularly and continue to describe the situation in the Luhansk region as dire.
The OTs continued to receive numerous accounts of severe destruction caused by artillery fire which resulted in the interruption of water, gas and electricity supplies, the latter apparently unavailable for more than five weeks in some areas including Luhansk city itself.
Throughout the week, the OTs noticed a net increase of young people (both men and women) wearing military-style dress crossing the border in both directions but did not observe any weapons among these groups.
OTs had regular interactions with supporters of the self-proclaimed republics.
Some discussed openly with the OSCE while others expressed their total mistrust toward the OSCE.
At both Border Crossing Points, some supporters of the self-proclaimed republics explained that they are not allowed to cross the border with weapons. However, on the other side, there are organized places where they receive weapons, ammunition and equipment and are dispatched to their assigned areas on the Ukrainian side.
Upon return, they hand over weapons, ammunition and other military equipment and cross back into the Russian Federation. In the case of Gukovo, there is even a firing range to calibre the newly-received weapons before continuing to the front lines.
As described in previous reports, on a daily basis OTs hear such range-like shootings on Ukrainian territory at a short distance from the Gukovo Border Crossing Point.
The OTs observed more people wearing black t-shirts with the inscription “Novorossiya” (“new Russia”) or “Luhansk People’s Republic” with corresponding flags.
In some instances, this flag was also observed on several civilian vehicles’ windshields and license plates.
Civilian people stopping to discuss with OTs often ask the OSCE to stop the conflict and to record and report their testimonies so that everybody can be aware of the situation.

Military movement

Throughout the week, day and night, the OTs heard the sound of propeller aircrafts in the vicinity of the Border Crossing Points.
During daylight and when the weather conditions were favourable, the OTs observed the same small grey aircrafts identified as UAVs.
The same flight patterns were observed at both Border Crossing Points. The UAVs were following a flight path assessed to be at the edge of the Ukrainian border on very regular schedules with intervals varying from 18 to 25 minutes. In several instances, up to two UAVs were observed in the same area at the same time.
There was a decrease in helicopter sightings compared to last week but they were still observed at both Border Crossing Points flying at low altitude along the border.
In either case, in as far as could be seen, the aircrafts did not violate the Ukrainian airspace in the vicinity of the Border Crossing Points.

Observation at the Gukovo Border Crossing Point

The traffic flow at Gukovo BCP has remained steady compared to last week, with a slight decrease in the past two days.
A daily average of 2,940 entries and exits was recorded, which accounted for 19 percent of all entries/exits into the Rostov Region.
The average number of people entering the Russian Federation has diminished consistently during the reporting period and the net flow has been negative since 26 August with a daily average of minus 262.
This statistic clearly reflects a return movement into Ukraine. In the past week, close to 2,000 people have returned to Ukraine through the Gukovo Border Crossing Point each day.
Throughout the week, the OTs continued to hear gunfire on the Ukrainian side very close to the Border Crossing Point.
As described earlier, these fire incidents were assessed as not combat-related, reportedly originating from a nearby improvised ‘shooting range’ under the control of supporters of the self-proclaimed republics.

Reports of people at the Gukovo Border Crossing Point

OTs received reports from people of Sverdlovsk (17 km west of Gukovo Border Crossing Point) about the town’s situation.
They reported that the town had not experienced direct fights but five houses were destroyed.
Although public transport and the only hospital were functioning, for the past two-and-a-half months, there was no water.
According to them, pensions and social benefits were not paid and people could not access money.
Prices for common goods had increased considerably and therefore people were going to the Russian Federation every three to four days to buy first necessity products and to obtain cash at ATMs or banks.
People reported that the school year was planned to start on 1 September but they did not want their children to follow Ukrainian curricula.

Observation at the Donetsk Border Crossing Point

During the reporting period, the activity at the Donetsk Border Crossing Point has slightly increased compared to last week.
The total number of border crossings at Donetsk Border Crossing Point consistently exceeds those of Gukovo Border Crossing Point.
A daily average of 3,627 entries and exits was recorded, which accounted for 24 percent of all entries/exits into the Rostov Region.
The average number of people entering the Russian Federation has diminished consistently during the reporting period and the net flow has been negative since 29 August with a daily average of minus 410.
As for the Gukovo Border Crossing Point, this statistic clearly reflects a return movement into Ukraine.
In the past week close to 1,900 people have returned to Ukraine through the Donetsk Border Crossing Point each day.
Throughout the week, shootings, blasts and artillery detonations were heard at various times of the day and night, and from different distances and directions around the Donetsk Border Crossing Point.
Artillery detonations were especially intense during the weekend in the direction north of Krasnodon.
Throughout the night of 30 to 31 August, dozens of very loud artillery detonations were heard and felt by an OT. The detonations were close by in a westerly/ north-westerly direction.
In the past weeks, artillery detonations and shootings had been heard only from western and northern directions; but throughout the week for the first time OTs reported light and heavy calibre shootings from the east and south-east areas which are also bordering Ukraine.
Throughout the week, OTs observed a net increase in activity of young people dressed in military style crossing back and forth at the Border Crossing Point.
OTs also observed some of these people visibly wounded crossing back into the Russian Federation with white bandages and/or crutches.
OTs also observed transfers of more seriously-wounded persons by ambulances.
Some people dressed in military style were accompanying the wounded and were particularly well-equipped including holsters but without weapons.
In one instance, an OT observed eight young men dressed in military style carrying two heavy stretchers loaded with boxes.
The stretchers were visibly heavy (more than a hundred kilograms) because the groups were stopping every 30 to 50 metres to recover.
The OT observed Border Crossing Point officials checking the boxes with metal detectors. The OT asked Border Crossing Point officials about the content of the boxes and was told that it was food products.

Reports of people at the Donetsk Border Crossing Point

OTs received reports from people of Molodohvardeysk, Novosvetlovska (15 km south-east of Luhansk) and other places around Luhansk city. They all indicated heavy fighting and considerable damage to infrastructure and asked the OSCE to stop the fighting.

Russian humanitarian convoy

The OM does not have any confirmation that a second humanitarian convoy will go through the Donetsk Border Crossing Point.
During the past week, representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) visited the Donetsk Border Crossing Point and met with Russian and Ukrainian border guards and customs officers.
To this day, Ukrainian border guards and customs officers are still staying next to the Donetsk Border Crossing Point.
In addition, personnel of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry came to the Border Crossing Point to consult with the Russian Border Crossing Point authorities.

At his fundraising speech in Estonia
(3, Sept.)  reading from his teleprompter, Obama had this to say:

    “And yet as we gather here today, we know that this vision of a Europe that is whole and free and at peace is threatened by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

His sermon went on to include:

“It is a brazen assault on the territorial integrity of Ukraine, a sovereign and independent European nation this is what’s at stake in Ukraine. This is why we stand with the people of Ukraine today.”

The “people of Ukraine ” fails to include however the six and a half million people of the south eastern portion of the country which are considered “terrorists” and “sub-human”.

The attendees shuffled nervously waiting for the collection plate to be sent around and praying that their overtaxed citizens back home would understand why austerity does not include Lockheed Martin or Raytheon.

NATO released  images purportedly from a satellite Thursday, 28 August 2014. Analytics of which to my knowledge have as yet to be released by Russian authorities. Previous satellite photos released by Ukraine’s SBU concerning #MH17 were proven to be fraudulent and can be viewed at the RU Ministry of Defence.
Statements and accusations based on these latest images include the following- 
    “show Russian combat forces engaged in military operations inside the sovereign territory of Ukraine. The images, captured in late August, depict Russian self-propelled artillery units moving in a convoy through the Ukrainian countryside and then preparing for action by establishing firing positions in the area of Krasnodon, Ukraine. …. “Over the past two weeks we have noted a significant escalation in both the level and sophistication of Russia’s military interference in Ukraine,” said Brigadier General Tak. “The satellite images released today provide additional evidence that Russian combat soldiers, equipped with sophisticated heavy weaponry, are operating inside Ukraine’s sovereign territory,” (NATO, Allied Command Operations,28 August 2014)





Did Putin Just Bring Peace to Ukraine?

Did Putin Just Bring Peace to Ukraine?

Today in 12:42 POSTED


– Russian President Vladimir Putin

“What did we do to deserve this? What did we do to deserve being bombed from planes, shot at from tanks, and have phosphorous bombs dropped on us? ….
That we wanted to live the way we want, and speak our own language, and make friends with whom we want?

” – Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic, The Vineyard of the Saker There is no way to overstate the significance of what has transpired in Ukraine in the last three weeks. What began as a murderous onslaught on the mainly Russian-speaking population of east Ukraine, has turned into a major triumph against a belligerent and expansionistic empire that has been repulsed by a scrappy, battle-hardened militia engaged in a conventional, land-based war.
The conflict in east Ukraine is Obama’s war; launched by Obama’s junta government, executed by Obama’s proxy army, and directed by Obama’s advisors in Kiev. The driving force behind the war is Washington’s ambitious pivot to Asia, a strategy that pits Russia against Europe to prevent further economic integration and to establish NATO forward-operating bases on Russia’s western border. Despite the overheated rhetoric, the talk of a (NATO) “Rapid Reaction Force”, and additional economic sanctions; the US plan to draw Ukraine into the western sphere of influence and weaken Russia in the process, is in tatters.
And the reason it is in tatters is because a highly-motivated and adaptable militia has trounced Obama’s troopers at every turn pushing the Ukrainian army to the brink of collapse. Check out this frontline update from The Saker: “The (Ukrainian Army) is not retreating on one, two or even three directions, it is retreating everywhere (except north of Lugansk). Entire battalions are leaving the front under orders of their battalion commanders and without the approval of the Junta leaders. At least one such battalion commander is already being judged for desertion. The entire Ukie leadership seems to be in a panic mode, especially Iatseniuk and Kolomoiski, while the Nazis are mad as hell at the Poroshenko administration. There are constant rumors of an anti-Poroshenko coup by outraged Nazi nationalists….. The bottom line is this: Poroshenko promised a victory in a matter of weeks and his forces suffered one of the most total defeats in the history of warfare. ….the most likely thing is that this ridiculous “Banderastan” experiment has seriously begun sinking now and that many rats are leaving the ship. “The War in Ukraine“, Vineyard of the Saker The fact that the demoralized Ukrainian army has been defeated by the superior fighting force is of little importance in the big scheme of things, however, the fact that Washington’s global resource war– which began on 9-11 and has reduced numerous sovereign countries into anarchic, failed states– has been stopped in its tracks, is significant. The so called War on Terror–which was recently rebranded under the ISIS moniker–has wreaked holy havoc and death on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria.
By routing the Ukrainian army the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF) has put the kibosh on Obama’s Great Game strategy in Eurasia and torpedoed Washington’s plan to rule the world by force of arms. It could be that the battles of Lugansk and Donetsk are eventually regarded as the turning point, where the lumbering and over-extended empire finally met its match and began its precipitous decline. In any event, there’s no doubt that Friday’s ceasefire agreement is a serious blow to US hegemony. THE PROBLEM IS NATO “The defining factor in relations with NATO remains the unacceptability for Russia of plans to move the military infrastructure of the alliance towards our borders, including via enlargement of the bloc,” said Mikhail Popov, deputy head of Putin’s Security Council.
The issue has always been NATO expansion, not the ridiculous claim that Putin wants to rebuild the Russian Empire. The only one interested in in stitching together a global Caliphate is Barack Hussein Obama and his nutcase neocon advisors. Putin is not interested in an empire. Putin just wants to make money like everyone else. He wants to sell gas to Europe, raise living standards and rebuild the country. What’s wrong with that? Putin’s not a troublemaker. He’s not sticking a freaking first-strike nuclear missile system in Havana just 60 miles from Miami. But that’s what Obama wants to do. Obama want to establish NATO bases on Russia’s doorstep and deploy his fake-named “missile defense system” a couple hundred miles from Moscow. Putin can’t allow that. No one in their right mind would allow that. It’s a direct threat to national security. Here’s how Putin summed it up in a recent press conference: “Russia is an independent and active participant of international relations. Just like any nation it has national interests that must be taken into consideration and respected…..We stand against having a military organization meddling in our backyard, next to our homeland or in the territories that are historically ours. I just cannot imagine visiting NATO sailors in Sevastopol,” he stressed. “Most of them are fine lads, but I’d rather they visit us in Sevastopol than the other way around.” (Vladimir Putin) Washington’s harebrained gambit was doomed from the get go. Who made the decision to topple Yanuchovych, install a US-puppet in Kiev, fill-out the security services with neo Nazis, and wage a bloody ethnic cleansing purge on the Russian-speaking people in the east? Who was it? Isn’t there any accountability among the Obama team or is it all a matter of “failing upwards” like the Bush crowd? Here’s Putin again: “Our western partners created the ‘Kosovo precedent’ with their own hands. In a situation absolutely the same as the one in Crimea they recognized Kosovo’s secession from Serbia legitimate while arguing that no permission from a country’s central authority for a unilateral declaration of independence is necessary….
And the UN International Court of Justice agreed with those arguments. That’s what they said; that’s what they trumpeted all over the world and coerced everyone to accept – and now they are complaining about Crimea. Why is that?” Doesn’t Putin have a point? Isn’t this what we’ve seen over and over again, that there’s one standard for the US and another for everyone else? Of course it is. But Putin’s not going to stand for it. In fact, just this week, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov expanded on Putin’s comments in an interview that never appeared in the western media. Here’s what he said: “The current stage of international relations is marked by a transition to a fundamentally new world order – a polycentric model based on due regard for the appearance of new economic and financial centres. And political weight comes with economic and financial influence. Transition to a polycentric world order reflects an objective trend according to which the world order should be based on the world’s cultural and civilisational diversity.
This is objective reality, which no one can deny. … After a long period of dominance in global economy and politics, these countries are trying to keep their positions by artificial means. They know that their economic positions are not as strong as they were after WWII, when America accounted for over half of global GDP, but they are trying to use all available military and political instruments, social media, regime-change technology and other instruments to keep back the objective process of the development of a democratic world order based on the equality of all sides. Not everyone has realized yet that it is impossible to move contrary to an objective historical process. We strongly hope that this will happen, because otherwise more illegal unilateral sanctions will be approved against Russia, to which we will respond accordingly, as we have already tried to do. But this, I repeat, is not our choice; we don’t want confrontation.” (Press Conference: Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov) “A new world order based on a polycentric model”? What a great idea.
You mean, a world in which other sovereign nations get a say-so in the way the world is run? You mean, a world in which the economic, political, and military decision-making does not emerge from one center of power that is dominated by privately-owned banks, transnational corporations and voracious western elites? You mean, a world in which international law can be applied evenly so that one country cannot unilaterally create off-shore gulags, or incite color coded revolutions, or carry out extra-legal abductions and killings, or order drone attacks on wedding parties or conduct any of the other heinous violations of human rights which imperial Washington engages in without batting an eye? The NAF’s victory in east Ukraine brings us all one step closer to actualizing the multi-polar world of which Lavrov and Putin speak so glowingly.
In fact, just hours ago Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko capitulated and signed a ceasefire agreement with the leaders of the anti-fascist militia, Igor Plotnitsky and Aleksandr Zakharchenko. (Remember: “We never negotiate with terrorists”?) Ukraine’s National Security Council (SNBO) has reported that its troops have halted all military actions. The government’s public statement reads as follows: “According to the decision of the President of Ukraine and the order of the chief of the General staff of the military units of Ukraine, troops in the area of anti-terrorist operations ceased fire at 15.00 GMT.” Peace at last? It sure looks like it. So while Obama is busy trying to ramp up the violence by rallying NATO to expand the wars around the world, international peacekeepers will begin the thorny task of implementing a seven-point peace plan put forward by none-other-than Vladimir Putin. The difference between the peacemakers and the warmongers has rarely been as stark as it is today.


Western intelligence is becoming an oxymoron

Western intelligence is becoming an oxymoron


As escalation between NATO and the Russian Federation is vamped up by the unelected spokesperson of the 28 nation bloc NATO (Rasmussen)  ahead of the scheduled  September 4 meeting in Wales; it becomes incumbent for a public discussion of the claims made.
Already the previous accusations made by NATO concerning #MH17 have been shown as a fraudulent attempt to attribute the responsibility onto Russia and President Putin personally. Having failed to produce credible evidence to support that bogus claim; NATO has undeterredly created the latest round of charges based once again on social media posts and tweets.
The “invasion” of Ukraine by military forces of Russia consists of highly questionnable  photographs and unverified tweets together with imaginative analysis.

The question becomes: could the huge budgets currently allocated for western intelligence services be reduced significantly by the replacement of the current structure with internet cafés?


The much needed delivery of provisions to the civilian  victims of Kievs’ so called anti-terrorist operation or ATO in SE Ukraine (Novorossia) has been condemned by Rasmussen and the other supporters of poroshenko juntas publicly announced ethnic cleansing campaign to drive off and or kill the Russian speaking inhabitants. 

During the height of the Cold War when East Berlin was blocked to regular shipments of supplies, a massive effort using aircraft was made.  Now it seems as though roles have been reversed and  a similar effort is being undertaken with regards to Donbass.

The one major thing that has been exposed for all the world to see is that western mis-leaders and their followers have no genuine concern or humanitarian compassion and selectively pretend to only to achieve public support for military actions. 


rasmussen -The Pied Piper of Europe

Only with a reference from the mind of a fruit fly could NATO claim “long-standing ” ties with Ukraine.  rasmussen the Führer of NATO apparently has such a mind as he makes the bombastic claims as the unelected leader of western forces visited Kiev and received a medal from poroshenko for his help in covering up the Juntas war crimes.


Previously rasmussen had expanded the  NATO mission to include his self appointed arbitration of democratic elections, which  coming from someone who himself is totally beyond the bounds of democracy, is the height of cynicism. 
Since before an investigation even began into MH17, rasmussen and his ilk rolled out a complex and pre-planned media blitz complete with a miraculous conclusion which some would conclude as a far fetched conspiracy theory or attribute to  clairvoyance, however it would suggest a far more sinister reason; a false flag operation in order to cast Putin as the devil incarnate.
The NATO interference into the MH17 investigation is observed by rasmussens constant repetition of guilt assigned to President Putin without the burden of having to produce even a shred of credible evidence.
  The case of the mysterious Buk anti-aircraft surface to air radar missle system (four components- each one mounted on a large truck) and the technicians to operate it moving from Russia to Ukraine and back again at breakneck speed and stealth sounds like something from a sci-fi comic book and  is at best implausible.
Meant to produce momentum for European support of  sanctions this NATO  fortuitous (“game changer”) a tragedy to humanity #MH17 seems to have produced a herd mentality. (lemmings) Even the Neutral State of Switzerland changed course.
Occupied Germany the monetary HQ of the EU has been ordered by the cabal  to keep up pressure on reluctant EU member states after reminding the Swiss that their franc has been pegged to the Euro since 2011.  rasmussen deserves a medal?- yes, one for being the Pied Piper of the European Ratsunion as they sally forth behind his skillful  flute playing for their march to destiny. 


Europe escaped the yoke of fascism in the 1940s only to see it reemerge unchallenged 70 years later.  NATO is the fascist military organization that was hitlers dream with a power to make myths from thin air. 


Humanitarian Corridors for Donbass

The callous charge of the mis-lead west that Russias’ intentions to establish a  humanitarian corridor for reasons other than the word defines is belied by the fact of Russia’s support for humanitarin corridors in Syria as well. This consistency is a true representation of the Russian peoples genuine and heartfelt concern and to suggest otherwise is merely a refraction of the accusers own mindset. Since Russia has OSCE observers already at border crosings the reckless suggestion that it is needed for the passage of arms is as disingenuiness as it is moronic; meant for the crowd that is still searching social media for proof of the BUK system akin to searching Iraq for WMD.
Moreover a humanitarian corridor is needed for the influx of soldiers and conscripts who seek Russia for safety and medical care who have  unfortunately been forced into a military force commanded by a chocolate making oligarch mad man  who makes Dr. Strangelove appear sane. petro or bloody peter poroshenko is a reprehensible mass murderer who belongs in the dustbin of history.



  As craters 30 meters in diameter and deep enough to bury a house appear in civilian areas in Donbass with ballistic missiles deployed against a defenceless civilian population and weapons of war (Smerch) that were made to be used against professioal nation state armies and tank battalions not to destroy simple everyday neighborhoods, schools and churches. Labeling the part of the country that didnt participate in a farce election (that was a fate d’accompli since bloody peter  had already been referred to as the elected leader of Ukraine by his paymaster in washington even before the election) as terrorists and subjecting the people to austerity while allocating vast sums to carry out the agenda of Shell and the whole fracking international community international interests which has been to commit a war of agression to plunder the natural resources of Ukraine.
With  orders from his cia handlers to provoke a war with Russia poroshenko is willing to send thousands to their deaths and already has.  This genocidal pogrom is a fractal representation of a larger war against all of humanity.
  Rather than promoting and investing in  sustainable energy  while preserving an ecological balance these criminal parasites can only think to kill and exploit.  Of course the west could not conceive how a nation such as Russia has genuine compassion for all those hundreds of thousands of innocent families displaced by these criminal actions of the junta,  because the only motivation that they know of is corporate greed.