The mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes was shot today while on his bicycle pedaling the  Belgorodskoye Highway.
For Gennady, who previously had competed in marathons and liked to keep fit; biycyling was ideal. Spies who had been sent to map out his routes would have known; and passed that info. to a designated sniper who would then decide at which vantage point to shoot from.

Simultaneously there were large numbers of right_sector demonstrators from Kiev also sent to Dontesk to provoke and damage the fragile security of the region.

While there is an ongoing investigation of this attempted assasination there are early suggestions that this crime was done by the same sniper who had been used at Maidan to provoke the necessary rage that would be heaped upon the Yankouvich government.
We know from the taped telephone conversation between EU high commissioner Katherine Ashton and Eastonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet



that forensics had determined that

“protestors and police were shot from the same weapon”

-[alarmed at the implications that the svoboda and right_sector were behind it]

Ayatt  conveyed in his tone and actual reason for the phone call.

7.62 is common and yet a suggestion as to the similarity of familiarity which is a trait of a professional sniper.

The sniper left the weapon at a location presumably the point from which he fired. Also found was at least one shell casing from a 7.62

Confirmations of identities and indictments of the provocateurs used at Maidan to murder at least 21 people and paid for from the 5 billion dollars which Victoria Nuland spent so her and the Kagan tribe could install their oliagarchs and complete another step of their delusional world domination tour? Apparently the investigation is in its early stages.

The shooting of Mayor Kernes is emblematic of something from the dark  past. I pray for Gennady and his family and all the people of  Ukraine that God will help them through these perilous times.


KIEV, April 28. /ITAR-TASS/. Gennady Kernes, Mayor of Ukraine’s eastern city of Khrakiv, was wounded in an assassination attempt that took place during his bicycle ride on the Belgorodskoye Highway, the press service of the mayor’s office said. “He is currently on the operating table in a hospital emergency room. Doctors are fighting for his life,” the press service said in a statement.

The information about Kernes’s condition is not yet available. Kernes has received a penetrating gunshot wound to the back.

An investigative team is currently working at the scene. The investigation is underway.

In Donetsk detained five activists of the Right sector”
Added: Serzov | date: 29.04.2014 | Source | 448
All the detained are students of Donetsk national University. On the eve of the future physics immediately after the couples went to Pro-Ukrainian rally. The March ended in a mass fight between supporters of federalization and its opponents.

The detained members of the radical organizations claim that they didn’t know what the outcome of a mass rally, and were not going to participate in the fight. Business card of the leader of the radicals Yarosha thugs called “souvenir”.

However, videos, and correspondence in the phone prove that students support of the nationalist movement. However representatives of the Donetsk national Republic intend to let them go after questioning.

In Donetsk peace rally in support of federalization has outgrown in mass disorders. Organizers say that the plan was not to show aggression and that it was a planned provocation football ultras.

The most serious clash occurred on the way to the Olympic stadium in Donetsk. There styanulas most of the supporters and opponents of the new Kiev authorities.

According to witnesses, the attackers shouted nationalist slogans, but were dressed in sports uniform and hid their faces under black masks. It was also reported that supporters of Maidan threw activists in self-defense grenades.

In total for help from doctors appealed to 15 people. But no heavy. Major wounds – bruises and abrasions. Two closed craniocerebral injury, told LifeNews representative of the health care Department of Donetsk regional state administration.

According to doctors, the number of victims may grow, as not all got to the emergency room and hospital. In their words, three of the victims are residents of Donetsk. Data on other requested assistance yet. According to the doctors, all the victims were injured light and medium severity of the threat to their life there.

Later, supporters of federalization reported that they were able to disperse them.

The commander of militia of Donbass Igor Strelkov believes that supporters of federalization in Donetsk have not given them to repeat yesterday’s events in Kharkiv:

– A significant part of the nationalist-minded people came from Kharkov and tried to do in Donetsk same thing they did yesterday before the football match. But they met in the city of resistance and had to flee from the battlefield.




Activities of the Organization UKRAINIAN NATIONALISTS

  Презентация подготовлена Управлением пресс-службы и информации
Минобороны России
Выражаем особую благодарность сотрудникам Центрального

Presentation prepared by the Department of Press Service and Information

The Ministry Of Defense Of Russia
We express our special gratitude to employees of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense of Russia



“Двадцать минут назад украинские специальные подразделения (right_sector) начался второй этап [антитеррористической операции], который состоит в том, что мы приняли решение о полной блокады города Славянск, чтобы помочь предотвратить от ее достижения”, – сказал он на брифинге в Киеве в пятницу. Операция продолжится. Его целью является блокады террористов в Славянск и предотвратить жертвы среди гражданского населения,” сказал пашинский.


Это печально, когда правительство страны или в данном случае пресс-секретарь лидеров переворота/режим – относится ко всему населению города за 129,000 как “террористы”-
Хотя мы живем в 2014 году этот тип мышления (фашизм) – это бредовые побочный продукт своего нацистского ideaology. Поддерживая этот политики ато альянса еще раз плюнул на могилы всех, кто сражался и отдал в жертву, чтобы сокрушить злые и садист методологии нацизма.

С военной точки зрения это будет означать очень дорогую цену, чтобы заплатить за “siege_forces” из-за их постоянно подвергается устойчивого sniper_operations_703_.
В то время как очевидная попытка спровоцировать Россию, чтобы возрастать;
стратегия является неполноценным, и в результате капитуляции те в Киеве, кто найдет для себя законной мишенью для тех, кто борется против этого нового 4-го рейха.
Вместо фильма кадры российского развертывания осады перебора сил, которые хотели бы поездку неразумное решение Эрдогана, западные СМИ будут иметь только рассказать, большие взрывы и загадочных смертей #MIKHAIL_SURKOV_ с неожиданный рост дезертиры из Киева контролируемых “армии”, состоящую в основном из right_sector “bandera_ites” и в таком состоянии, что они видели, как viscious хищники действуют без moral_authority или люди.





“Twenty minutes ago, Ukrainian special units (right_sector)  began the second stage [of the anti-terrorist operation], which consists in that we have made a decision to fully blockade the city of Sloviansk to prevent help from reaching it,” he told briefing in Kiev on friday. The operation will continue. Its purpose is the blockade of terrorists in Sloviansk and to prevent civilian casualties,” pashinsky said.


It is ominous when the government of a nation or in this case a spokesman for the coup leaders/regime – refers to the entire population of a city  of over 129,000 as “terrorists”-
Although we live in 2014 this type of mentality (fascism) is a delusional byproduct of their nazi ideaology. By supporting this policy the hato alliance has once again spat on the graves of all who fought and sacrificed to crush the malevolent and sadistic methodologies of nazism.

From a military perspective it is going to mean a very heavy price to pay for the “siege_forces” due to their constantly being subjected to sustained sniper_operations_703_.
While an obvious attempt to provoke Russia  in order to escalate;
the strategy is highly flawed and will result in the capitulation of those in Kiev who will find themselves the legitimate targets of those who defend against this new 4th reich.
Rather than have film footage of Russian deployment of siege busting forces which would trip an unwise decision by erdogan, western media will only have stories to tell of large explosions and mysterious deaths #MIKHAIL_SURKOV_ Сурков, Михаил Ильич


with an unexpected increase of deserters from the Kiev controlled “army”- consisting primarily of right_sector “bandera_ites”- and in such condition that they are seen as viscious predators acting without any moral_authority of,by or for the People.


President al-Assad to scholars: Clergymen have pivotal role in consolidating true concepts in face of wrong terms Les dignitaires religieux ont montré leur courage face aux pressions dont ils font l’objet




 FRENSH :                                                                                                                                    Damas / Le président Bachar al-Assad a rencontré aujourd’hui nombre d’Ulémas, de dignitaires religieux, de prédicateurs et de prédicatrices de différents gouvernorats syriens.
Lors de la rencontre, le président al-Assad a affirmé que les positions des dignitaires religieux qui avaient montré leur courage, leur maturité et leur responsabilité nationale face aux grandes pressions dont ils font l’objet pour changer leurs positions et renoncer à dire le mot de droit, méritent toute appréciation.
Soulignant que la fermeté des dignitaires…

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Putin Stands Out as a Real World Leader by Finian Cunningham + Putin’s Annual Q&A Session

This is the same Samantha Power who last August “assured” the world that her country had “conclusive proof” that Syrian government forces had used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its citizens. Power was urging back then for US military strikes against Syria in response. We are still waiting to see American “conclusive proof” for that warmongering claim, while substantial counter-evidence has in fact since emerged to show that the culprits for the atrocity were actually US-backed militants in Syria

Dandelion Salad

by Finian Cunningham
Writer, Dandelion Salad
East Africa
Crossposted from Strategic Culture Foundation
April 17, 2014

There is a reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin eclipses his Western counterparts in popular support, and why he can demonstrate to them what it means to be a world leader of stature. It’s partly a result of Putin’s ability to connect with real people about real life in a way that reflects their concerns about what is really going on. He does it with an honesty and compassion that Western leaders no longer know the meaning of.

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