REDLINE CROSSING 2.0

It seems as though every summer there is a new red line crossed by a country and its  leader deemed to be a threat to the NWOs quest for global fascism,  monetary domination, Israeli expansion and exploitation.
Last summer the “red line crossed”  was Syria and Bashar al-Assad; this summer Russia and Vladimir Putin are on the agenda. Previous their was Lybia and Ghadaffi; Iraq and  Saddam Hussein; Milosevic in  Yugoslavia and Bin Laden/Mullah Omar  in  Afghanistan. 
These wars and slaughters of aggression were conducted by NATO against non-nuclear states with impunity.  Having failed in Syria, in part due to Russian, Chinese  and Iranian/Hezbollah resistance, the NWO has now turned its venomous head ie.  US in Russia’s direction.
  Too cowardly to war with Russia directly, NATO instead has installed a Nazi junta in Ukraine, using and expanding decades old animosities to wage its proxy war.  Provocations to lure Russia directly into the bloody conflict have failed.  Plans by NATO to takeover Crimea, Sevastopol and the Russian Black Sea Fleet naval facilities were stymied by the expressed will and self determination of the brave people who live there. After having viewed the junta as the viscous thugs that they are.  Within this backdrop of failure and frustration a new plan was hatched that included using mass media as a weapon.  Lets take a snapshot of a typical information barrage from NATOs poster boy Anders Fohgs Rasmussen

Rasmussen (NATO high command) -“we have lots of information that indicate separatists supported by Russians are guilty”. #MH17

Anders apparently is once again  referring to social media tweets and posts; stitched together with statements from the puppet regime in Kiev and off it goes to the press. NATO countries corporate sponsored magazines and newspapers – Time, Globe, Washington Times, NY Post, Newsweek, Enquirer  et al. employ vast numbers of cartoonists and writers with fond memories of the Cold War days and scare tactics featuring the red menace as a central theme.   These tabloid “news” organizations together with their complicit counterparts in television form a matrix of disinformation.
The corporate owned editors, journalists and associates   all hope to financially benefit from towing the NATO  line as well as keeping their jobs and  staying alive. Western journalists and others who write stories exposing the machinations of NATO become targets.  #Hastings
Fear mongering apparently is a required  course in western schools of journalism, as they  all in unison keep  repeating and repeating the NATO driven conspiracy theory, (Putin did it) with imminent Russian Army invasions and the reconstruction of the Soviet Union, complete with personal depictions of Vladimir Putin  as evil incarnate.   Much the same way as  was said and written about Syrias Bashar al-Assad  in last years redline crossing. #Syria 21_Aug._2013 Ghouta

Bogus  conjecture, lies, posts and tweets all  woven into a fear producing blanket production, with a comic book narrative. Perfect mk brainwashing for summertime pooltime reading, viewing and public topic!
So the “information” which the  Foghs of war  alludes to  is not actually credible; one such example were images having been presented by the SBU 30 July  as images from Ukrainian satellites, subsequent analysis has determined that the images were in fact made from a US satellite. 
“At the time specified in the images, the American electro-optical reconnaissance satellite of the Key Hole series was flying over the crash site area.” These fraudulent images prove only one thing, desperation on the part of Kiev to shift blame and the unwillingness of US Space Command to admit ownership. 
No, this “lots of information” which is all the feeble minded and fearful  western press needs to or is allowed to print, is nothing more than empty accusations, fanciful scenarios, speculations, downright lies, and  fraudulent photos all printed up, packaged and served back to mass medias poster boy  Anders to begin the fear  cycle anew. 

Information carousel, round and round it goes, never having to present any facts backed up with credible evidence.

It is not necessary for the western  authorities  to present verifiable facts when the press does not even dare  ask, much less demand verifiable evidence to support the empire’s reckless and discredited accusations. The so called “free press”, long viewed   as a bulwark of democracy has been torn down and scrapped in favor of an authentic reproduction of an Orwellian propaganda machine.
In addition to serving up nonesense, the western press dutifully suppresses facts, eyewitness accounts and all evidence that implicates or holds responsible  the US installed regime in Kiev for the loss of 298 lives. 
The latest storyline from the corrupted “investigators”, is that  the report on MH17 is scheduled to be released in Sept. 2014; unless that changes in favor of a hermetically sealed  time capsule to be opened in fifty years. 
This late and unprecedented delay has been attributed to conditions on the ground at the scene of the crash,  and yet the sealed “black boxes” or  flight recorders were turned over by Novorossiya government officials  within days to  representatives from  Malaysia. The Ukrainian   air traffic control recordings have not been released, after the Ukrainian security services (SBU) seized them.

The myth perpetuated by the NATO stooges  (Putin did it) and repeated ad-nauseum by a subservient press  has been created.

By Sept. people in the west will have built their fairy-tale into a socially accepted premise which will be politically incorrect to dispute.  By Sept.   facts will be forgotten, and ignored.  The “report” will in no way detract or refute  the original spurious and unsubstantiated  accusations made by the fukus axis against Russia and Putin personally. These conclusions had been advanced and regurgitated  even  before the smoke had cleared or even basic facts known. 
One thing is indisputable, a commercial airliner was directed to fly over a conflict zone (a dozen or more aircraft having been shot down between April 13 -July 17) which in and of itself constitutes a strong case for criminal negligence and a contributing factor for international flights to route avoiding Ukrainian airspace altogether.  It seems the traveling public has no desire to be under control of Ukraine ATC,  go figure! 
This inconvienience (war zone sight seeing tour gone bad)  was originally explained as a necessity because of weather conditions, proven to be  disinformation  and yet not surprisingly, never retracted. 
Previous statements from the junta in Kiev  had attempted to defend  MH17s peculiar and singular flight path
   (previous 10 flights were in an air corridor 400 miles to the south) against these implications, by pointing out  that the independence fighters in SE Ukraine, aka pro-Russian  separtists are not in possession of surface to air missiles capable of bringing down an aircraft from that height.
Having to keep the story alive it was postulated that the Russians had shortly prior to July 17 moved a BUK-1  system into Ukraine. The “evidence” for this was a photo taken in a junta controlled town of a Ukr army BUK and tweeted out for the matrix to cite as proof.  Aircraft flying at high altitudes such as MH17 was are not currently being used for punitive bombing operations so it remains unclear why the militia would have need for the BUK much less the skills and technical expertise to operate the system.
  The use and deployment of a complex SAM system which includes an IFF capability (IFF stands for identification friend or foe,   is an identification ability which distinguishes planes based on aviation transponders which intermittently emit an electronic signature) does not lend itself well to the theory of ad hoc in the field training. 
Although the BUK system consists of four parts, each one integrated onto separate track vehicles which  includes  radar tracking and target acquisition separate from the actual missile delivery vehicle, mainstream media continues to portray the BUK as though it was nothing more than a simple single defensive  weapon and user friendly (perhaps operable with a smartphone app)  and  with a minimum amount of training required.
  Why the Russian Defense Ministry would provide a sophisticated SAM system  and the training to the militia in addition to delivering it to an unstable conflict zone complete with personnel defies logic.A hare-brained scheme such as that would have to have been invented by those who once  mulled the possibility of arming  their proxy fighters  fsa/nusra  in Syria with SAMs. 
  Clearly the NATO / FUKUS  story was not intended to withstand critical analysis, which if it did arise would be ignored or attributed to “Russian propaganda”. All that was needed was to create a public perception in order to achieve the NWO goals. 
1) The US got the sanctions that it wanted in order to drive a wedge between the EU vassal states and Russia.
2) NATO got an increased reason for its existence. 3) Western arms manufacturers and merchants got sales. 
4) The Kiev junta got a 9/11 moment, to cast the separatists as terrorists and an increase in military aid with a pretext for the brutal and murderous assaults against the civilian population carried out by proxy against Russia in SE Ukraine.

5)  The MH17 tragedy was described by NATO as a “game changer”, a sort of redline moment.
Another redline had been crossed, this time in Ukraine. Yet again, another opportunity for the “international  community” to shriek their indignation and prepare for war. 
6)  Fifteen minutes after the Malaysian MH17 crashed the Palestine occupiers aka Israel commenced a brutal campaign against Gaza which to date continues.
7) The EU did in fact in the words of Americas top diplomat and matron of maidan the distinguished  victoria nuland got “fuc*ed”. 
8) Malaysia is home to an   international war crimes court already having found Israel guilty of war crimes. With all the drama and vast amount of television coverage of #MH17 there was reduced coverage and notice of Israels genocidal  pogrom in Gaza. So in effect MH17 provided a  geo-political smokescreen  while punishing Malaysia for “second guessing” the psycho and chief Nettybooboo.
As the world prepares for war with humanity, carbon based life  and the planet itself  put at risk, the criminally insane in washington and  tel-aviv develop plans for  nuclear first strike. What was once unthinkable has become an apocalyptic option.   The “chosen and exceptional people” have delusional plans for genocidal world conquest which  first requires that they lose any vestige of humanity. 





Currently in Ukraine; history is being made and we have no right to stand aside and be passive spectators with  popcorn in the first row. That’s why I’m with her, do not pretend to be fully objective, the parties will familiarize you with what is happening in the field of information confrontation between the Russian Federation and its opponents in the international arena, that is mainly the so-called Western countries.



Start with small portions of flattering words concerning article Musa Gamzatova Territorial defence in modern conditions”, published in “Independent military review” № 10 for 21-27 March 2014.
The author wisely and reasonably, with examples from history and contemporary realities informs the reader is very simple, in fact, the idea that the essence of the war in recent years has changed dramatically. All right, all right. But not a word about the fact that, in addition to military sabotage on the territory of the country, will take place and the information sabotage, and will sharply increase pressure information as to their own troops and the population, and on the enemy.
The conclusions of the article, in my opinion, it is necessary to add also the thesis that, in addition to a good weapons, equipment and outfit, for the successful conduct of the wars of the new generation of Russian Armed forces is vital to have a high quality, comprehensive and continuous, sustainable and inclusive information support.


But there is one nuance. If a soldier can dress, shoes, arm, and in a short time to train to the point of automation to fight in the conditions of a critical situation, he was not taken aback and did the only right way, that in regard to information counter, so will not work.
But ideological motivation is as important as quality equipment. But in the ideology will not put on shoes, it will not hang on to “unload”. Qualitatively to counter the disinformation in advance to reveal his purpose and plan may only well-trained specialist is someone who always keeps abreast of events and reacts instantly to them.
If this is not constantly engaged on a proper level, then again it will, as in the initial period of the great Patriotic war, when moving forward just a record pace Germans who feel their ideological and, to be honest, racial superiority, fell leaflets with the ridiculous calls for them to stop, because here, they say, the country of workers and peasants. “Oh, great,” he thought, probably in response to such calls invaders: “We just need workers and peasants to serve them!”


We already live in a new, digital and information of the XXI century. It is time for everyone to bear in mind that the further developing human society, the more it depends on the information. In modern warfare is not necessary to speak cannons. Today, instead of them quite successfully speak social network, the various media and Internet.


In this respect, note on Turkey, where on 21 March 2014 at the state level was taken a decision about blocking Twitter, and then and video hosting YouTube. Due to a leaked recorded conversation of high govt. officials_an excert
_ ELECTION DRIVEN WAR PLANS – I PART 1 Ahmet Davutoğlu: “Prime Minister said that in current conjuncture, this attack (on Suleiman Shah Tomb) must be seen as an opportunity for us.”

Hakan Fidan: “I’ll send 4 men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey; we can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.”

Feridun Sinirlioğlu: “Our national security has become a common, cheap domestic policy outfit.”

Yaşar Güler: “It’s a direct cause of war. I mean, what’re going to do is a direct cause of war.”

SANA_eng. article

What a strong reaction this decision immediately provoked.

But let us return to the events in Ukraine. After March 13, arrived with a “working visit” group of forces psychological operations (PSYOPS) of the U.S. armed forces, the country found itself in an information blockade. Let me remind some famous episodes, well-publicized: ECM (electronic countermeasures) was stopped rebroadcasting some Russian satellite TV channels, was completely blocked the entrance to the mainland for Russian journalists produced power seizure disliked the new government to local media, is wiretapping of all international telephone calls and even is shameless and not stand any criticism ” scheduling in a conversation with Russian journalists at the time of their release to air.
One of the best examples of reporting of own correspondent of “Vesti FM” Vladimir Sinelnikov from Kiev.
During its outputs broadcast is heard repeatedly clicks, any switch, tones, and other irregularities. In the midst Kaidanovsky events, when the American curators still was not personally present on the territory of Ukraine, communications were  interrupted by the employees of the Ukrainian security service by means of  blocking  SIM cards. Now, however, no interference, no, what I am concerned. Apparently, American experts came not with empty hands and caught the journalist on zhivtsa, trying to trace the call and send to the home address  a gang of new national guard, so that they have done their dirty jobs for them to neutralize the objectionable journalist, objective reporting of events. This is now a La Gestapo on the new, high-tech level.
On March 22, 2014 at the radio station “Echo of Moscow” in the evening transfer from the mouth of Yulia Latynina sounded comparison of Vladimir Putin with Hitler.
The comparison was based on out-of-context phrases of that speech, which Vladimir Putin said on 18 March 2014. It might seem strange, naive, terrible, amateurish, disgusting, if not one “but”. Precisely such a “but” a lot. For example, the day before, on March 21, 2014, on the website of the Estonian newspaper Postimees – the biggest newspaper in the country – the article appeared with the exact same content. In this article, in addition to the comparative tables with quotations, and was posted a photo collage, designed to reinforce the visual image of that his actions and speeches
(President V. Putin)  and hitler are the same. On the same day there were numerous “census” in social networks. Shortly before that, on 6 March 2014, the republican senator of the US   #mccain and  #clinton in various interviews made on tv  compared
Putin to  hitler.

Coincidence? Don’t be so naive.


If you look at how information is filed in Ukraine, it is clear – the patient is rather dead than alive. After all, just about dead people talk only good. But exactly exclusively on the positive side, there is a coverage of the events within the country. Excesses nationalists served as provocation of the Russian security services in economic hardship to blame Russia. In rampant corruption guess who blame. The collapse of the army? The answer is obvious. But the new-old Ukrainian authorities entirely knights on white horses, support for his people, promise the abolition of visas, freedom, justice and other threat. For example, promise to make Ukraine a European country. If somebody has forgotten, then take a look at a map – Ukraine is and so almost in the center of Europe. All actors promising a “European integration” and all the best for the people, were already in power. And what where the results of their work? Everything is new, as is known, the well-forgotten old.

In the current situation surprising is the position taken by the Western countries in the UN Security Council. I recommend anyone interested to get acquainted with the record of the meeting of the UN security Council of 19 March 2014. Very useful. For example, the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Yuriy Sergeyev, in early March, already famous for the fact that acquitted of Ukrainian nationalists-Bandera, saying that represented the USSR at the Nuremberg trials of the charges against them were allegedly rigged this time and had come to the point that, in his opinion, “the nuclear status of Russia as particularly dangerous for the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, as well as for international peace and security in the whole world community”. Like that. No more, no less.
Moreover, U.S. permanent representative to the UN Samantha Power, implying the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, moved to any criminal vocabulary, comparing our country with a thief: “the thief can steal thing, but it does not mean that he has the right to possess it”. The phrase is good, but applicable only yet to all actions the United States and its allies in the international arena over the last two decades.








It should be emphasized that at the meeting of absolutely all countries spoke against the actions of the Russian Federation, partially or completely ignoring the notorious lack of freedom of speech in Ukraine and its full of information isolation. And what about Western standards, freedom of expression and equal access to information that


are imposed on Russia? Whether in regard to mention that on March 18, 2014 broadcasting of the Russia Today TV channel was temporarily blocked by YouTube, which is owned by Google an NSA subsidiary.

By the way, according to the norms of Russian language, correct to speak not “in Ukraine”and “Ukraine”. No need to go on about the imposed by the Western ideologists or “Ukrainian patriots”, with probably some point in this regard, politically correct of courtesy.
There are rules of the Russian language to follow. If the “Explanatory dictionary of the Russian language” says that “Tallinn” is written with one “n”, then the way it is. Ukraine still easier. For Kievan Rus and later to the Russian Empire the Eastern lands of the Commonwealth were on the Western edge of the political map, edge or border area.
Therefore, to walk, to travel, to swim or fly only “on the edge” or “at the border”, and not “at the edge”. Say we “Cuba”, “in the Philippines”, and no reason of Cubans or Filipinos not offended. I do not think that for the sake of momentary benefit politically correct is to distort the native language. Linguistic security is also, incidentally, part of information confrontation. And part of the very considerable and important indeed.

Will help in this regard, to quote the book “the well-formedness of Russian speech” Groudine L.K., Itskovich, VA and Katlinsky L.P., published in 2001: “In 1993 on request of the government of Ukraine normative one has to admit options in Ukraine (and, respectively, from Ukraine). Thus, according to the Government of Ukraine, exploded not acceptable to its etymological connection designs on Ukraine and on the outskirts. Ukraine kinda got linguistic evidence of its status as a sovereign state, as the names of countries, not regions, are issued in the Russian tradition, with the help of prepositions in (in) and from…”.

The desire to push against Russia and Ukraine, to create war between two kindred peoples in some Western ideologists so great that sometimes it seems that the military aggression inevitable. However, there is hope for a sober head in Ukrainian politics who understand what is happening objective processes and really support the welfare of its own people, and not dancing to the tune of others, guided by personal interests. Where result greed and personal ambition, we have repeatedly seen on the Maidan.

Russia’s time to finally stop living on illusions that the West can be a friend.

Maximum – partner. China in this regard behaves much more appropriate. Informational confrontation, ideological war is a reality and objective reality.

“With the help of tanks, guns and planes can usurp authority over enemy territory, but not over the human mind.”


I wish those who are engaged in planning and development of military concepts, did not forget about the informational component.

It’s time to use the information weapon against its creators themselves and the main ideologists of its application. We need to beat the enemy with his own weapon, but to beat skillfully and on the spot!