Explaining  the US support for the lebensraum doctrine of using genocide and Nazis modern day reformulation in Ukraine.

Requires an in depth study of history, and myths a  perspective not seen in text books.

Item one -the nazi 3rd Reich in Germany was for the most part viewed favorably by the US public of the 1930s in addition extensive busines industrial and banking were linked. Had operation Barabossa (launched by Hitler to conquor Russia 22 June 1941) succeeded it is doubtful that the US would have entered the war.
In fact, the Normandy invasion was not done to crush the nazis as much as it was launched to rescue them; and to insure that the Soviet forces did not occupy all of Europe.
The core conflict was capitalism ideaology vs Marxist ideaology.
Hitler launched a campaign based on lebensraum which was in many ways parallel to Americas westward expansion.  Using   genocide against the “inferior” race of indigenous people.  Hitlers regard as the Slavs being sub-human mimicked the same doctrines being promulgated against Native Americans and in Mein Kampf he shared those views.  Today many in the US are in the dark and kept there by lack of knowledge due to control mechanisms placed on the fascist western media by the ruling elite who have exposed themselves by their support of the fascist junta in Kiev.
Also in full view is the clear difference between zionism and Judaism, even as zionists continue to portray themselves as Jewish the stark differences are apparent, consider how zionists support the very groups which call for the genocide of Jews and yet still hide behind the fig leaf of Judaism to thwart critical analysis and condemnation.  How could a Jewish person possibly condone the hateful and malevolent ideaology of Stephan Bandera?

Statement by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that Crimea was, is and will be “Ukrainian land,” has caused a sharp reaction from the Jewish  professor Ilan Sade. Researcher in the field of computer science, known for his many years of struggle for the rights of Holocaust survivors, called the newspaper “Haaretz” statement Poroshenko “cry robbed Cossack” – an expression taken from the Hebrew proverb analogue thief shouting “stop thief!”
Professor Sade, the son of the Red Army soldier, a native of Volyn, whose entire family perished in the Holocaust, said that Ukraine remains one of the states  refusing to return Jewish property taken during the Second World War. “The argument against the return of the same -” Ukrainian land, “- he writes. – That Jews had built most of the settlements in Volhynia and some of them were the majority. In Rivne, Lviv, Lutsk and other Jewish influence was very strong; Jewish communities have done much for the development of their economic and cultural life. ”
After the annexation of Western Ukraine to the USSR as a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop began expropriating Jewish property, recalls the author, whose family also did not escape confiscation. Since the beginning of the war the same physical extermination of the Jews by the Germans with the active participation of Ukrainians who, not without pleasure robbed of their good neighbors, occupying their houses and apartments.
“I returned to Ukraine during Yushchenko’s presidency – says professor. – I was surprised to find in the archives Exactly all documentation about the trial of” capitalists “of the number of my family with a detailed description of the process of alienation and seizure of their property – as in Soviet times, so and during the Nazi occupation. Armed with these documents, I contacted the local authorities and President Yushchenko, demanding the return of the property. answer was simple: the communist regime was gone, and with it the need to forget all of his decisions. ”
In conclusion, the author sadly notes that the government in Tel Aviv has done absolutely nothing towards the restitution of property taken from Ukrainian Jews. According to Sade, the government of the Jewish state de facto entered in “Rogue collusion” with the Ukrainian authorities.


Naziism was not eradicated from the earth after the Great Patriotic War but rather it relocated in large measure to North America infesting;  often times posing  as benevolent Jewish groups such as aipac  which have now been unmasked for all the world to see as zionist supporters of Nazi. 
Nazi military armies  has been hatched  under the banner of NATO which ostensibly is a defensive organization; however the reality of that is known to be untrue. NATO THE BEAST WITHIN





In an ancient book that described the Laws of Civilizationa there was a reference to an historical oddity which could favorably be compared to the de facto state of war that the US and its partners have declared upon Russia. It is a known and accepted knowledge that nation states which engage in trade are statistically less likely to be at war.
By attempting to impose your hegemonic doctrines you have proven and indisputablely heightened the chances for the kind of war that all of


mankind and humanity  loses. Furthermore It is indisputable that your central bank is a privately held and owned bank which like its spawn of chase b of a and other large and well known cases of financial fraud and in many cases forced to pay large fines for their criminal misdeeds which is and was the tip of the ice berg and that iceberg has a  name.
And at this time the Armed Forces of the United States have been consigned as no longer a Constitutionally mandated body having been created for the Self Defense of the nation but rather in a cynical attempt to forestall the collape of the banking cabal which has purchased washington dc. and threatens world peace.
The alliance and provocative actions with and of NATO is further proof that the defensive nature has become offensive and fails to recognize Russia as a nation sovereign and independent; instead pursing a delusional goal of isolating the worlds largest country which was in fact a de facto attempt to impose banker fines for Russia having lawfully charted a course of independence which as not only a country but a Civilization she has every right to do.


Ideaology of Holocaust – *IH_VIRUS



Ideaology of Holocaust
{ the _IH_VIRUS_ }

A movement which manufactures and employs the use of an ideaology that promotes and promulagates the states will and intention to commit mass murder based on religion, ethnicity or nationality.

The ruling political party members of the  junta in Kiev are carriers of  the ideaology of holocaust virus . Statements and fear based hysteria are being combined  with cash bountys  for  each dead Russian  and the svoboda ruling political party  calls for  thermonuclear war 
Through thuggish intimidation, use of snipers, provocateurs, mass murder, and torture; a new order has replicated on the European continent paid for with US taxpayers money. #nulands cookies equals 5 billion taxpayer dollars.
After banning the Russian language the second thing the junta did was fly Ukrainian gold out of the country.


Burnt offerings a nazi trademark  2_MAY_2014 Odessa 


The irrational  hate filled speeches and use of #pravy_sector* lFomerly known as  brownshirts 1941 ] directed against the Russian speaking people in SE Ukraine labeled by the media as pro-Russia separtists] is being rejected even by a percentage of the Ukrainian army hence the  juntas need for foreign contractors [many times identifiable only by use of  signature communication frequencys and encryption  used.
This form of identification becomes necessary because
the foreign     contractors wear whatever uniforms  the role calls for    posing as Ukrainians.
   pravy_sektor  death squads  who murder troops that dont  consider peaceful citizens as “terrorists” many of whom are also aware of Nuremberg and the  Russian Foreign  Ministrys  launch of an investigation and  release of the  White  Book


which  douments the maidan crimes of murder and mayhem in preperation  for  the Hague
the resurrection of stepan bandera are expressions of the ideaology of holocaust. I[H_virus ]
Through thuggish intimidation, use of snipers, provocateurs, mass murder, and torture; a new order has replicated on the European continent paid for with US taxpayers money. #nulands cookies equals 5 billion taxpayer dollars.
This virus is promoted and advertised as “democracy” by nuland and the kagan ilk which always put israels desires first and foremost. I[n essence it is the “outsourcing” of foreign policy.]
Is being a dual citizen with israel a new requirment for defining national security?
The stench of fascism fueled by banderas ideaology of holocaust [_IH_virus_ ] is being sold using the controlled mass media [CMM]-  much like detergent [using similar  techniques]

Odessa massacare 1941 /Jews
Odessa massacare 2014/Russian separatists

same virus different target*.

1914-Armenian holcaust /ottoman

2014-Armenian holocaust /HATO*  _IH_virus_  cluster identified

Lattakia, Syria  Armenians murdered and driven from their homes and ancestrol lands by HATOS proxy forces #takfiris with direct assistance from HATO member and would be “caliphate” Turkey. #erDOGan

Total state control of mass media is a critical component of “full spectrum dominance*” the US DOD delusional goal to eradicate privacy and control thought; via information control using electronic mechanisms.
The EU by internalizing the IH virus will reap its fatal effects
The state censorship of objective unbiased and true information is apparent  24/7  on mainstream media which de facto eliminates any regard for the Constitution. RIP

As far as “respecting the opinions of mankind” once again this is considered “quaint”. (fascism considers others opinions as bacteria considers penicillin)

Lacking the bullwark and benefit  of a free press as evidenced by the lack of  critical  journalistic ethics

(fascism sold as deMOCKracy) in Ukraine
IH_ virus* {Ideaology of Holocaust} 

beheading  barbarians in Syria- sold as “rebels”
the _IH_virus_ replicates.

HATO  itself is a fascist organization-operating in the capacity of  a rothschild military wing it targets sovereign nations that have not yet aquired huge and predatory IMF loans.

Nato-EU – “helping  to sow the thoughts and beliefs of the ressurected bandera”- thus assuming the 2014 role  of the 1941 nazi  3rd reich.


While americans and europeans are for the most part unaware of the heinous and unforgivable mass murder and torture of over 100 mostly young people in their teenage and twenty somethings that happened on 2 May 2014 in Odessa, Novorossia; nonetheless those who planned and executed this crime against humanity did so with the complicity and support of the United States Government, European Union, HATO and the junta regime.
It is said that history is written by the “winners” so in a desperate attempt to conceal their murderous guilt the debauched morally bankrupt western leaders in a state of panic have done everything within their power to stem and stop their sociopathic demented involvement.  merkel ashton obama cameron and a host of others have conspired to hide and rewrite the hideous truths that are emerging from the scene of Europes largest mass murder since the time of hitler.
The mainstream press is forbidden from any real or meaningful investigation of the facts and circumstances because to do so would implicate the entire political establishments of their respective countries. The law enforcement agencies whos jurisdiction this crime(s) took place in are themselves guilty. The impotent interpol who is much more fond of coddling takfiris enroute to Syria and hassling journalists has no jurisdiction or will to investigate.
The only entity which is seeking justice for those killed is the Russian Foreign Ministrys Office which has released their White Paper documenting the crimes of the maidan coup d’ eat. A complete and thourough forensic investigation is by now not possible. However at Nuremberg convictions were obtained on less evidence than what is documented now.
The impetus and rush to the cloud of war reverberating through the halls and cloakrooms of western  political power is as much an attempt by the western criminals to escape justice and their own personal and criminal culpability than any of their delusional rants concerning Russophobia.
Lets have a war rewrite history and conceal the innocent blood that cries to the heavens for justice is their mantra.

The first thing that comes to mind when one considers slavery for a majority of amerikkans  is scenes of black men toiling in fields. (the physical slavery of body) The less likely association when considering slavery is the visualization of a mind with thoughts held captive as though chained and held in strict conformity; a type of slavery rarely perceived and yet mental slavery is far more a peril.
Imagine for a moment that everything that exists was first a thought. The manifestation of all creation first a thought.
Dreams are synaptic travelers through the regions of your mind. Dreams are free.
When Dr. Martin L. King proclaimed “I have a dream” he was promptly shot down. Why? Within the realm of thought lies the embryo of creation. I too share the dream that was bequeathed to me from the greatest American in my lifetime. Locked up in the Birmingham jail never was there a man so free. In my lifetime I have seen men rise up and get shot down “who more than self their country loved”. One sentence from a book written in 1990 sums up my core journalistic ethics-“you can help a whole country by reporting honestly”.
If that is true that reporting honestly is a benefit to a country that presumes itself to be a child of free speech than the converse must also be true that dishonest reporting is harmful to your country and future generations.  As we witness journalism in amerikka  being chained into the bondage of “mental slavery” via the controlled mass media free lance journalism may be the only credible way of finding the truth.
@narwhal8915 #JS





The so called “north american treaty organization ” has been exposed as being without any control mechanisms of a society or people. In countries which furnish the troops and money to pay for a beast with no control let us examine the complete lack of support for the hostile belligerent and provocative actions taken by hato.
In Aug 2013 when over 80% of the american people said NO to a bombing campaign against Syria-hato went ahead with the plans ordering potus and the puppets in the state department to go to the airwaves and “sell this war”. Off they trotted as though the packaging for war is the same as selling detergent. The people could sense the lies and false flag (Aug.  21 Ghouta, Syria)   information and said NO and yet hato had deaf ears. Fast forward to May 2014  Polls conducted in Germany indicate

“German citizens overwhelmingly support Russias position with regards to Crimea,Sevastopol and Ukraine and yet like the americans before have no voice or say so as to where or why their children are sent to die or where or how their tax dollars are spent.”

The illusion that hato is a “defensive organization” under the control of the “democracys” of member states has no basis.


hato conversly is an organization which does not answer to or respect the will of the people. The agressive and provocative actions taken by hato against nations which do not have a rothschild central bank suggest that this beast (hato) is the military wing of a criminal banking cabal which is being used in a pattern of robbery and self enrichment for the benefit of their participating zionist elite in their delusional quest for absolute control and enslavement of mankind.
hato is the beast that serves only the interests of its master-satan and his earthly represenatives. hato is a murderous and dammed organization which will be destroyed one way or the other.




Recently a statement from samantha powers seen here accosting (Pro-Russian) Vitaly Churkin


attempted to support the reprehensible criminal involvement of their newly installed nazi regime culpability and de-facto  participation in a gruesome and heinous crime against all humanity .  Odessa 2_MAY_2014_ 
A day that has caused more tears than stars in the heavens. The tears of all who have gone on before us who gallantly sacrificed their all for their children’s future of a world that has no place for state sponsored genocide.  The ugliness and brutality that took place on that day and in that place was “remarkable restraint” only in the mind of a nazi sociopath as in sammis/cari.


Years ago I can recall a criminal case when the defense attorney defended his client by illustrating that his defendant had shown “remarkable restraint” which had consisted in the fact that although he had murdered his family the gun he had used still had one bullet left in it . When asked to explain why was this “remarkable restraint” the fiery attorney snapped back “because although he wanted to shoot himself also ,  he didn’t”. #USELESS_RHETORIC