deputy chief medical director of the Military Medical Service of the Ministry of Defense.of Donetsk republic talking about tortures and chemical biological and other unconventional weapon using by Kiev junta.

The deputy chief medical director of the Military Medical Service of the Ministry of Defense


of Donetsk republic talking about tortures and chemical biological and other unconventional weapon using by Kiev junta. Full translation of interview below:
ДНР. Донецк. Интервью с зам. начмеда о пленных. 16.09.2014
Doctor: I am a deputy chief medical director of the Military Medical Service of the Ministry of Defense.
Journalist: Could you tell us what the situation is with the fighters liberated from captivity?
D: Within one week we received five of them. Two of them are in respectively normal condition. Phycologists and psychiatrists are working them because it is very difficult for them to cope with this now. And three other fighters are in serious condition. One of them has an Ilizarov apparatus on his legs [ The Ilizarov compression-distraction apparatus is a medical device intended for long-term fixation of bone fragments], he is more or less fine, he can still walk. But the two are difficult: one of them has a head injury. He was obviously hit into his head with a metal object, supposedly a metal stick. There, in captivity they tried to operate on him and do a craniotomy. Obviously unsuccessfully. He literally came with two holes in his head which were not healed. His left kidney is injured. He was seriously beaten. He has got broken fingers and was left with no teeth. You can tell that they did it intentionally, they tortured him. Another seriously injured fighter… he was beaten into kidneys and liver, lumbar part of the spine is injured… his face, well, it is just a violet mask. They must have beaten him intentionally. He also doesn’t have any teeth left, his nose is broken. In general, they can hardly move by themselves. They are subjected to intensified medical treatment.
J: What is their mental condition now? Shock?
D: After the tortures? I think there is more than just a shock. They are terrified now, terrified of a lot of things. However, they are trying to boost the morale, they are very glad that they are in DPR now, among their guys. But they are very, very depressed. Of course, psychologists are working with them. And they are interrogated by our Special Service, because they have been there [in the captivity of Ukrainian army], they have seen something, we are interested in details. It is clear that today they can be filmed under no account. Maybe in a week or two you will be able to talk to them if they will be willing to, because a lot of people like that don’t want to be filmed. Even those who were simply injured. They are afraid for their families. They are afraid of “cleansing” [cleansing is action of fascists then they broke doors, beat people who in homes and take somebody out for torturers]. There is the third round of “cleansing” in Kramatorsk now. A lot of people have their families there. Their children, mothers, fathers. That is why they do not want to talk on camera.
J: Can we say they tortures are applied everywhere and to all the fighters [of DPR and LPR]?
D: Absolutely yes. For example, quite some time ago already, but still we had a girl that was tortured. She had destroyed muscles of heels. Atrociously injured, she could not walk. She had wounds on her arms and bruises all over soft tissue of her back. Everybody is severely bitten.
…In addition we were receiving the 300th [the code for the wounded] after the exchange. Yes, the wounded. The simply looked like a piece of meat, because they had ribs sticking out of torn skin, and the wound was rotting. This is the condition, in which our wounded are brought to us. As for the wounded Ukrainians, we give them back clean, well-fed and dressed. All wrapped up in neat white bandages, all of them get highest level medical assistance. All of them are polished clean. When we give them back they look like baby dolls. But we get back bags with meat. As I told, there are many guys with open wounds and ribs sticking out, they come to us, come to our hands and die. The die after getting back to their own people. They simply can’t bear this any longer.
J. : So there are very many lethal cases, right?
D.: There have been cases, when 300th become 200th [the code for the dead] only because they relax.
J.: Do you know how many our guys are still kept as POW by Ukraine?
D.: I think there are many enough. We cannot keep accurate count. Many guys join the militia without even informing their parents. Some go siply saying “mom, I am going to join the militia, bye”. There are a lot of unidentified people – both those killed and the wounded. Many are brought to us, and they can’t remember, where they are from and who and what they are. The know they are from DPR, they know they are members of militia, but sometimes they can remember their first name, but can’t remember their surname. It happens very often after severe blast injuries… Even the consequences of this – if they are delivered to us right after the blast injury happens, they can remember. If such a person tells us everything right away – it is good, we remember that. However after two or three days pass, the consequences start and he starts losing his memory. We had one youg man, he could not remember his mom’s phone number. He could only remember the first figures – 095, and that was it. So we struggling for a whole week pulling him out so he could remember his mom’s phone number. Thank god he remembered. These are very severe consequences. It is very hard.
J.: Are there any guys, who have come back to normal, and what is their fate?
D. : Well, we have put a lot of guys back on their feet. Many of them are already back to their units at the frontline. Almost all of them go back to the front line. Sometimes they even run away. He gets some medical assistance, sees that he can walk and hold his rifle – so he runs away. They simply run away to the front line. Certainly, we put a lot of guys back on their feet and recovered them, but we also have a lot, who are severely wounded. There are very many severely wounded people in our hospitals. Now we get a lot of severe burns. I don’t know what they are throwing at our guys, I can’t give you such information, although I also go to the front line, but they come to us severely burnt. They are probably using some sort of napalm. There are poisonings…
For example there is a piece of GRAD rocket lying in my yard. Just near it there is a cluster bomb. I mean the fact that they are using prohibited weapons is no some kind of play or invented stories – this is a real fact. They are bombing us with anything they can. One village here was shelled with something, which nobody can identify. All the people were vomiting and had terrible diarrhea. And no matter what they eat or drink – they would vomit. It took is 3-4 hours to stop the vomiting. Then we would pump 3-4 liters of medicine into them, and only then they would more or less come back to normal. Can you imagine that – we basically had to completely clean-wash their whole organism. This is what in fact happened to that village. There were at least 60-70 such people. And they included anyone from little babies to very old people with zero immunity. As for being taken prisoner…
This is horrible. Becoming a prisoner is horrible for our guys. I think it is better to right away shoot oneself instead. There is no guarantee that you will get out alive. Our you can come back as a cripple – who needs a cripple? Many people think about this. The relative clearly think different – no matter what the condition is, they just want him back alive. But they are horribly tortured there. Just horribly.
J.: Thank you for your comment.
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Report from Donbass War Theater. Kiev Switches To “Strategic Defense” by Colonel Cassad LiveJournal

Report from Donbass War Theater. Kiev Switches To “Strategic Defense”
by Colonel Cassad LiveJournal (Russian) POSTED

The events of recent days clearly indicate that the Kiev Junta is switching to strategic defense tactic in the Donbass.
1. The positions around Mariupol, Artemovsk, Constantinovka, and Lisichansk are being fortified.


This is no longer about using these cities as bases for an offensive, we are talking about trying to hold them in defensive battles. The Militia should accomplish putting an end to the shelling of Donetsk in about a week. The Junta will try to keep shelling for political reasons; as the cessation of terror attacks on Donetsk would be a clear symptom of a complete disaster, even for the most brainwashed “European Ukrainians”
2. Leaving more than 20 settlements in Lugansk People’s Republic(“LPR”) with open flanks shows that attempts encircle the city are over. Junta forces that can be saved, will be pulled out of the boiler to the south-west of Luhansk, then the front will slowly move away to the north of Lugansk, because in its current configuration, Junta is risking enveloping strikes by Novorossiya Armed Forces (“NAF”) mechanized units. A huge column of armored vehicles in Krasnodon demonstrates the potential power of such attacks, against which the Junta simply has nothing.


3. The Junta is moving troops from Perekop to Mariupol and Odessa. We can now say goodbye to the plans of military provocations by Armyansk and Chongar. The huge losses of the “Crimea” punitive battalion by Ilovaysk have also seriously weakened the potential future reconnaissance and sabotage capacities in Crimea proper. The Junta initially made a fundamental error when it began massing a part of its forces by Perekop. They were not sufficient to capture Crimea, or to fend off a Russian invasion from the Crimea, and it is quite possible that several battalions with reinforcements were exactly what the Junta lacked in the decisive battles for Shahtersk and Krasnyi Luch. In the end, they still had to be redeployed to the Donbass, but only after they could no longer change anything, strategically. The Crimea itself has now been completely taken out of the equation; the Junta now has too much to deal with elsewhere, so the ambitious plans of military and political pressure on the Crimea are apparently dead for now.
4. A similar pattern of events has occurred in the area near Transnistria. The forces that the Junta had concentrated there have now been redeployed to Donbass to close holes in the front lines. The plan of combined pressure against Transnistria, together with the United States and Moldova, turned out to be stillborn. Now there are no chances for a successful offensive there, so nothing serious will be deployed against Transnistria.
5. The Junta’s fourth wave of mobilization is supposed to somehow make up for their losses, but its “success” will be similar to the third wave. The fact that the fresh cannon fodder are being equipped with obsolete BTR-60/70 APCs (Armoured Personnel Carriers) and machine guns from the 1930s clearly indicates that those unfit for service will also be armed with obsolete weapons, so ground down professional army brigades will be replaced with the new “Ukrainian Volkssturm” – pointless and depressing, and even the punitive battalions will appear capable in comparison to these new forces.
6. The Junta persists in the separation of army units from punitive forces. Punitive units are now even given tanks and IFVs, thus repeating the failed experiment of the Nazis, separating individual units of the SS from the rest of the armed forces, with their own hierarchy, equipment and command. The main problem in these units is lack of competent commanders, which systematically results in high losses of personnel and vehicles.
7. Thus, the autumn starts with the Junta in transition from offence to defense, and there are clearly not enough resources to hold the entire line; even after the front is straightened out. It should be understood that even if the Junta could stretch a solid front line from Donetsk to Berdyansk, there would be nothing available to close a gap in the event of another breakthrough. In general, the size of the theater of operations clearly exceeds the abilities of the warring parties. The Junta is facing the same problem faced by the NAF in June, when it was trying to hold large areas without sufficient forces to do so, which led to breaks in the front. Now the Junta is in the same situation, thus emphasizing that operational initiative is the key to victory, in the event one lacks sufficient forces to control large swathes of territory. The side which has the operational initiative can choose the direction of attack, concentrate forces there, achieve local superiority, and convert these efforts to captured towns and cities; and burning enemy vehicles with charred corpses lying along the roads.
8. As the Junta cannot seize the initiative back yet (the concentration of 1-2 brigades by Zaporozhye, to be used for counter-attack, requires a few more days), it began a retreat, during which it tried to free up additional forces for the southern front and transition to a stubborn defense of advantageous positions. It is now key for the NAF to keep the operational initiative, as it more than offsets the advantages of the enemy in manpower and vehicles. In this respect, while carrying out offensives in several directions, it is important not to overdo it and not to expose the flanks to cleaving strikes of Junta’s mechanized forces (the NAF still had trouble parrying these strikes as late as August).
Overall, as of September 3rd, we can confidently say that the fascist Junta has switched to strategic defense in the Donbass.
Translator: Daniil Mihailovich
Editor: S. Naylor
Original Source: Colonel Cassad LiveJournal (Russian)


criminal case of illegal methods of waging war on Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation has created a special management to investigate international crimes against civilians committed in the territory of Ukraine. Created management will apply until such time as all the Ukrainian military and perpetrators of crimes against civilians will not be prosecuted. This work will involve all spetsupravleniya investigative units SK Russia, on whose territory the refugees arrive from Ukraine.


I recall that the Investigation Committee has investigated a number of criminal cases involving crimes against Ukrainian and Russian citizens on the territory of Ukraine. In particular, the investigation of criminal cases against members of the “UNA-UNSO” – Mazur Bobrowicz, Yarosh, Korchinskiy brothers Tyagniboka, Hominy, and others, in fact injured Russian journalist videoagentstva «Russia today» in Ukraine and others.

In a criminal case of illegal methods of waging war on the territory of Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics (Article 356 of the Criminal Code) already held a number of investigative actions aimed at establishing specific servicemen and members of military units of the National Guard of Ukraine and the “right sector”, pilots, gunners , snipers, who gave and executed orders of airstrikes, artillery shelling and


destruction of civilians and settlements in the south-east of Ukraine. In addition, Russia’s Investigative Committee intends to obtain from independent sources data from satellites of various countries in which fixed nature of the destruction, the number and locations of Ukrainian military formations. This will allow investigators to make an objective picture of what is happening in the south-east of Ukraine. To join the cause of a large number of photos and video to prove mass crimes against civilians. Already questioned a number of Russian citizens, including journalists, freed from captivity, as well as Ukrainian refugees who sought asylum in Russia, because they have to leave their homes because of persecution by the fascist Ukrainian military. According to the Migration Service of Russia, every day the flow of refugees from Ukraine increased. Currently in Russia made an application for recognition as refugees and asylum applications from nearly four thousand people, including more than 500 children. All of them will be questioned as part of the criminal case, if there are reasons they will also be recognized as victims. All the victims will be given a full and qualified legal assistance and the right to lodge appeals explained to the European Court of Human Rights and the International Criminal Court.

With regard to persons involved in crimes against the civilian population, the UK Russia intends to prosecute any and all officers, military, directly participating in punitive operations, as well as those who give orders and funding the killing of civilians. In this regard, Russia’s Investigative Committee intends to give a legal assessment of the actions Arsen Avakov, Igor Kolomoisky and others.

Investigative Committee encourages everyone, including the conscious citizens of Ukraine, to assist in the establishment of specific artists kills civilians south-eastern regions of Ukraine – Military: pilots, snipers, artillery commanders calculations and other persons directly engaged and commit these crimes.

And let no one doubt these “heroes of Ukraine” that their “feats” sooner or later will get a decent estimate, which does not give them today’s owners, smack criminal orders, and domestic and international courts.


В Следственном комитете Российской Федерации создано специализированное управление по расследованию преступлений международного характера против мирных граждан, совершенных на территории Украины. Созданное управление будет действовать до тех пор, пока все украинские военные и лица, совершающие преступления против мирных граждан, не будут привлечены к уголовной ответственности. К работе спецуправления будут привлекаться все следственные подразделения СК России, на территории которых прибывают беженцы из Украины.

Напомню, что в Следственном комитете уже расследуется ряд уголовных дел по фактам преступлений в отношении украинских и российских граждан на территории Украины. В частности, расследуются уголовные дела в отношении членов «УНА-УНСО» – Мазура, Бобровича, Яроша, Корчинского, братьев Тягнибоков, Мамалыги и других, по факту ранения российского журналиста видеоагентства «Russia today» на Украине и другие.

В рамках уголовного дела о незаконных методах ведения войны на территориях Донецкой и Луганской народных республик (ст. 356 УК РФ) уже проводится ряд следственных действий, направленных на установление конкретных военнослужащих, членов воинских формирований Национальной гвардии Украины и «Правого сектора», летчиков, артиллеристов, снайперов, которые отдавали и выполняли приказы об авиаударах, артобстрелах и  уничтожении мирных граждан и населенных пунктов на юго-востоке Украины. Кроме того, Следственный комитет России намерен получить из независимых источников данные с космических спутников различных стран, на которых зафиксирован характер разрушений, их количество, а также места дислокации украинских военных формирований. Это позволит следствию составить объективную картину происходящего на юго-востоке Украины. К делу приобщено большое количество фото- и видеоматериалов, доказывающих массовое совершение преступлений против мирных граждан. Уже допрошен ряд российских граждан, в числе которых журналисты, освобожденные из плена, а также украинские беженцы, которые попросили убежища у России, так как вынуждены покидать свои дома из-за преследований со стороны фашиствующей украинской военщины. По данным миграционной службы России, с каждым днем поток беженцев с Украины увеличивается. На данный момент в России приняты ходатайства о признании беженцами и заявления о предоставлении убежища почти от 4 тысяч человек, среди которых более 500 детей. Все они будут допрошены в рамках этого уголовного дела, при наличии оснований они также будут признаны потерпевшими. Всем потерпевшим будет оказана полноценная и квалифицированная юридическая помощь и разъяснено право подачи обращений в Европейский суд по правам человека и Международный уголовный суд.

Что касается лиц, причастных к преступлениям против мирного населения, то СК России намерен привлечь к уголовной ответственности всех без исключения должностных лиц, военных, как непосредственно принимающих участие в карательных операциях, так и лиц, отдающих приказы и финансирующих убийства мирных граждан. В связи с этим Следственный комитет России намерен дать правовую оценку действиям Арсена Авакова, Игоря Коломойского и других.

Следственный комитет призывает всех, в том числе и сознательных граждан Украины, оказать содействие в установлении конкретных исполнителей убийств мирных граждан юго-восточных регионов Украины – военных: летчиков, снайперов, командиров артиллеристских расчетов и других лиц, непосредственно совершавших и совершающих эти преступления.

И пусть не сомневаются  эти «герои Украины», что их «подвиги» рано или поздно получат достойную оценку, которую дадут не их сегодняшние хозяева, отдающие преступные приказы, а российские и международные судебные органы.




A native son of Ukraine who’s Grandfather fought to save Krasnoarmeis from the nazis;  Deputy Strelkov commander of the Donbass People’s  Militia  speaks of the lies and hypocrisy of being falsely labeled as a “terrorist invader”

My Grandfather then surrounded Krasnoarmeisk fought week in February 1943, defending their country and people, and I mean “aggressor.” Well, well … “brainwashed” in Ukraine way most people so that they ceased to distinguish white from black …

Than brazen and shameless lie – the more believe in it. That turns my small group of volunteers (now comprising 90% of the locals) in the “horde of invaders terrorists”, “Putin” in addition … What’s wrong when we do not! Is that children do not eat raw … And all the people – entirely for “United Ukraine.” And it believed!

Well, the Germans also Goebbels propaganda almost to the end believed. And here is the same school.

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While americans and europeans are for the most part unaware of the heinous and unforgivable mass murder and torture of over 100 mostly young people in their teenage and twenty somethings that happened on 2 May 2014 in Odessa, Novorossia; nonetheless those who planned and executed this crime against humanity did so with the complicity and support of the United States Government, European Union, HATO and the junta regime.
It is said that history is written by the “winners” so in a desperate attempt to conceal their murderous guilt the debauched morally bankrupt western leaders in a state of panic have done everything within their power to stem and stop their sociopathic demented involvement.  merkel ashton obama cameron and a host of others have conspired to hide and rewrite the hideous truths that are emerging from the scene of Europes largest mass murder since the time of hitler.
The mainstream press is forbidden from any real or meaningful investigation of the facts and circumstances because to do so would implicate the entire political establishments of their respective countries. The law enforcement agencies whos jurisdiction this crime(s) took place in are themselves guilty. The impotent interpol who is much more fond of coddling takfiris enroute to Syria and hassling journalists has no jurisdiction or will to investigate.
The only entity which is seeking justice for those killed is the Russian Foreign Ministrys Office which has released their White Paper documenting the crimes of the maidan coup d’ eat. A complete and thourough forensic investigation is by now not possible. However at Nuremberg convictions were obtained on less evidence than what is documented now.
The impetus and rush to the cloud of war reverberating through the halls and cloakrooms of western  political power is as much an attempt by the western criminals to escape justice and their own personal and criminal culpability than any of their delusional rants concerning Russophobia.
Lets have a war rewrite history and conceal the innocent blood that cries to the heavens for justice is their mantra.

The first thing that comes to mind when one considers slavery for a majority of amerikkans  is scenes of black men toiling in fields. (the physical slavery of body) The less likely association when considering slavery is the visualization of a mind with thoughts held captive as though chained and held in strict conformity; a type of slavery rarely perceived and yet mental slavery is far more a peril.
Imagine for a moment that everything that exists was first a thought. The manifestation of all creation first a thought.
Dreams are synaptic travelers through the regions of your mind. Dreams are free.
When Dr. Martin L. King proclaimed “I have a dream” he was promptly shot down. Why? Within the realm of thought lies the embryo of creation. I too share the dream that was bequeathed to me from the greatest American in my lifetime. Locked up in the Birmingham jail never was there a man so free. In my lifetime I have seen men rise up and get shot down “who more than self their country loved”. One sentence from a book written in 1990 sums up my core journalistic ethics-“you can help a whole country by reporting honestly”.
If that is true that reporting honestly is a benefit to a country that presumes itself to be a child of free speech than the converse must also be true that dishonest reporting is harmful to your country and future generations.  As we witness journalism in amerikka  being chained into the bondage of “mental slavery” via the controlled mass media free lance journalism may be the only credible way of finding the truth.
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Militias exterminate 8 occupiers


On the last night in the Slavic and Kramatorsk again clashes between militias and Ukrainian security officials about the “Interfax” reported “people’s mayor” Vyacheslav Ponomarev Sloviansk.

According to him, the fighting killed eight Ukrainian soldiers, seven were wounded military. Militia also reported the destruction of several armored vehicles. According to Ponomarev, and there is loss from the militia, but the number of victims he did not name.


He also noted that the situation in Slavic and Kramatorsk morning calm. “In the morning, all was quiet, postrelivat somewhere, but to this we have become accustomed,” – he said.

“Interfax” does not yet have information about the night fighters from other sources.

The clashes occurred on the eve of the day on the outskirts of the village of the October, 20 km from Kramatorsk. As reported by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, about 12:00 pm local time Ukrainian commandoes that carried food and water from one checkpoint to another, were ambushed and were shot.


As a result of the battle, killing seven soldiers, injuring nine people. Marines also lost one armored personnel carriers and one truck GAZ-66 with mortar installation.

Militia Donbass, in turn, reported the destruction of two APCs Ukrainian troops and one death activist.







The so called “north american treaty organization ” has been exposed as being without any control mechanisms of a society or people. In countries which furnish the troops and money to pay for a beast with no control let us examine the complete lack of support for the hostile belligerent and provocative actions taken by hato.
In Aug 2013 when over 80% of the american people said NO to a bombing campaign against Syria-hato went ahead with the plans ordering potus and the puppets in the state department to go to the airwaves and “sell this war”. Off they trotted as though the packaging for war is the same as selling detergent. The people could sense the lies and false flag (Aug.  21 Ghouta, Syria)   information and said NO and yet hato had deaf ears. Fast forward to May 2014  Polls conducted in Germany indicate

“German citizens overwhelmingly support Russias position with regards to Crimea,Sevastopol and Ukraine and yet like the americans before have no voice or say so as to where or why their children are sent to die or where or how their tax dollars are spent.”

The illusion that hato is a “defensive organization” under the control of the “democracys” of member states has no basis.


hato conversly is an organization which does not answer to or respect the will of the people. The agressive and provocative actions taken by hato against nations which do not have a rothschild central bank suggest that this beast (hato) is the military wing of a criminal banking cabal which is being used in a pattern of robbery and self enrichment for the benefit of their participating zionist elite in their delusional quest for absolute control and enslavement of mankind.
hato is the beast that serves only the interests of its master-satan and his earthly represenatives. hato is a murderous and dammed organization which will be destroyed one way or the other.


Watch “CHILDREN OF SLAVIANSK (we are not terrorists)” on YouTube

CHILDREN OF SLAVIANSK (we are not terrorists):
Children of Slavyansk

May 6 – Children of Slavyansk gathered to protest against Ukrainian army aggression in their town. The world news media will not show this, because these children are not so called “pregnant-children-of-maidan” killing Berkuts. They are just ordinary children of Slavyansk.

Sometimes they want to eat, and their parents just want a Referendum, and that is, for sure, a terrible crime in a democratic country, their parents are doomed to be killed, but what about children? Yet, for such crimes in the Great Ukr Land, perhaps, children are considered to be separatists and pro-Russians too?

1. God, I want to live!
2. Take away GRAD rocket systems. If we die, millions of people will not forgive you. 3. We are not terrorists!
We are not terrorists! Dear Lord, how I want to live! Don’t kill us!
Soldier, don’t shoot! Slavyansk.
If we die, millions of people will not forgive you. Soldier, don’t shoot! Slavyansk. Don’t kill us!







6 мая, centerkor_ua
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Donetsk People’s Republic Official Statement
6 мая, centerkor_ua

Министерство иностранных дел Донецкой Народной Республики Официальное заявление
Впервые с конца Второй мировой войны, территория, что раньше было Украина стала местом массовых убийств, которые приносят на ум самых страшных зверств немецко-фашистских захватчиков
Разница лишь в том, что сегодня мы являемся свидетелями нового, ранее мало известный, разнообразие этой идеологии и политической практике, а именно украинский фашизм.
2_ мая_ 2014_

В городе Одессе, в течение нескольких часов, неонацистские банды сожгли заживо десятки безоружных гражданских лиц. Позже в тот же день, вновь образованные подразделения регулярных вооруженных сил Украины – следующих по стопам СС эскадрилий Гитлера – расстреляли десять гражданских лиц в городе Андреевка, оставив раненых за истекать кровью, и продолжал их “Push Восток”. Какие еще доказательства нужны, чтобы, наконец, понять, что то, что мы сталкиваемся с хладнокровное фашистская агрессия? Становится все более очевидным, однако, что западные правительства эффективно поддерживать эти неонацистские орды, закрывая глаза на зверства, которые они совершают в Юго-Востока.

 Что касается новых эскадрилий СС, они спонсируются и непосредственно контролируется хунты в Киеве. Мы рассматриваем сегодняшние действия нелегитимных властей в Киеве как преступления против человечности, не менее отвратительных, чем те, осудили на Нюрнбергском процессе. Мы уверены, что такая же судьба ждет военных преступников в Киеве. Мы хотим напомнить всем: фашизм не отступит по своей инициативе или исчезают, как кошмар. Его можно положить только на вооруженное сопротивление. Или он будет распространяться как чума, захватив новые земли, каждый день, каждый час, и сожжение заживо в своем крематориев тех, кто осмеливается встать на защиту человеческого достоинства и свободы.

 Мы рассматриваем текущие трагические события, как достаточно оправдания все способные граждане, чтобы взять в руки оружие и присоединиться к тем, кто уже ведет священную войну против расистского заразы, которая держит распространяется по всей территории бывшего Украине. Мы призываем всех народов мира, чтобы противостоять натиску фашизма. Мы также обращаемся к тем украинцам, которые, ослепленные пропагандой, используемых для поддержки “Euromaidan” демонстрации в Киеве. Откройте глаза и увидеть новые власти в Киеве за то, что они – неонацистской хунту которого сообщники утопить инакомыслящих в крови и сжечь заживо женщин и детей. По молчание вы разделяете ответственность за эти смерти.

Мы не просим вас горевать и плакать, но восстать против узурпаторов. Ибо, если мы не будем делать это сейчас, наши причитания будет бесконечным. Мы призываем вас, чтобы почтить приближается Великий День Победы 9 мая в манере наших отцов и дедов, которые стояли как один против фашизма, защищая свободу и жизнь их семей. Сапоги угнетателей снова топтать над нашей земле. Наши соотечественники подвергаются пыткам, застрелен и похоронен заживо. Но вскоре земля будет гореть под ногами фашистских захватчиков и их пособников. ВРАГ будет раздавлен! Победа будет за нами!



Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera

For the first time since the end of World War II, the territory of what used to be Ukraine has become the site of massacres that bring to mind the worst atrocities of the German fascist invaders
The only difference is that today we are witnessing a new, previously little-known, variety of that ideology and political practice, namely, Ukrainian fascism.

In the city of Odessa, in a matter of hours, neo-Nazi gangs burned alive dozens of unarmed civilians. Later that same day, newly formed units of Ukraine’s regular armed forces – following in the footsteps of Hitler’s SS squadrons – shot ten civilians in the town of Andreyevka, leaving the wounded behind to bleed to death, and continued their “Push Eastward”. What other evidence do we need to finally understand that what we are faced with is cold-blooded fascist aggression? It is becoming increasingly obvious, however, that Western governments effectively support these neo-Nazi hordes by turning a blind eye on the atrocities they commit in the South-East.

As for the new SS squadrons, they are sponsored and directly controlled by the junta in Kiev. We view today’s actions of the illegitimate authorities in Kiev as crimes against humanity, no less heinous than those condemned at the Nuremberg trials. We are certain that the same fate awaits the war criminals in Kiev. We want to remind everyone: fascism will not back down on its own or fade away like a nightmare. It can only be put out by armed resistance. Or it will spread like a plague, capturing new ground, every day, every hour, and burning alive in its crematoria those who dare to stand up for human dignity and freedom.

We regard the current tragic events as ample justification for all able citizens to take up arms and join those who are already waging a holy war against the racist contagion that keeps spreading across the territory of former Ukraine. We call on all the nations of the world to resist the onslaught of fascism. We also appeal to those Ukrainians who, blinded by the propaganda, used to support “the Euromaidan” demonstrations in Kiev. Open your eyes and see the new authorities in Kiev for what they are – a neo-Nazi junta whose accomplices drown dissenters in blood and burn alive women and children. By keeping silent you share the responsibility for these deaths.

We do not ask you to grieve and lament but to revolt against the usurpers. For if we don’t do it now, our lamentations will be endless. We call on you to honor the approaching Great Victory Day of May 9th in the manner of our fathers and grandfathers, who stood up as one against fascism defending freedom and the lives of their families. Oppressors’ jackboots are again trampling over our land. Our compatriots are being tortured, shot dead and buried alive. But soon the ground will burn under the feet of the fascist invaders and their henchmen.