Syrian National Defence Forces are continuing their battles against Rothschild’s Wahhabi mercenaries in Adra (full video report)

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Syrian National Defence Forces are continuing their battles against Rothschild’s Wahhabi mercenaries in Adra.

Syrian Arab Army & National Defence Special Unit Forces are continuing their battles against Rothschilds’ Wahhabi mercenaries, the Obama’s al-Qaeda  thugs, in Adra, the Industrial Workers City few miles at north of Damascus.

The area was attacked by the anti-Christ and devil’s mercenary militias who committed the most heinous massacres in all times of history, slaughtering and burning in ovens entire Christian, Alawite and Druze families, to revenge their losses in Qalamon and other areas all over the country, exactly like what the US regime and its best allies, the ‘democratic’ Al Saud, promised.

Some estimates from the western backed opposition sources itself put the toll of slaughtered civilians at the hands of Wahhabis at 800 mostly children, of course the massacre was not condemned by the self-called ‘International Community’ of the group of winners…

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Who killed Mohammad Shatah? As-Safir: Beirut Car Bomb Stolen, Moved to Ain El-Helwe Palestinian Camp

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من قتل الوزير اللبناني ؟

As-Safir: Beirut Car Bomb Stolen, Moved to Ain El-Helwe Palestinian Camp
Local Editor

Sources, concerned with the investigations in the assassination of Minister Mohammad Shatah, told As-safir that the car used in the bombing is a dark-green “Honda” and holds plate number 177647 and that it had been stolen from Rmaily in the beginning of 2013.

The sources revealed that, during the investigations, one of the arrested, called Moussa M., confessed that he stole the car with Mohammad As-Sarieh and that they were both ordered by “Talal al-Ordony” to move to Ein al-Helwe Palestinian camp.

The sources asserted that the Lebanese army had seized another car at Ein al-Helwe camp before stealing the ‘Honda’ car.

Moussa M and Mohammad as-Sarieh belong to Fatah al-Islam which is led by Haitham al-Shaabi, the sources added.

A non-Lebanese prisoner in Roumiyyeh jail person confessed that Moussa M and Mohammad as-Sarieh stole the car and …

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King of the Sands opened at Opera House

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The movie King of the Sands by director Najdat Anzour opened on Thursday in a special screening at Dar al-Assad for Culture and House (the Opera House) in Damascus.



The movie, produced by Anzour, is a historical biopic on the founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdulaziz Al Saud, depicting the deal between Abdulaziz and Britain in which he was supplied with weapons and funds to eliminate the Al Rasheed dynasty which was ruling Riyadh at the time and get rid of the Ottomans in a precursor to the Western occupation of the region and the Sykes-Picot agreement.

The movie also details the alliance between Al Saud and the Wahabis which allowed them to seize control of Saudi Arabia and rule by the sword and their interpretation of religion, setting the scene for the salafi, extremist and jihadist movements we see today.


The movie had originally debuted in London on…

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Foreign-backed terrorists have perpetrated a massacre against civilians in Adra, Damascus Countryside

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Foreign-backed terrorists commit massacre against civilians in Adra, Damascus Countryside

Damascus – Armed terrorist groups affiliated to Jabhat al-Nusra on Wednesday infiltrated the residential city of Adra in Damascus Countryside and committed a massacre against unarmed civilians.

A military source clarified in a statement to SANA on Thursday that “terrorists attacked the unarmed civilian citizens in their homes” in Adra, which includes housing compounds for workers, noting that “reports indicated that a massacre was committed against civilians by the terrorists.”

The source stressed that units of the armed forces headed immediately to the area and embarked on carrying out their mission to rescue the civilians and restore security to the city.


SANA – December 12, 2013 Network reload


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Syrian Arab Army Forces inflicted severe blows to foreign mercenaries & terrorists in several Syrian areas

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Severe blows directed to terrorists in several areas

Terrorists’ gatherings and equipment, including cars and weapons, were targeted in several areas around the country on Friday, with several terrorist groups being wholly eliminated.

Army foils terrorists’ attack on military checkpoints in Homs

A military source told SANA the army units destroyed terrorists’ dens in Bab Hud, al-Qusour and al-Hamidiyeh neighborhoods in Homs city and in al-Rastan city in the countryside.

The source added that other army units clashed with terrorists who were attempting to attack a military checkpoint in Tal al-Ghar near Ein Hussein village in the countryside, killing and injuring scores of them.

Army units eliminate terrorists, dismantle explosive devices in Damascus and its Countryside

An official source said that the army units killed all members of armed terrorist groups to the west of al-Nabek city and progressed in the area surrounding Rima farms.

Among the dead terrorists were…

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