As the punitive battalions sent forth from Kiev to wage genocidal warfare against the “sub-human” citizens in Novorossiya withdraw, more bodies of their victims are discovered.
To date 29 Sep. 2014 four hundred corpses have been found throughout the region. Inspite of the ceasefire the conflict continues to rage in areas where undoubtedly more atrocities have yet to be documented.  As with Odessa 2 May, Lugansk 2 June,  it is not expected that the west will acknowledge or report the true facts concerning these crimes against humanity.  The Wests support for the regime in Kiev and the continual suppression of information concerning its barbaric ideaology which makes these heinous and gruesome crimes possible; is testament to the ugliness of institutionalized racism referred to as Russophobia.


The fact that these events are unfolding in Europe some 70 years after the defeat of fascism is extraordinary.
Like a dormant virus set loose once again that threatens human souls with an infection of hatred and murder sanctioned by the so called “international community” which is nothing more than a collection of criminal oligarchs who have surrendered their humanity for political power and financial gain. 

Representatives of the Militia found about 400 more bodies in natural burials in the field, that were formerly under the control of Ukrainian law enforcers.


This was told today, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei DNR Purgin, Russian media reported. According to him, all found the body are now in morgues Donetsk and nearby cities, 350 of them belong to civilians.

“Now in the morgue is 400 bodies, 350 of them – civilians. Many of them are in such a state that it is simply impossible to identify them, “- he said.

Confirmation of this information from other sources unavailable. According Purgina guide DNR wants to ask for help from the Russian experts to conduct DNA testing.

Add today the network has information that in the village of Lenin, which is the area Belorechenki, found the remains brutally executed by militants pro-fascist regime in Kiev civilians. Data published Battalion Novorossia “Goblin.” VIDEO
Local residents showed soldiers a place where the bodies were found of  tortured  people.


Flocks of hungry feral dogs have already their izglodat because bodies were not prikopalis even symbolically. Executed from left ribs, hip, tibia and otchlenennye head. The victims were thrown into the field to roll up in the blankets, and clothes of the dead preserved. Remains of the hands of one of them related to tape, which indicates that the accident was a prisoner.

Discovered close to the skull of an adult in his ear keeps track of the shot. Next to him, found bone fragments, similar to the fragments of the skull of a teenager. Judging by the things found, militias do not exclude that one of those executed was a woman, perhaps mother and son.