UN SPEECH: Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem,

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Al-Moallem: Syria supports any international effort to combat terrorism as long as it preserves civilians’ lives and sovereignty


New York, SANA – Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, delivered a speech on Monday at the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly, in which he affirmed that Syria supports any international effort to combat terrorism as long as it fully preserves civilians’ lives and national sovereignty and is carried out according to international accords.

Following is the full text of the speech:

H. E. Sam Kutesa,

President of the General Assembly,

I would like to congratulate you and your friendly country, Uganda, on your election as President of the General Assembly at its current session, and to wish you success in leading the work this session for the enhancement of the important and neutral role of the President of the General Assembly. I would like to thank your predecessor, Mr. John Ashe for his presidency of the previous session.

Mr. President,

Many events and significant transformations have taken place since I stood hare last year. Those events and transformations surprised many of the countries present here with us, but they didn’t surprise us, because we have been, over the past three and a half years, warning and reiterating our warning in order to avoid what we have come to now.

Speeches from this platform were about economic and political crises that we have been waiting for the international community to solve them, but, maybe speaking about these issues now is no longer a priority. What we are witnessing for few months is much more dangerous than all the political and economic crises that have happened in the world.

We have spoken on more than one occasion and on more than one international platform about the grave danger of the terrorism striking Syria. We said that this terrorism will not be confined within the borders of my country because terrorism recognizes no boundaries. This extremist ideology does not acknowledge anything but itself, and does not recognize anything but slaughter, murder and torture. You are witnessing today what the ISIS, the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world at all in terms of funding and brutality, is doing to Syrians and Iraqis of all spectra and religions. This terrorist organization is enslaving women, raping them and selling them in slave markets; it is cutting heads and limbs, and it is teaching children slaughter and murder, besides destroying historical and cultural monuments, as well as Islamic and Christian Symbols.

All of this is happening before the entire world and the countries that have always said they are fighting terrorism. Furthermore, some of them have tasted the scourge of terror.

Today, I stand here to ask the following: is it not due time, ladies and gentlemen, for all of us to stand as one in the face of this serious menace of terrorist takfiri ideology worldwide? Has not the moment of truth arrived for us all to admit that ISIS, Al-Nusrah Front and then rest of the Al-Qaeda affiliates, will not be limited within the borders of Syria and Iraq, but will spread to every spot it can reach, starting with Europe and America? Should we not learn the lesson from what happened in previous years and bring together full international efforts to stand in the face of those organizations? Those organizations, themselves, rallied extremists from all corners of the earth and brought them to one spot to train and arm them, and later to re-disseminate their ideology and terrorism through those extremists back to wherever they originated from.

Someone might say that, recently, a resolution under Chapter VII was passed unanimously to stop the expansion of this, and other, terrorist organizations, and to eliminate them.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is true that to arrive late is better than never. Indeed, this UN resolution, adopted on 15/08/2014, came too late, but the question asked here is whether everyone is serious and resolute about its implementation? But since its adoption, we have not seen any serious move to implement this resolution. Furthermore, we have not felt any real sense of the danger to work on its basis on the part of the regional states that were and are still providing all kinds of support to these terrorist organizations. On the contrary, what we see on the part of the US administration is a double standard policy and alliances to score certain political agendas, particularly through supporting with money, weapons and training of groups they call moderate. This is a real recipe for the increase of violence and terrorism, shedding of Syrian blood, prolonging of the Syrian crisis and demolishing of the political solution at its basis. This behavior creates a fertile ground for the growth of these terrorist groups that commit the most heinous crimes on the Syrian territory, which requires all of us to seriously and effectively address and eradicate terrorism, and re-establish security and stability in Syria and the region.

Today, the enslaved women are looking forward to us to see what we will do for them, their sisters and their children. The sons and daughters of the victims beheaded by ISIS are waiting for our actions, and for our reaction in the face of the atrocities committed daily by this terrorist organization, “Al-Nusrah Front” and others.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Combating terrorism cannot be done through unimplemented UN resolutions. Intentions here no longer have a place. Fighting terrorism is achievable through actual implementation of resolutions, and it is certainly possible through military strikes. But most importantly, to do so through stopping states that arm, support, train, fund and smuggle those terrorist groups. We have also to drain the resources of terrorism. Striking terrorism militarily while some states are continuing their support of terrorist groups, this will create a whirlpool of which the international community will not exit in decades.

Military strikes should coincide with the implementation of Security Council resolution Number 2178 adopted on September 24th, 2014 under Chapter VII. We have also to put pressure on countries that render all multifaceted support to these terrorist organizations; these countries are well known to all of us. Most importantly, to pressurize those countries that exported and are still exporting extremist and takfiri ideology that poses a grave danger to international peace and security. The ISIS is an ideology metamorphosed into an organization supported, armed and trained in order to be unleashed like a monster against Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. Let us together stop this ideology and its exporters, let us, simultaneously, exert pressure on the countries that joined the coalition led by the United States to stop their support of armed terrorist groups. Only then combating terrorism militarily becomes viable. Otherwise, our presence here will not amount to the level of tears of the captives, women and children, who are victims of the ISIS, and Al-Nusrah Front and others.

Once again, the Syrian Arab Republic reiterates that it stands with any international effort aimed at fighting and combating terrorism, and stresses that this must be done in full respect of the lives of innocent civilians and within the frame of full respect of national sovereignty, and in conformity with international conventions

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is due time to pool all our efforts against this terrorism, since imminent danger is surrounding everyone and no country is immune to it. My country was and it is still firm in its position that was announced in the eighties of the last century, regarding fighting terrorism, before this terrorism goes rampant as it is currently. Mr. President, we, in Syria, respect our commitments and honor our promises and pledges. This was what we confirmed on more than one occasion, particularly since the beginning of the crisis in Syria.

Syria agreed unconditionally to attend Geneva 2 Conference, and participated in its deliberations with an open mind, although we were convinced that the solution of the crisis should be a Syrian one taking place on Syrian territory. However, and as a goodwill gesture, and to stop bloodshed of Syrians’ blood, we went to Geneva only to find a delegation that does not negotiate on behalf of Syrians. Originally, that delegation has no influence on the ground in Syria and neither popularity nor legitimacy among the Syrian people. It was a delegation negotiating with the Syrian government while following the orders of its western masters. A delegation that does not believe in combating terrorism or confronting it. Furthermore, it was a delegation that does not respect Syria’s sovereignty and its territorial integrity. A delegation that verbally refuses to ask terrorist groups to end their terrorism. We know that this opposition would not even be able to pressurize anyone, neither the armed groups nor any Syrian faction on the ground.

We went to Geneva with a priority based on combating terrorism because we believed, and continue to believe, that we cannot start any political solution while terrorism is still rampant in Syria. There were some who opposed us in Geneva in recognizing that combating terrorism is a priority, although it is a paramount part of Geneva Declaration provisions, but the delegation of the so-called “Coalition” continued to reject any point tackling or renouncing terrorism. Now, we all see the international community adopting our perspective that fighting terrorism tops all priorities, and that nothing at all could be done as long as terrorism is brutally striking against everything that comes in its way and as long as those terrorists will return to the countries where its members came from.

Once again, we emphasize that we are ready, and even are striving, for a political solution in Syria and in dialogue with all honorable national opposition members opposing terrorism in Syria, and among Syrians themselves and on Syrian territory.

The presidential elections, that took place before the sight of the world, put everyone before their responsibilities. The will of the Syrians is above all those who tried to suppress it for more than three years now, and it was manifested when Syrians inside and outside Syria said their word for the whole universe to hear.

Now, after the presidential elections, we would like to tell everyone who wants and looks forward to a political solution in Syria that they must firstly respect the Syrian people’s will, which was manifested explicitly, clearly, strongly and most loudly. They chose their President, for the first time in Syria’s modern history, in multi-party elections, with the international monitors from several countries that witnessed the integrity, transparency and the enthusiasm of the people to participate in these elections.

Mr. President, I would like to emphasize that the Syrian people has made its choice, and those who want to speak on behalf of the people’s must, first, be representatives of the people, and, secondly, they should respect the will of the Syrian people and its decisions.

Therefore, any dialogue must be based on foundations that should respect the will of the Syrian people and its decision. Accordingly, we are open to a political solution in Syria, with a real opposition that seeks the prosperity, stability and security of Syria, an opposition that does not depend on the outside and does not speak on behalf of the outside. An opposition that has an impact on the Syrian territory, and has deep roots inside Syria, not in hotels and Western capitals. A national opposition that upholds fighting terrorism as its priority, as well as, an opposition that encourages the ongoing local reconciliations, paving the way for the success of the political solution.

Mr. President,

The continuation of terrorist attacks in Syria increase the humanitarian needs in many of the basic areas, the inhuman sanctions, imposed by the European Union and the United States, aggravated the living conditions of Syrian civilians. In collaboration with the United Nations and its humanitarian agencies, and within the framework of humanitarian response plans agreed upon them with the Syrian government, my government is working to meet the basic needs of citizens, especially those forced by the terrorist acts to flee their homes. We should note that a great number of our people were forced to resort to some neighboring countries, and regrettably, some of those countries put the displaced Syrian in military training camps, or in what resembles places of detention. I stress, from this platform, that the Syrian state guarantees for those citizens who are willing, the safe return and decent life away from the inhuman conditions they are suffering in those camps. I would like to assure Syria’s readiness to exert all efforts to deliver aid from international organizations to all Syrian citizens without any discrimination wherever they are, and within the framework of respecting the national sovereignty.

The Syrian Arab Republic confirms its adherence to the full restoration of the occupied Syrian Golan until the line of June 4th, 1967. It also emphasizes its rejection of all actions taken by Israel, the occupying power, to change its natural, geographical and demographic characteristics, in clear violation of relevant Security Council resolutions, in particular resolutions 497 of 1981 and 465 of 1980. Syria confirms, also, that the Palestinian issue is the central issue of the Syrian people, which supports the inalienable and legitimate rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, particularly, the right to return and self-determination, and to establish its independent state on its land, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Last September, Syria accepted the initiative of the President of the Russian Federation, H.E. Mr. Vladimir Putin, and joined the Convention of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, based on the need to establish in the Middle East a free zone of nuclear weapons and all weapons of mass destruction. It also wanted to prove to the whole world its commitment to stand against any use of chemical weapons.

Syria fulfilled its obligations resulting from its accession to the Convention, and completed its commitments despite the prevailing difficult situation. Were it not for the Syrian cooperation with the UN-OPCW Joint Mission, it would have not been possible to complete the tasks of the Mission. The Special Coordinator of the Mission, Ms. Sigrid Kagg, expressed her happiness and gratitude for the fruitful and constructive cooperation of the Syrian Government, which led to the completion of the unprecedented work.

Syria is committed to the full implementation of the provisions of the Convention as a state party, and within the frame of the OPCW. The big question that remains is whether those who are supplying the terrorists with this, and other types of weapons, will stop their actions and abide by international law, in particular the Convention of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the Security Council resolutions related to terrorism?

Syria stresses that establishing a zone free from all weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East is unachievable without the accession of Israel, the only nuclear power in the region, to all treaties banning such weapons, and to put its nuclear facilities under the supervision of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). At the same time, we emphasize the right of all countries to acquire and develop nuclear technology for peaceful uses.

Mr. President,

Imposing unethical unilateral coercive economic measures by the United States and the European Union contradicts the rules of international law and the principles of free trade. On this basis, we call for the lifting of the blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for decades, as we renew our call to lift and stop all the unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria and the peoples of other countries such as Iran, DPRK, Venezuela and Belarus.

Mr. President,

Finally, we look forward to the United Nations to be able to achieve the aspirations of our peoples to live in dignity, development and food self-sufficiency, far away from all forms of terrorism, tension and confrontation, in implementation of the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations, in particular the safeguarding of the sovereignty of states and their equality in rights and obligations. Also we believe that priority should be given to work on the concerted efforts of the international community to combat the terrorism of the ISIS and Al-Nusrah Front, and other al-Qaeda affiliates, and drain its resources in order for security and stability to prevail in our region and the world.




As the punitive battalions sent forth from Kiev to wage genocidal warfare against the “sub-human” citizens in Novorossiya withdraw, more bodies of their victims are discovered.
To date 29 Sep. 2014 four hundred corpses have been found throughout the region. Inspite of the ceasefire the conflict continues to rage in areas where undoubtedly more atrocities have yet to be documented.  As with Odessa 2 May, Lugansk 2 June,  it is not expected that the west will acknowledge or report the true facts concerning these crimes against humanity.  The Wests support for the regime in Kiev and the continual suppression of information concerning its barbaric ideaology which makes these heinous and gruesome crimes possible; is testament to the ugliness of institutionalized racism referred to as Russophobia.


The fact that these events are unfolding in Europe some 70 years after the defeat of fascism is extraordinary.
Like a dormant virus set loose once again that threatens human souls with an infection of hatred and murder sanctioned by the so called “international community” which is nothing more than a collection of criminal oligarchs who have surrendered their humanity for political power and financial gain. 

Representatives of the Militia found about 400 more bodies in natural burials in the field, that were formerly under the control of Ukrainian law enforcers.


This was told today, Deputy Prime Minister Andrei DNR Purgin, Russian media reported. According to him, all found the body are now in morgues Donetsk and nearby cities, 350 of them belong to civilians.

“Now in the morgue is 400 bodies, 350 of them – civilians. Many of them are in such a state that it is simply impossible to identify them, “- he said.

Confirmation of this information from other sources unavailable. According Purgina guide DNR wants to ask for help from the Russian experts to conduct DNA testing.

Add today the network has information that in the village of Lenin, which is the area Belorechenki, found the remains brutally executed by militants pro-fascist regime in Kiev civilians. Data published Battalion Novorossia “Goblin.” VIDEO
Local residents showed soldiers a place where the bodies were found of  tortured  people.


Flocks of hungry feral dogs have already their izglodat because bodies were not prikopalis even symbolically. Executed from left ribs, hip, tibia and otchlenennye head. The victims were thrown into the field to roll up in the blankets, and clothes of the dead preserved. Remains of the hands of one of them related to tape, which indicates that the accident was a prisoner.

Discovered close to the skull of an adult in his ear keeps track of the shot. Next to him, found bone fragments, similar to the fragments of the skull of a teenager. Judging by the things found, militias do not exclude that one of those executed was a woman, perhaps mother and son.

The Great Wall of Ukraine



While teetering on the brink of financial solvency the regime in Ukraine has announced a bold new initiative that includes unpaid mandatory servitude to the state for unemployed,  self employed, farmers and students. POSTED
With plans for a wall to be constructed on the border with Russia and IMF funds largely used to purchase war materiel from Poland, Germany and other partner nations, a cheap local labor force will help to bring about Poroshenkos’ vision for Ukraine. As a leading European politician who is on the fast track for inclusion into the EU his countries “drastic economic reforms” could serve as a template for all of Europe.
Ukrainian history teaches us that their forebears constructed the Great Pyramids in Egypt, and since Poroshenko too is seen by many (including US congress) as half god and half man one can only imagine the stupendous quality of the public works projects in store. The Great Wall of Ukraine will perhaps be seen from orbiting spacecraft and thousands of years from now become a tourist attraction with people in awe of Ukraines’ first Pharaoh and his great contribution to all of mankind.
  “Glory to Ukraine and all heil the new Pharaoh ”

“Engineering arrangement of the Ukrainian-Russian border and administrative boundary with Crimea provides for earth and concrete walls, control strips, system of optical-electronic surveillance, alarm systems, lateral roads and fortifications to obstruct the movement of motor vehicles and people. At the river and sea areas it provides for systems of optical-electronic surveillance and lighting of the water surface, the establishment of observation towers and complex fortifications to prevent the landing of assault forces,” Lysenko said.
According to him, to enhance the combat capability of the border units there is a provision to purchase military hardware, special equipment, offences controls and recording means, completion of surface situation control system in the Sea of Azov and the like. “Most of the controls means and equipment are manufactured locally,” Lysenko added.

Military and Political Analysis of the Donbass Ceasefire Lines


Ukraine acting the fool

What Could Happen From Here
September 22nd, 2014

Author: Jeb Stuart
Editor: Linda Sakadd

The purpose of this analysis is to consider the present situation in Donbass between the opposing forces and what might take place from here. This evaluation is primarily based on the September 15th map of hostilities and may, therefore, be somewhat out of date.

General Situation

Due in part to the widespread dissemination of photos of Ukrainian punitive battalions wearing Nazi insignia and to reports of their atrocities against civilians, volunteers from all over the world have come to the aid of the Novorossiyan cause, boosting their numbers considerably in August and September. This substantially evened the odds of the conflict, which had initially been heavily in Ukraine’s favor.

Over the course of August, Ukrainian forces lost several brigades and over a hundred armored combat vehicles and artillery pieces, due to these units driving too far…

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EVO MORALES AYMA, President of Bolivia, said that Mother Earth was injured by an inhumane and predatory capitalism


EVO MORALES AYMA, President of Bolivia, said that Mother Earth was injured by an inhumane and predatory capitalism, which turned human life and nature into merchandize.  There was an opportunity today to build a new and better world.  A shared commitment by all was needed to change the vision of development to one that was more holistic, with people living in harmony with the Earth, and in solidarity and peace.  The world had lost its respect for Mother Earth, which was a dangerous development.  Encouraged by capitalism, people had turned everything into a market, including genetic manipulation and destruction of human beings.  Economic growth did not, in itself, lead to social well-being; societies could not be exclusionary or governed by the grasping nature of the market.

He stressed the fundamental importance of recovering the control of natural resources in order to garner greater benefits for people and eliminate poverty.  It was vital to strike a balance between the rights of Mother Earth, the right to development, respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, social and economic rights, and the rights of the poor to emerge from poverty.  The human right to water was a fundamental priority, as in many regions the demand exceeded availability — a reality which would worsen as the years passed.  In 2050, 4 billion people would suffer from scarcity of water in the context of climate change.

With the national programme, My Water, Bolivia had reached the Millennium Development Goal on water, he said, declaring that human rights could not be privatized.  Water was life, and could not be the subject of profit or commerce.  To resolve major social inequalities, basic services, such as water, electricity, telecommunications, sanitation and basic health must be seen as human rights.  To eradicate poverty and hunger, the international community must fight the pitiless and inhumane forces of the market, and profoundly change the exclusionary structures of international financial institutions.  The world financial architecture must be reformed in order to eradicate financial colonialism.

He said that war fed the darkest interests, such as the geopolitical control of private commerce.  Humanity could overcome many of its problems, such as Ebola and HIV, if funds were diverted from war.  Bolivia condemned the genocidal actions of Israel against Palestine, he said, urging recognition of Palestine as a full Member of the United Nations.

Bolivia shared the belief that Syria’s future and destiny should be determined by Syrians themselves, and in that context, he condemned the United States’ interference in Iraq, which had triggered the current conflict there.  The war begun in 2003 had destabilized the entire region.  The argument that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction was the biggest lie of the imperialist era and had ultimately resulted in the creation of the “Islamic State” terrorist group.  He rejected those actions, adding that nothing justified fratricidal violence.  Wherever the United States intervened, it left misery, hate and death in its trail, but also left wealth in the hands of the arms and oil industries.  A culture of peace required the eradication of extremist fanaticism, as well as the warmongering promoted by the United States.

Waging war on war did not result in peace, he said, adding that every year, President Obama shared a discourse of arrogance and threats to the peoples of the world; that was also a discourse of extremist fanaticism.  The blockade against Cuba amounted to genocide, and must come to an end immediately.  Bolivia’s sovereign access to the Pacific Ocean must be settled through international law.  That would transform the century to one of peace, liberty and life.  There would be no peace, so long as arrogant empires harassed and killed the peoples and cultures of the world.  The empires of finance, markets and of the arms industry must give way to the wisdom of life, peace and harmony.

Fidel Castro stands boldly Nicolas Maduro at the UN

“It was a bold and bright statement at the level of the heroic President Hugo Chavez,” Fidel Castro wrote Nicolas Maduro in a letter made public Thursday.
The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, said in a letter to the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, the courage of the president in his speech before the General Assembly of the United Nations, where he called the UN refound.

The text of the letter:

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

Dear Nicholas:

I had the pleasure of listening to your speech at the General Assembly of the United Nations.


It was a bold and bright statement at the level of the heroic President Hugo Chavez, who at the same site was able to discover the evil empire policy that threatens the life of our species.

The same day ended the meeting at the UN, I also had the privilege of seeing the exciting encounter you had in the Bronx with children, youth and adults, with great pride, values ​​and feelings expressed in that area of ​​the City of New York . Images of expressing there feelings of what a people want and deserve to live, are memorable and provide a message of peace. The memory of Hugo Chávez no longer present a single second.

Still so excited for unforgettable memories, I send a big hug to make extensible beg your delegation and your courageous people.

Fidel Castro Ruz

September 24, 2014

Speaking at the 69 th General Assembly of the United Nations Venezuelan President emphasized the need for nations to forge a peace alliance to combat terrorism in the Middle East.

The Venezuelan leader condemned the damage he has caused to Arab and West Asian republics for your interest in oil and in the foundation of imperial power, and stressed the need for the United Nations to promote respect for international law.

Moreover, President Maduro reiterated its solidarity with the people of Palestine and urged international powers to concentrate on those situations that really hurt the world such as climate change, the spread of deadly viruses like Ebola killing thousands people in Africa.

The officer called for the end of the criminal blockade against Cuba United States since 1960 and urged the United Nations to promote the decolonization of peoples. Special mention made to the case of Puerto Rico country they called independence. It demanded the release Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, imprisoned in the United States to “defend your beautiful flag of a star of the dignity of our sister Puerto Rico.”

NICOLÁS MADURO MOROS, President of Venezuela, thanking the United Nations for the tributes paid to the late president of his country, Hugo Chávez, noted that the Charter was really one of the most beautiful poems that the world could ever read, but it had become an instrument that was unfortunately set aside, overlooked and consistently flouted.

He stressed that the United Nations was an historic experiment and that only with its establishment had humanity begin to see the light of the future at the end of a long tunnel of wars, battles and global conflicts. Given the importance of having such an institution, the international community must stress the need for an in-depth transformation. It was necessary to revamp the leadership of the Security Council. The Organization now had to deal with a multi-polar world with emerging countries and regions, each with their own faults. There was also a need to adapt and submit to the broader sovereignty of the peoples of the world who wished to be heard, and to strengthen the strength and clout of the Secretary-General so that he could find solutions to the conflicts of the world.

Observing the emergence of a new regionalism, he pointed to the Bolivarian Alliance, which was observing its tenth anniversary. Petrocaribe, the oil alliance, supported that southern regionalism and was now starting to form ties with the rest of the world. There was optimism for the new regionalism, and new forms were arising towards establishing a new road map for rethinking and overhauling the United Nations. That momentum must not fall through the cracks. A common road map for humanity was needed if the international community wished to tackle the important issues that it faced. He asked when President Obama would take the opportunity to go down in history by ending the embargo in Cuba.

In addition, the General Assembly needed to draft a document that would become a mandatory text for the United Nations to defend poor countries against the “vulture funds” that sought to plunder those countries’ economies and impose detrimental economic systems. He expressed solidarity with the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) countries, and Argentina in particular.

He also stressed the need for a decolonization plan for Puerto Rico, which was part of the Caribbean community and should be a part of CELAC. Oscar Lopez, whose only offense was to defend Puerto Rico, had been in a United States prison for almost 35 years and had been tortured. Calling for Mr. Lopez’s immediate release, he compared him to Nelson Mandela.

Venezuela had the largest oil reserves in the hemisphere, he went on to say. For the first time in 90 years, the country had fully recovered its own oil resources for the basis of its own development, after facing the persecution of imperialist forces. The imperialist Powers could not succeed with Hugo Chávez, and they would not succeed with him.

The loss of human lives should pain the whole world, he said. Because bombs killed the innocents, there was no other way to overthrow the terrorist networks of the world, but to invite the Governments of the region to come up with a comprehensive strategy that could be supported by the Security Council. Anything else was “crazy”, he said. Current methods, such as was done in Libya, were a “crazy race towards more terrorism and more violence”.

Rouhani expresses concern over terrorism globalization

On Thursday President Hassan


Rouhani at the 69th UN General Assembly delivered a speech on behalf of Iranians.

“I am coming from a region of the world whose many parts are currently burning in fire of extremism and radicalism. To the East and West of my country, extremists threaten our neighbors, resort to violence and shed blood,” President Rouhani said in his address to the 69th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

“They of course do not speak a single language; they are not of a single skin color and not of a single nationality; they have come to the Middle East from around the world. They do however have a single ideology: “violence and extremism”.

They also have a single goal: “the destruction of civilization, giving rise to Islamophobia and creating a fertile ground for further intervention of foreign forces in our region”.

“I deeply regret to say that terrorism has become globalized: “From New York to Mosul, from Damascus to Baghdad, from the Easternmost to the Westernmost parts of the world, from Al-Qaeda to Daesh”. The extremists of the world have found each other and have put out the call: “extremists of the world unite”. But are we united against the extremists?!

“Extremism is not a regional issue that just the nations of our region would have to grapple with; extremism is a global issue. Certain states have helped creating it and are now failing to withstand it. Currently our peoples are paying the price. Today’s anti-Westernism is the offspring of yesterday’s colonialism. Today’s anti-Westernism is a reaction to yesterday’s racism. Certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hand of madmen, who now spare no one. All those who have played a role in founding and supporting these terror groups must acknowledge their errors that have led to extremism. They need to apologize not only to the past but also to the next generation.

“To fight the underlying causes of terrorism, one must know its roots and dry its source fountains. Terrorism germinates in poverty, unemployment, discrimination, humiliation and injustice. And it grows in the culture of violence.

“To uproot extremism, we must spread justice and development and disallow the distortion of divine teachings to justify brutality and cruelty. The pain is made greater when these terrorists spill blood in the name of religion and behead in the name of Islam. They seek to keep hidden this incontrovertible truth of history that on the basis of the teachings of all divine prophets, from Abraham and Moses and Jesus to Mohammed, taking the life of a single innocent life is akin to killing the whole humanity.

“I am astonished that these murderous groups call themselves Islamic. What is more astonishing is that the Western media, in line with them, repeats this false claim, which provokes the hatred of all Muslims. Muslim people who everyday recall their God as merciful and compassionate and have learned lessons of kindness and empathy from their Prophet, see this defamation as part of a Islamophobic project.

“The strategic blunders of the West in the Middle-East, Central Asia, and the Caucuses have turned these parts of the world into a haven for terrorists and extremists. Military aggression against Afghanistan and Iraq and improper interference in the developments in Syria are clear examples of this erroneous strategic approach in the Middle East.

“As non-peaceful approach, aggression, and occupation target the lives and livelihoods of ordinary people, they result in different adverse psychological and behavioral consequences that are today manifested in the form of violence and murder in the Middle East and North Africa, even attracting some citizens from other parts of the world.

“Violence is currently being spread to other parts of the world like a contagious disease. We have always believed that democracy cannot be transplanted from abroad; democracy is the product of growth and development; not war and aggression. Democracy is not an export product that can be commercially imported from the West to the East. In an underdeveloped society, imported democracy leads only to a weak and vulnerable government.

“When Generals step into a region, do not expect diplomats to greet them warmly; when war begins, diplomacy tends to end. When sanctions set in, deep hatred for those imposing them also begins. When the atmosphere of the Middle East is securitized, the answer will be of the same nature as well.

“The interests of Western countries in our region are tied to their recognition of beliefs and the desire of the people for democratic governance in the region.

“Our region expects that the Western world would once and for all place itself in the company of those true seekers of democracy, and, hence, soften the bitter memories of its support for dictators.

“The experience of creation of al-Qaeda, the Taliban, and modern extremist groups have demonstrated that one cannot use extremist groups to counter an opposing state and remain impervious to the consequences of rising extremism.

“The repetition of these mistakes despite many costly experiences is perplexing.

Let’s recall that Iran had invited everyone to “dialogue” before the criminal act of September 11th, and also called for “a world against violence and extremism” before the outbreak of the current violent atrocities.

“Perhaps in the past year, few people could forecast the fire that would rage today. But now uninhibited violence and extremism presents an imminent threat to the world. It is self-evident that without an accurate understanding of how the current condition came about we will not be able to find the right solutions.

“Today, again, I shall warn against the spread of extremism and the danger posed by the inadequate understanding and incorrect approach to this phenomenon.

The Middle East longs for development and is weary of war. It is the natural right of the peoples of the fertile lands of the Middle East to live in peace and prosperity. In the past, colonialism denied them this right and, today, the shadow of war and violence threatens their security.

“There are moderate politicians and elites in our region who enjoy the confidence of their peoples. They are neither anti-Western nor pro-Western. While aware of the role of colonialism in the backwardness of their nations, they are not neglectful of the role of their nations in reaching the development they seek.

“They do not absolve the West from its misdeeds, but are also aware of their own failings. These leaders can take positions of active leadership by attracting the confidence of the people in their societies and establish the strongest national and international coalitions against violence.

“The voices of these leaders are the true voices of moderation in the Islamic world; the familiar sound of an Afghan tired of war; an Iraqi victim of extremism, a Syrian fearful of terrorism; and a Lebanese worried over violence and sectarianism.

“I believe if countries claiming leadership of the coalition, do so to continue their hegemony in the region, they would make a strategic mistake. Obviously, since the pain is better known by the countries in the region, better they can form coalition, and accept to shoulder the responsibility of leadership to counter violence and terrorism. And if other nations wish to take action against terrorism, they must come to their support.

”I warn that if we do not muster all our strengths against extremism and violence today, and fail to entrust the job to the people in the region who can deliver, tomorrow the world will be safe for no one.

“Last year, I tried to fulfill the role of my country in the realization of peace at both the regional and international levels by putting forward a proposal about, “a world against Violence and Extremism”, which was met with general support.

“In the tumultuous and chaotic region of the Middle East, Iran is one of the most tranquil, secure and stable nations. All the nations of the region have to keep in mind that we are in the same boat. Thus, we need broad cooperation with regard to social and political as well as security and defense issues with a view to reaching common and durable understandings.

“Had we had greater cooperation and coordination in the Middle East, thousands of innocent Palestinians in Gaza would not have been fallen victim to Zionist regime’s aggression.

“We in the Islamic Republic of Iran consider interaction and confidence building among states of the region as fundamentally essential for conflict resolution.

”We support any measure to promote cooperation between Islamic nations to combat extremism, threats, and aggression, and in this connection, are prepared to play our permanent constructive and positive role.

”The oppressive sanctions against Iran go on in continuation of a strategic mistake against a moderate and independent nation under the current sensitive condition in our region.

”During the last year, we have engaged in the most transparent dialogue to build confidence regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear program. We placed serious and honest negotiations on the agenda, not as a result of sanctions or threat but rather because of the will of our people.

”We are of the view that the nuclear issue could only be resolved through negotiations, and those who may think of any other solution are committing a grave mistake.

”Any delay in arriving at a final agreement only raises the costs; not only at our expense but also at the expense of the economy and trade of the other parties as well as the development and security prospects of our region.

”No one should doubt that compromise and agreement on this issue is in the best interest of everyone especially that of the nations of the region.

”The nuclear negotiations between Iran and the 5+1 have continued during the past year with seriousness and optimism on both sides. According to all international observers, the Islamic Republic of Iran has carried out its commitments in good faith.

”Although, some of the observations and actions of our counterparts have created certain doubts regarding their determination and realism, we hope that the current negotiations lead to a final accord in the short amount of time left.

”We are committed to continue our peaceful nuclear program, including enrichment, and to enjoy our full nuclear rights on Iranian soil within the framework of international law.

”We are determined to continue negotiations with our interlocutors in earnest and good faith, based on mutual respect and confidence, removal of concerns of both sides as well as equal footing and recognized international norms and principles.

”I believe mutual adherence to the strict implementation of commitments and obligations and avoidance of excessive demands in the negotiations by our counterparts is the prerequisite for the success of the negotiations.

”A final accord regarding Iran’s peaceful nuclear program can serve as the beginning of multilateral collaboration aimed at promoting security, peace and development in our region and beyond.

”The people of Iran, who have been subjected to pressures especially in the last three years as a result of continued sanctions, cannot place trust in any security cooperation between their government with those who have imposed sanctions and created obstacles in the way of satisfying even their primary needs such as food and medicine.

”The sanctions will create additional impediments in the way to the future long term cooperation.

”The people of Iran are devoted to certain principles and values at the apex of which are independence, development and national pride. Our people evaluate the behavior of their government based on the same criteria.

”If this obvious national fact is not understood by our negotiating partners and they commit grievous miscalculations in the process, a historic and exceptional opportunity will be lost.

”As you know, during the ongoing nuclear negotiations in this year, the Iranian government took some initiatives that created new favorable conditions, which resulted, at that phase, in the Geneva Joint Plan of Action.

”We are determined to continue our confidence building approach and our transparency in this process. If our interlocutors are also equally motivated and flexible, and we can overcome the problem and reach a longstanding agreement within the time remaining, then an entirely different environment will emerge for cooperation at regional and international levels, allowing for greater focus on some very important regional issues such as combating violence and extremism in the region.

”Arriving at a final comprehensive nuclear agreement with Iran will be a historic opportunity for the West to show that it does not oppose the advancement and development of others and does not discriminate when it comes to adhering to international rules and regulations.

”This agreement can carry a global message of peace and security, indicating that the way to attain conflict resolution is through negotiation and respect not through conflict and sanction.

President Rouhani said that last year the great nation of Iran broadly participated in the calm and impressive presidential election and endorsed the discourse of “Foresight, Hope, and Prudent Moderation.”

Thereafter, they support their elected government in its effort in building the country. While some of the countries around Iran have fallen prey to war and turmoil, Iran remains secure, stable and calm.

My Government’s principled policy is to work towards constructive interactions with our neighbors on the basis of mutual respect and with emphasis on common interests.

”The notion that Iran seeks to control other Muslim countries in the region is a myth fanned in the recent years in the context of an Iranophobic project.

”Those who make these claims need imaginary enemies to sustain tensions and sow division and conflict, thus, in this way, pushing for the redeployment of national resources away from development. We work towards putting an end to delusional Iranophobia, setting the stage for building strategic partnerships with our neighbors.

The president said that last year “I warned against the expansion of violence and extremism. This year too I warn that if the right approach is not undertaken in dealing with the issue at hand, we get closer to a turbulent and tumultuous region with repercussions for the whole world.”

”The right solution to this quandary comes from within the region and regionally provided solution with international support and not from the outside the region.

God, the Almighty has promised those who have believed and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession to authority upon the earth and that their fears will turn into peace and security.

”It is my sincerest hope that our generation endeavors to leave a more secure and developed earth as its legacy for the next generation.”

Leaked tapes of secret plans: Turkish state conspiracy to provoke a war with (or in) Syria


conflict antiquities

When I blogged how iconoclastic Salafist paramilitaries(1) in Syria had surrounded the Turkish exclave of the Tomb of Suleyman Shah with the intent to destroy it, and how Turkish special forces were prepared to retaliate, I concluded that Turkish preparations seemed to be ‘an excuse… for further intervention‘. Leaked tapes reveal a conspiracy(2) between the Turkish government, Turkish intelligence and the Turkish military to provoke and excuse a war with (or perhaps, more precisely, in) Syria.

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Ukrainian Journalist Openly Calls for Genocide on Hromadske TV, Financed by the US and the Netherlands


: Hromadske TV is now officially the Ukrainian version of Rwandan RTLM. Just like RTLM called for the extermination of the Tutsi, calling them Inyenzi, or cockroaches, so now Hromadske TV is legitimizing the genocide of the population of Novorossiya. From Inyenzi to Colorados, we have come full circle. Hromadske TV, this mouthpiece of Ukrainian genocide, is financed directly by US and Dutch embassies. The blood of the population of Novorossiya is on all our hands – we have allowed this to happen.  Please circulate this as widely as you can and stand witness to this Holocaust.

Note: For French-language translation of this post, please see below a comment by Emser Pukatwité

Bogdan Boutkevitch: “You need to kill 1.5 million people in Donbass”

Note: English-language Subtitles by Valentina Lisitsa and Marcel Sardo

Hromadske TV is Financed Directly by US and Dutch Embassies


  1. Link to the Hromadske TV…

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