Middle East Regional Stability Role of Russian-Iranian Enhanced Cooperation

Middle East Regional Stability
Role of Russian-Iranian Enhanced Cooperation


Both sovereign nations agreeing in principle to meet common challenges: regional stability, terrorism, drug trafficking, piracy on the high seas, stability of oil market prices  and sanctions from a mutually shared perspective. 


As a founding member of CSTO, (Collective Strategic Treaty Organization founded in 2002 as a military alliance) The Federation of Russia has conveyed an invitation for the Islamic Republic of  Iran to  become a Member State in the collective defensive military partnership. There are currently 6 member states,  and 2 observer countries.
Armenia-Belarus-Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Russia-Tajikistan observers: Afghanistan, Serbia
Both Russia and Iran are littoral states of the Caspian Sea and have mutual interests in its preservation.  Although named a sea, its legal definition as a lake  is being litigated.  Currently only ships flying the flag of a littoral state may chart its waters.  Iranian history and culture dating back to the Persian Empire is replete with  stories and tales of its great importance. Geographically Iran is strategically located and possess immense natural resources and scenic beauty.  Recently the first passenger sightseeing train service was commenced from Budapest,  Hungary to Tehran.


At the closing of the Caspian Summit 2014 as a gesture of commitment to the preservation of ecological diversity and to underscore the importance of maintaining the fishing industry,  the leaders released thousands of sturgeon fingerlings into the lake.  A valid point of difference between the littoral states approach towards a long term ecological balance vs western oil company’s (operating under the flag of Azerbaijan)  interests was an oil spill 2008 in the Caspian that BP was responsible for and was caught trying to cover up.   Whether it was an accident or a deliberate attempt to cause harm to the indigenous food source has not been made known.  The Russian Navy together with Iran, help to insure that the Caspian Lake will remain free from western criminal negligence.  (Bopahl, India Union Carbide executive is a convicted criminal while avoiding extradition from the US)
  Azerbaijan is viewed by the west as a gateway into the region for mineral, gas and oil extraction.  Recently its armed forces shot down a helicopter belonging to CSTO member Armenia,  this has raised tensions within the Caspian community.  Incidentally Azerbaijan is known to be a client state of Israel having purchased large quantities of weapons from them. Rumors surrounding the possible use of aircraft  landing fields in Azerbaijan by the IDF in an attack upon Iran, as threatened by Netanyahu have been adamantly denied by Azerbaijan  government sources. 
As we become aware of the Wests proxy nation of KSA acquiring additional naval assets and the deployment of medium range missiles in the kingdom,  there is little doubt in Iran and elsewhere  that the “rabid dogs” in washington/tel aviv intend to use the KSA as a stooging ground to wage war against peaceful  Iran. (Iranian armies have not left their borders in over 300 years) The term “rabid dogs” was first coined by Moshe Dayan who in a speech declared “Israel must be seen as a rabid dog in order to survive”. (Apparently the US has adopted this as a defense doctrine also.)
Although Iran is fully capable of its own defense and able to  deter aggression against it, membership in the CSTO will be considered; and that is what makes Iran’s  enemies nervous.
Deranged politicians in washington singing on stage “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran” and their minions talking as though “taking out Iran” is an option, will need to STFU or risk being seen as delusional comedians,  after Iran becomes part of a collective military alliance with the most powerful nuclear force on earth- Russia. 

We learn from physics that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  As it is in physics so it is in world affairs.

So in a feeble and doomed attempt to subdue Russia, the obama regime has in effect created and strengthened the impetus for Russia to  increase engagement with countries who’s leadership is  not under NATO’s  jack boot.  Much has been written and observed concerning the renewed Russian Chinese bonds and agreements;  (APEC 2014) 17 new agreements were signed while rejecting the Trans Pacific initiative put forth by the US.  In the bi-lateral relationship including a huge increase of trade anticipated between China and Russia, ie.  long term oil and gas import-export deals in excess of 400 billion USD, together with currency swaps and financial transactions using the yuan and ruble it becomes evident that “isolating Russia” is only in obamas imagination.


Russia and China with BRICS participation, have created the BRICS development bank. Funded with 100 billion dollars, the BRICS bank promotes itself as an alternative source of funding for countries seeking to  avoid the predatory loan practices, cronyism and criminal corruption associated with the  IMF and World Bank.   In addition the two Permanent Members of the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) will more closely cooperate in defense matters including hyper-sonic missile technology. 

All the  while China and Russia are slowly reducing  exposure in the toxic US treasury note sector. A huge vulnerability in US planning for world domination is the dependence upon foreign governments to continue underwriting the expenses associated with maintaining a “defense” apparatus that results in trillions of dollars in deficits. 
China has reportedly reduced holdings of US treasury notes from over three trillion down to 1.43 trillion at the same time  augmenting its gold reserves substantialy. This is an indication of China’s desire to no longer be seen as an accomplice to washingtons bloody drive for world hegemony as well as reducing its risk in the event of the dollars fall, when its global reserve status is replaced.  China through its financial leverage over the US is sending a message that a US dominated unipolar world will not happen.
Essentially, unknown  behind the  West’s media curtain;  BRICS (Brazil Russia India China South Africa) presents a unified alternative to the US/EU controlled IMF and World Bank.  Western bankers having held a monopolistic advantage since Bretton Woods, appear to be in a state of fear and panic at the prospects of competition.  Underlying the farsical claims of “Russian aggression” while employing NATO to deliberately provoke military responses,  western banksters tremble.


Russia is seen as a lynchpin of this global economic evolution and thus becomes a target of an unrelenting media campaign to discredit Russia while utilizing sanctions in an attempt to weaken her economy. 
In the Quiotixical quest to “isolate Russia”;  aside from isolating European farmers the regime has managed to isolate the American public from any and all reporting that differs from their Straussian attempt at manufactured reality.  It promises to be a hard and painful “sobering” when facts collide with fantasy. 

  In a not too distant past men who cavorted  on stage in public  singing songs about destroying another’s country would have been considered deranged, nowadays they become elected and fit right in to the asylum of washington. m.youtube.com/watch?v=UTWvmk2eRLw&feature=youtu.be
In the not too distant past men who joked about the reasons for a war that left over one million civilians dead as well as thousands of their own countrymen dead with tens of thousands of their own soldiers with grave injuries of their body and mind would not receive applause and laughter while admitting that the pretense for the invasion of  Iraq (2003) was a lie and just a cruel joke.  Twenty two more veterans will commit suicide today, many having realized that they were dishonored and led into battle by psychopathic warmongers.

“While the pathetic lap dogs in washington bark for more sanctions, the world is not listening.” 

Yes, washington has been able to successfully isolate hundreds of thousands of farmers in Europe from delivering their crops to market.  The agricultural sector in Europe has been hit hardest by retaliatory measures instituted by the Russian Federation in a carefully calibrated response that also is intended to reduce overall food importation in support of the Russian agriculture industry.
When the EU attempted to pressure South American countries from filling the void, Bolivia’s  President Evo Morales stated- “last time I checked Bolivia is not in Europe.” Summarily dismissing the colonial overtones of Europe’s desperate pleas.
The unilateral and unlawful sanctions which capriciously assume authority, which is no where to be found in any legal documents, is served up with ad hominen attacks upon President Putins character from the US president who has chilly approval  ratings in the teens and is  widely regarded by his domestic constituency as a pathological liar. Under  the control of the Rothschild banking cabal, US foreign policy serves the criminal elite who view themselves as too big to fail and above the law. Ironically after calling Russia “just a big gas station” and saying “Russia doesn’t make anything” Antarres blew up on lift-off, Russia launched a replacement  relief mission within hours and it was determined that the US would be dependent upon Russian built rocket engines for years to come!  The arrogance and haughty spirit of washington went before the fall.


Politicians in washington are merely paid puppets of the cabal, a cabal  which operates through government operatives in various western nations made possible  via ownership of their central banks. This latest scheme of inciting Russophobia  appears to be yet another collosal failure with a litany of unintended consequences.  With European farmers suddenly prohibited from exporting to what had been  a major market, 25% are now  subject to bankruptcy, having become unable to find alternative markets. (Protests by outraged farmers against the sanctions have gone unreported behind the Wests media curtain.)
Early attempts for the EU to provide compensation to European farmers were inadequate, expensive, and imbued with fraud. (Poland reported losses far in excess of annual norms) Largely as a result of Merkel’s reluctance to foot the bill the subsidies were subsequently halted, while being viewed by analysts as “nothing more than a face saving PR stunt.”
  US food exports to Russia were nominal, due to restrictions placed on importation of genetically altered crops and meat that containes hormonal growth compounds as well as antibiotics. (US agriculture remained the least affected.)
What oppurtunistic strategy  envinced from washington appears to be, is to drive the European farmers off their land, buy it up for fracking and turn Europe into an importer of GMO food from the US while decreasing Europe’s gas dependence on Russia. 
Towns, regions or localities which resist these plans will be called “terrorists” or “separatists” and shelled into destruction.  The template for these operations is being played out right now in Donbas.
Mis-leaders of Europe are, when necessary being pressured to enforce the sanctions, others are willingly obliging washington’s demands eagerly using the fig leaf of sanctions to decimate their countries agrarian economys. With  promises of jobs for  family members in fracking companies, EU mis-leaders are lined up eager to sell out their countries, this has apparently become a trend. 
Restrictions placed on Monsanto and the growth of genetically altered crops in Europe are expected to give way after self-sufficient agrarian economies lose the ability to  feed their own citizens.  

“When farmlands wither and land prices drop, companies like Burisma will buy up the lands and begin to frack the EU.”

These strengthening military and economic strategies between Russia and Iran come at a time of turbulence on their respective borders and within their spheres of influence.  Both Russia and Iran view their common threats as originating from a shared enemy: US/NATO.  Direct military hostilities as  in a conventional 20th century war have been replaced with economic/information  warfare while using proxy forces to destabilize regions. Efforts by the West and their proxies after 4 years, over 200,000 lives lost and untold billions of dollars have failed to bring down the Syrian Government.  Russia and Iran both are significant supporters of the rule of law, sovereignty and defending their rightful interests in not wanting NATO to create yet another failed state and safe haven for terrorists as was done to Libya.
In the election for Syria’s President in June 2014, 88.7% of SYRIAN voters elected Dr.  Bashar Al-Assad as their  legitimate leader.  Contrast that with western support to mercenary groups from over 80 countries which has resulted in the creation of the largest most well financed global terrorist group yet, and you get an idea of the stupid, incoherent, dangerous and short sighted policies of the obama regime. 
Unable to whip up any public support for strikes on Syria in Sep.  2013 even after staging the Aug.  21,  Ghouta false flag event (chemical weapons use blamed on the SAA)  obama under orders from his aipac masters went ahead with plans anyway inspite of 90% public disapproval.  Russia after shooting down two missiles fired at Syria from the Mediterranean was able to achieve a UN brokered deal for CW disposal.  After assessing it’s defeat and failures with regards to Syria,  the rabid dog turned on Russia and “Maidan” in Ukraine was hatched. 

Combining organizational, with money and  propaganda dissemination techniques-attempting  to create chaos and anarchy that would turn elements within their population against  government and leaders, this modus-operandi has been exposed as international fraud.
  Using the “Maidan Template” of paid mobs (100 USD per day) -with NGOs directing a false narrative and the controlled media portraying the mobs as “upholders of democracy” washington threatens destruction of legitimate democracy and seeks to replace it with an oligarch controlled  tyranny, such as we find in the US today.    China has announced that it will continue to consult with Russian experts on preventing such unlawful meddling as was witnessed in Hong Kong recently. 

  Lacking any sense of a moral compass and contempt for international laws as well as their own,  the US/NATO rogue empire is seen as the biggest threat to world peace by an ever increasing majority of citizens of NATO  membership countries, as well as the rest of earths inhabitants.

Nations are finding it in their best interest to counter these threats by joining or  forming stronger alliances economic, diplomatic and military. 

The US is a superpower in the military sense only, its economy based largely on its status of being able to print a species of fiat that is currently used as the worlds reserve currency. Detroit is a microcosm of US manufacturing, US GDP figures are assembled much like derivatives and present intangibles as products. With  “the opinion of mankind” having become no longer considered or  valued, the US has suffered  a profound loss of  the respect, trust and credibility that is required to be a world leader.  That the US is being left out of a global  evolution is apparent, while maintaining a delusional sense of superiority aka: “exceptionalism” or ubermensch .

“The world is no longer listening to an increasingly irrelevant and schitzophrenic narrative spewed from Washington.”

While purportedly attempting to “isolate” Russia, the dual citizen PNAC cult that owns potus, along with their deluded apocalyptic devotees (US congress) have exposed their vulnerability. While this charade has been on the worlds  stage, the crowd is walking out.  There is a broad and common perception amongst people everywhere domestic and foreign that the worlds mainstream news media is only a NWO government propaganda wing.  Several western news services are collapsing with many more able to avoid impending bankruptcy only through governmental collusion. It appears the the ever widening rift between reality and the narrative presented on mainstream news can no longer be denied. 



Interview with-Alexander Bednov Callsign- (“Batman”) “The Summary”


Batman – the commander of the elite “Batman” combat/military police unit that is based in Luhansk,  LC (Novorossiya)


Originally Posted http://vk.com/rusilasu

In our conversation, Batman, not hiding his real name, tried not to talk about specific combat tasks by the rapid response team, which he commanded, referring to military secrets.
He only said (apparently, it’s not a secret) that his soldiers took part in battles in the area of Lugansk airport, where he captured  significant military trophies. (Most of the tanks,  apcs, trucks and other military equipment)
In addition, the Bednov-Batman admitted that his men regularly go out for positions on the front line, which runs today (track from Lugansk to Pervomaisk-Gorska-Lisichansk) and Stanichno-Lugansk area.

What did you do before all of these events?

I was an ordinary pensioner from Ministry Internal Affairs (MIA,) a reserve officer, (he retired with the rank of captain in 2006, he worked in the security services of different enterprises in the city.)
I have a family, wife, two children, which I was forced, after things started to happen, to take to another state.

How did you get into the ranks of the “army of the South-East, and why have they decided to fight for the independence of Donbass?

I painfully experienced what happened in Kiev in October-December. All these events – the Maidan, a coup – naturally could not pass by me, because I am law-abiding people and saw that the wickedness going on in the capital.



I watched what the so-called peaceful demonstrators, “they’re only children”, had done to the police (Berkut)- they had been beaten, shot and burned alive. Such in any country of the world is called the gravest crime.
All that was happening then in any frame did not fit. (no justification) 
And all this was served with a sauce of severe Russophobia, racial hatred, fascism, Nazism, the superiority of the Ukrainian nation over all others. And when this wave of unrest has come to us in March, when the radicals of our local bottling brothers  Serpokrylovy
heads in HQ of political party “UDAR”(Ukrainian Democratic Alliance Reform) Luhansk region, were involved in a  shooting at the guys from the “Young Guard” (one of the first organizations established in the beginning of the movement supporters of the referendum), when wounded our young friends, that’s when I realized that the joke was over.
I realized that the question is simply about the  survival of Russian-speaking people. And this is no exaggeration, because when the mad men has taken blood, it became clear that by itself this will not end, and we need to protect ourselves. And when, after the  building of SBU (Security Services Ukraine) was captured, people  held peaceful protests and there were no  weapons on the streets.
In Kiev, authorities called us terrorists, and here moved troops with heavy equipment. Therefore, it was clear that we were going to be destroyed, and we were forced to take arms against the machines.
First my wife was very seriously worried and unhappy that I had become  involved in the movement and worried for me, but the moral was always on my side. And when he started shelling the city, she already had a clear conviction that we need to fight, not to sit still, otherwise it will destroy us.
How did it happen that you became the head of the division of the Army of the South-East, which is now called “elite”?

– I originally joined the movement  Alexei Brain and was formed in them “people’s militia of Lugansk region”. When it began to organize the unit type of the military, those friends with whom I came in the militia, told me: “Sanych, you can be a commander, because you’re an officer, and have organizational and military experience.” They were right, because in the police I was the commander of the special purpose company, and of course I had the experience. I also clearly understood when people trust you cannot deny it, and need to justify their confidence, so I became a commander.

– Tell us, what is your current service, and what are the functions of “Batman”?

– I do… war. Support major combat readiness of military units, providing soldiers with food, clothing, equipment, weapons, and ammunition. There is a whole set of concerns and challenges facing any commander, that he must fulfill. After all, to be called the commander of the just, is an important matter and can be very troublesome.
I in no case do not complain. I, as the commander must take responsibility for each of my fighters, and I think that people who are in arms to protect their land, must be protected from all domestic problems. Commanders must ensure normal conditions. For me, every fighter is a person with her own inner world with their concerns and worldview. They are  not cannon fodder, not a cog in a huge body, it is primarily people, and I always remember this. 


My Department is very diversified. We perform different tasks. About all I can’t tell, but I would say that we are now engaged in law enforcement activities, because we are only now beginning to operate this system. She still makes the first steps. Now we had to take on the role of the police, because when was the most active, hot phase of the fighting, then the law enforcement system was not working at all, and law and order in the rear in the city had to be enforced. And since I’m this close, we took on these responsibilities, and people began to apply to us for help.

– About what?

Most often it was a household drunkenness, disorderly conduct, uproars. And there were, of course, acts of looting, and theft. We also detained several people for murder, they are arrested and awaiting trial. Preliminary materials on them are collected and documented as it should be.
And drunkards and family hooligans-brawlers hit and come to us for rehabilitation. By the way, we have a prohibition in the division. Fines we never no-one took, the people atone for their sins, such as digging trenches. These drunks are, and amazing things happened – several people have been cured! And one of the detainees, after serving here for 10 days, even asked to stay on with us, that he was not drunk. As it turned out, the man with Golden hands, we have assigned him to our repair shop, he was an excellent gunsmith.

– What affect has Batman had on the growth of crime in Lugansk?

Once we arrived, in the surrounding blocks became quieter and quieter. People know that they can contact us and we will always send help, and scoundrels and villains will be humbled and will be punished.

– Who is in your group?



– Basically all members are our countrymen, Luhansk residents of the region. There are of course, also several volunteers from Russia, but these are in no way “mercenaries”, which is spoken in Kiev. These people, the Russians, are  those who came to protect the Russian-speaking people of Donbass.
I had a case, last summer when two students came to us from the Russian Federation with a request to join. I turned them down, because they were not prepared for war, even the arms never held. They may be excellent scientists in the future will be, but war is not. The guys then moved away from me, talked about something and came back.  They asked if there they could stay to do help of another kind.
I then consulted with the commanders, and we identified the students abilities. They in the month and a half when they were here  counted the humanitarian aid, ammunition, helped in the kitchen, in general, was engaged in “our house”, but in any case, were not servants. When they left, I said quite sincerely, that they too took part in the fighting, because the rear is also the front.

– Have you had cases when soldiers went from the RRG?

I immediately talk about the war without embellishment, explain that combat romance is only in the movies. I always give people time to think before they join our ranks, because participation in hostilities is in itself a very important and responsible step in every person’s life, and he must decide if you are ready to go for this kind of sacrifice. I always tell people, it is better to say a firm “no” than a vague “yes” and then throw down your weapons and desert  from the battlefield, and your friends will be left without cover. When these people after our conversation said “no”, we do not condemn, it’s their choice.

But to expel you must have had to?

– I have my own recruitment. Recommendations come to me from people that I know personally or from fighters that are in the group. We in the RRG are  responsible for any offence and   not only the person who committed it, but also the one who brought the offender in.
Additionally, with each arriving fighter I spend a preliminary conversation, which tell about our orders. I don’t need to keep records of infractions, because the first case might be the last. If there is somewhere one step away from the accepted rules, then the man is ruthlessly expelled. After all, in itself belonging to the RRG is already a kind of belonging to the elite division and to wear the badge with flying mouse – this is a great honor, but it must be achieved.
All my fighters are interested in how to get rid of man unworthy. I always tell people that their shameful actions of unscrupulous fighter will stain all of us, and we will have to be washed from this spot. So the “rats” were driven off, of course, immediately.

– Does your unit have women?

Certainly, there are. For example, my Deputy is a woman, there are staff workers, cooks, girls in the personnel Department work. But we have women and on positions. For example, “Astra”, which is currently undergoing training to become minamichita. There are women snipers, medics. We have not many, and, naturally, we treat them with some “anxious”, try to protect from all the horror. But some are simply spoiling for a fight, and definitely want to be at the forefront.

– How did you manage to achieve the perfect discipline?

– Mutual respect is the basis of my discipline. It is in our division and is manifested from an ordinary soldier to the commander and vice-versa. On fear and intimidation, idiotic orders, for example, “build a fence from here till Monday” -this is not the way. If the relationship and subordination is based on negative reinforcement, then nothing good will come of it: people will simply cease to protect you, they will leave the place, after all, why should they such commanders and such a war. All our discipline is supported on respect for human relationship, and so there must be.

The last question in the interview asked Cmmdr.  Bednov that since his was not a regular army,   if he ever had the desire to set up his own independent “warlord” type control mechanism or “withdraw from the jurisdiction of the center”.

– I am a supporter of the idea of a single country – Novorossia, I never even had divided us in the Donetsk and Lugansk.


For me LNR and DND one, and the boundary between them is just a formality.  I was born and raised in the huge state of social justice in the Soviet Union, so I never even didn’t thought about some “own” the territory and its management. I never thought about that somewhere to grab them yourself “Hutorok” and to be there “commander in chief”. I am against autonomous principalities. We must be a united state, people, united by one story, one faith.

By the way, I do not think that the Brain had a kind of separate “Principality”, as some say. LNR exists in the former borders of Luhansk region of Ukraine, and all the territory that is now under the control of different departments, is a single state. All this land belongs to the people here and nobody else.

– But you aren’t without ambitions – even ran for the post of head LNR, and as it turned out that voters ultimately did not see your name on the ballot?

– For technical reasons it is not made. Most of all it upset my friends and acquaintances, and I’m not. For me it was sort of a “trial run”. I think that it was a success because the conversations on the Internet and around the city were positive. People reacted to my initiative, that the militia of the candidate. And for me it is kind of achieved results. I’m sure I’m still ahead, because this is not the last election.
You see, today it’s not in any specific personalities, not for the personal ambitions of any of the contenders. The event itself was important for our young Republic. This is one of the hallmarks of emerging statehood. In these elections the people have may choices, and this in itself is good.

From The “Summary”.


СРБски ФБРепортер

srebrenica kako je stvarno bilo

Veritas Vos Liberabit…

(The truth shall set us free…)

What you are about to read (and watch) is the third part of FBR editor Biljana Dikovic’s interview (serial) with Mr. Alexander Dorin, publicist from Switzerland, about the real genocide that has been taking place in, and around Srebrenica for almost three years, prior to Srebrenica “incident” in 1995- which was labeled by the “West influenced” Hague tribunal (ICTY) as a “genocide”, allegedly perpetrated by Serbs. We are not going to discuss, nor confront here this statement in any way…

…We are going here to present you the indisputable evidence about horrific crimes committed against “Srebrenica Serbs” by the West backed Islamic fighters- the facts that are still today suppressed or censored by the Western governments, and by most of their main-stream media.

The Islamic fighters (so called Bosnian army) reinforced by Mujahedin fighters from Islamic countries, literally wiped out…

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#Weapons, #Prostitutes #Drugs –Things #Poroshenko is Associated With Gregory KOLYADA 24.05.2014

#Weapons, #Prostitutes and #Drugs –These are Things Petro #Poroshenko is Associated With
Gregory KOLYADA 24.05.2014
#strategic culture
No matter how few people may take part in the Ukraine’s presidential election on Sunday, the outcome is known in advance – Petro Poroshenko, the US favorite rote son, will be declared the winner of the race. The result will further split the country. Many regions refuse to recognize as President this chocolate king who is notorious for pocketing government money. Poroshenko has no chance to stop the bloody conflict even scrupulously carrying out all the orders given by Joe Biden, Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt. Besides, the mission of putting an end to bloodshed has never been set by his US bosses…

Billionaire Poroshenko started his business by laundering the money of Soviet times’ administrators. He has never been an entrepreneur to start a business of his own. The story is invented. He made a head start thanks to the criminal connections of his father sentenced for large-scale theft in 1986. Having served the sentence, Poroshenko Sr. launched his own business making his son involved in the activities. The business was dirty, it all started with plundering state property by armed gangs. The Poroshenko family had plans to expand the activities beyond Ukraine. Tatyana Mikoyan, a well-known Kiev-based lawyer, remembers what the family did in Transnistria, «It was horrible back in the 1990s: illegal arms, prostitutes, drugs – all bringing profits to father and son». Poroshenko Sr. was awarded for his merits – in 2009 he received the Hero of Ukraine decoration bought for him by his son who paid to then President Yushenko, the Godfather to Petro Poroshenko’s children. The would-be President-elect is well known for misappropriating budget funds. He has the reputation of someone who knows how to make money out of thin air. Many times he has been accused of being involved in large scale corruption schemes, open lobbying, embezzlement of budget allocations, tax evasion, illegal operations to acquire shares and physically threatening political opponents and competitors. Certainly he is not just another swindler but a tycoon, an owner of huge and diversified business empire.

Forbes lists Petro Poroshenko as the 130th richest Jew in the world with 1, 6 billion dollars. The would-be President of Ukraine Poroshenko was born Waltzman. Poroshenko is his mother’s name, she was also a Jew. In the past Poroshenko was a sponsor of Our Ukraine and Victor Yushchenko. His business empire also includes the 5th TV channel known for vehement anti-Russian propaganda. Until recently his Roshen confectionary manufacturing group had earned hundreds of millions in US dollars making business in Russia. As of 2012, Roshen accounted for 3, 2% of Russian market (the 6th largest producer). He always used the money earned for anti-Russian projects.

The presidential hopeful and tomorrow’s President-elect makes the return of Crimea to Ukraine and defending the country from «outside intervention» his foreign policy priorities. It’s hard to find anything stated in concrete terms in his program. There is nothing definite there. Instead it is full of empty calls for making a «free European state», «revive military might» etc. Many find his speeches repugnant, especially when Poroshenko starts telling stories about «patriotism», «national unity» and «protection of human rights».

Petro Poroshenko is a political chameleon. This tycoon was very cynical as he went into politics. He did it for personal enrichment. He is full of ambitions and outright lust for power but lacks a professional team to work effectively or impress public. He is rather led by greed than ideas.

Now Poroshenko exercises control over local authorities in the Vinnytsia, Volyn, Chernovitsy and Zaporozhye regions dreaming of spreading his power to the whole Ukraine. His propensity to get involved in monkey business can hardly be restrained. Poroshenko is one of the most odious figures in Ukrainian politics and heads the list of the country’s corrupted persons. Having suffered so many failures, he is going to become the country’s next President with Washington’s blessing.

Interview with Николай Патрушев Nikolay Patrushev 15-Oct.2014

Николай Патрушев: “Отрезвление” украинцев будет жестким и болезненным
только в “РГ”
Текст: Иван Егоров
Patrushev: “Sobering” Ukrainians will be hard and painful
Only in the “РГ”
Text: Ivan Egorov


Nikolay Patrushev: A quarter-century United States to pursue the full separation of the former Soviet republics of Russia.

Secretary of the Russian Security Council in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta told about how Russian analysts a year ago predicted the development of the situation in Ukraine. And also assessed the role of the USA and NATO in the events in the east of Ukraine, explained why these events are a continuation of the plan by Zbigniew Brzezinski in the collapse of the USSR and Russia, assessed the prospects for a multipolar world and the future of the struggle for hydrocarbon resources.


Nikolay Platonovich, the realities of recent months – a coup in Ukraine, the military actions of the Ukrainian authorities against the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, the rabid anti-Russian course of Kiev- Was it possible to predict such developments only a year ago?

Our experts have warned about the potential deterioration of the situation in Ukraine in terms of political and economic instability, especially under external influence.
However, it should be recognized that the events were close to instantaneous, and  seizure of power in Kiev based on battle groups composed of  outright Nazis at that time was not obvious.
Let me remind you that before the  coup, Moscow fully complied with all its partnership obligations with  Kiev.
We had continuously provided material and financial support, without which Ukraine was not able to cope with economic difficulties, from turning chronic. To support our neighbors we mobilized material and financial resources of tens of billions of dollars. Unfortunately, for many in Ukraine this support over time has become so familiar that its importance for the survival of the country was simply forgotten.
If we talk about more long-term forecasting, the Ukrainian crisis has become quite an expected result of systemic activity of the U.S. and its closest allies.
The last quarter of a century, this activity was aimed at a complete separation of the Ukraine and other former Soviet republics from Russia, total reformatting of the post-Soviet space under the American interests. These activities  created the conditions and the pretexts for colour revolutions and were provided generous state funding.
So, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland has said repeatedly that Washington between 1991 and 2013 has spent 5 billion dollars on “support for  the aspirations of the Ukrainian people to a stronger, democratic government”. According to the only open sources, such as documents of the U.S. Congress, the total public funding of various American programs of “help”for Ukraine for the period from 2001 to 2012 amounted to not less than 2.4 billion US dollars. This compares with an annual budget of some small countries. The United States Agency for International Development spent about half a billion dollars, the State Department – nearly half a billion, the Pentagon more than 370 million dollars.

The Ukrainian crisis has become quite an expected result of systemic activity of the U.S. and its closest allies

According to the reports of the Congress, in the programs of assistance to Ukraine, in addition to the well-known USAID, other agencies involved organizations such as the Millennium Challenge Corporation, the Peace Corps and the Center “Open World”.
It is easy to guess, for whom and why “open world” American volunteers and staff of diplomatic missions all 23 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Maybe the money went to a good cause and helped to build in Ukraine for the Americans present “democratic” society?

Nikolay Patrushev: I don’t know what kind of good deed it is, if the result of this activity in Ukraine has bred a whole generation, completely poisoned by the hatred of Russia and the mythology of “European values”. It is not yet aware that these values, even in the positive sense of the term, for Ukrainians actually are not intended. No one  intends to  raise the standard of living in Ukraine or to integrate them into Europe, which is itself having  great difficulty coping with extremely  serious challenges and threats.
This is the objective of the interdependence of economic, logistic and other relations, which has evolved over centuries. A complete break of these ties would be a painful blow to Russia but for  Ukraine, it  would be disastrous.
Not accidentally, the current President Petro Poroshenko has followed his deposed predecessor on the question of the postponement of the implementation of the economic part of the already signed- Agreement of Association of Ukraine with the EU.
We should expect that the victory euphoria from other Kievan rulers will also be replaced by a more sober assessment of the real situation.
I think that the “sobering” for Ukrainians will be hard and painful. It is hoped that this will happen relatively quickly, which can contribute to a number of objective reasons. I want to mention another factor, which is of fundamental importance. Regardless of future developments, the significance for each other – Russia and Ukraine – will be saved. Ukraine simply will not be able to successfully develop without Russia, whether you like it or not.

If we talk about more long-term forecasting, Ukrainian crisis has become quite an expected result of systemic activity of the U.S. and its closest allies.


Some experts believe that the Ukrainian crisis was just a pretext for a new aggravation of the relations of the West with Russia. Is this true?

Nikolay Patrushev: Indeed, if catastrophe in Ukraine had not occurred, there would had to have been another reason to activate the policy of “containment” of our country. This course has been  strictly followed for many years, changing only the forms and tactics of its implementation.
As you know, after WWll  confrontation between the Soviet Union and the West, led by the United States took the form of a “Cold War”. The military-political component of this confrontation was assigned to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), established on the initiative of the United States on- 4, April 1949.
Analysis of the practical activities of NATO shows that, creating the alliance, the US has pursued two main objectives.
First, under American leadership, it formed a military alliance directed against the Soviet Union.
Second, Washington  preempted the emergence in western Europe of independent groupings of states, which could compete with the US. It should be recalled that the territory of the U.S.A. having  established unilateral military control over its allies in NATO did not include the US within its operational zone.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the termination of the Warsaw Pact, which had joined the Socialist countries of Europe and by definition was presented by NATO as the “main danger”,  NATO was not disbanded, but began to further expand numerically and militarily.

But NATO was not the only factor that contributed to the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Nikolay Patrushev: during the “cold war” in the West there were a number of ideological doctrines that served as a rationale for anti-Soviet policy. One of the authors of such works was an American political scientist and statesman of Polish origin: Zbigniew Brzezinski.
He explained the so-called strategy of “vulnerabilities”, the essence of which was to identify potential weaknesses of the enemy and turn them into serious problems. The strategy was allowed to distract the main forces of the enemy from the real confrontation with the United States and to force him to concentrate all resources on the resolution of their own growing difficulties.
In the 70-ies of the last century Brzezinski had developed a strategy option “vulnerabilities” in relation to the USSR, which under President Reagan became the basis of American policy toward our country. Implementation of the strategy was led by the National Security Council-headed by the President of the United States. Identification and clarification of “vulnerabilities”, as well as ways of transforming them into “problems” for the USSR  were assigned to  CIA.
It is noteworthy that the then CIA Director William Casey decided to recruit outstanding scientists, especially economists, and experts from the business world who had real experience in the business of wars with competitors. In the large-scale analytical work were identified and systematically studied the “vulnerabilities” of the USSR in the political, economic, ideological, and other areas.
The main “bottleneck” of our country, as identified by the CIA, was its economy. After detailed modeling of American specialists showed her the “weak link”, namely, the high dependence of the budget of the USSR from energy exports. This became a strategy of provoking the financial and economic bankruptcy of the Soviet State, for two interrelated objectives: organization of the sharp decline of revenue in the budget of the USSR foreign trade, combined with a significant increase in costs of resolution are organized from outside problems.
As the main measures to reduce the revenue part of the budget was considered the decline in world oil prices. This was achieved by the mid 80-ies, when the collusion of the U.S. rulers of a number of oil-producing countries, the market has formed an artificial surplus of raw materials and oil prices fell by almost 4 times.
The rising costs of the Soviet Union was provoked in several ways: the transition from the American strategy of countering the USSR in Afghanistan, to the strategy of deep involvement in his Afghan war; incitement of anti-governmental demonstrations in Poland and other countries of the socialist camp in order to urge Moscow to additional costs to stabilize the situation in eastern Europe; the escalation of the arms race, including through the introduction of a bluff with SDI and so on.
It should be said that the Americans managed to achieve their goals. The result of their work was a significant excess of the cost of the USSR over income, which ultimately triggered a deep economic crisis that then spread to the political and ideological sphere. Short-sighted attempts by the Soviet leadership to alleviate the situation at the expense of external financial assistance given Washington more leverage with Moscow. Proposed by West and implemented through the IMF and the world Bank “health” measures to liberalize foreign trade without a smooth shift from the old monopoly system led to the final collapse of the economy.
According to American experts, “vulnerabilities”, which demonstrated the enormous economic efficiency variations of the “cold war” compared to war, “hot”, to a great extent contributed to the dissolution of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, was Russia still able to resist the new repartition of the world or was  surrender of  their positions and former allies, such as Yugoslavia already predetermined?

Nikolay Patrushev: By the end of the twentieth century in this region formed a socio-political “break”, most vividly manifested in the collapse of the multiethnic and multi-religious Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The heads of states of leading NATO countries took advantage of the  military-political situation in order to realize their long-term goals in south-eastern Europe.
In the 1990-ies the Russian Federation due to known reasons, both internal and external lost ascendancy in the Balkans which the USSR had maintained, and followed a path of compromise with the West. It is the Balkans especially which clearly showed unilateral surrender of Russia’s positions in the international arena. Between 1991 through 1996 the structure that shaped the foreign policy of our country, officially did not even include such thing as a “national interest”. There were groundless expectations of gratitude for obedience from Western partners and expectations of  some special benefit to our country from close and unconditional cooperation with the United States. In fact, the American partners almost immediately ceased to perceive us seriously and only from time to time as if condescending gave us a “pat on the shoulder”.
NATO, under the guise of peacekeeping and without serious objection from our side, confidently acted outside its responsibility, sought the right to lease  strategic infrastructure for long periods, in different ways actually subdued the military authorities of a number of Balkan countries. Units of the alliance became firmly established in the region. Other states participating in peacekeeping missions, including Russia, were placed in subordinate roles, wary (unacustomed) to being junior partners and not wanting to see the obvious fact: the war in the Balkans could be considered as rehearsal and prologue for larger steps to redivide the world.

Is it  likely that these steps led to the clash of interests of Western countries and Russia in the post-Soviet time?

Nikolay Patrushev: The US has acted especially aggressive and brazen in the last twenty years.  Emboldened by the weakening and then the collapse of the USSR, American ruling circles did everything possible to ensure the domination of the largest sources of raw material resources of our country and Central Asia, as well as transit routes of their exports. Washington planned to extend the scope of its direct impact on the areas of the Black Sea, Caucasus and Caspian Sea.
All these areas were called “strategic national interests” by the United States. The only obstacle that remained to  implementation of Americas plans to take full control of these  respective fields and transport corridors was Russia,which had  preserved its military capabilities and remained capable of causing unacceptable damage to the United States.
To resolve this difficulty American strategists envisioned a final collapse of the system of state power and the subsequent dismemberment of our country. Considered to become the first region, which was supposed to depart from Russia, was the North Caucasus.
Special emphasis was placed on Chechnya and its declared “independence” while in actuality being  trapped under the control of the West. Extremists and their supporters in Russia were provided support from security services in the UK, the US and allies in Europe as well as factions within Middle East countries.
Under these conditions, the Russian Federation Government took a firm, principled stand to protect the unity of the State. Ultimately these results are demonstrated by the strong enduring  political will of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who with great effort managed to stop the detachment of Chechnya from Russia, and then fastened the Republic within the Federation.
After 11 September 2001, the world community has recognized the terrorist threat as a major and global reaching threat with an  understanding that countering this threat requires a common effort. As a result of Russia’s campaign against international terrorists in the Caucasus, the west was left with a few weak attacks on Russia, and we have not objected to the operation of the Americans and their allies in Afghanistan. This followed the announcement of the formation of a broad anti-terrorist coalition.
At that time, Washington had shown some willingness to engage, but actually was not going to abandon the policy of “containment” toward Russia. To our borders NATO deployed new objects. International law was substituted by the law of force (remember already mentioned the dismemberment of Yugoslavia and then Serbia, the occupation of Iraq, the invasion of the so-called coalition forces in Afghanistan).
After 7-8 August 2008, when the government of Georgia with the support of the U.S. tried to destroy South Ossetia, the world once again has changed significantly. For the first time in many decades, Washington had provided direct support to a foreign state, who attacked Russian citizens and peacekeepers.
The war in the Balkans could be considered as rehearsal and prologue for large-scale steps on the division of the world
The bid was made on the surprise. Georgian dictator believed that military intervention on the opening day of the World Olympic games would put Russia in a difficult position, and the Georgians, taking advantage of this, realize their “blitzkrieg”. However, the Russian government quickly responded to the sharp deterioration of the situation and had taken the necessary measures to stop the aggression.

At this time of formation, and recognition of  new geopolitical realities – multipolarity of the modern world
What have been the reactions of the US?

Nikolay Patrushev: After the August (2008) events in the Caucasus, Washington was alarmed with the explicit intention of Russia to regain its place among the world powers. In  the 21st century- to defend the principle of equal opportunities, with Russia’s full autonomy in global politics. And convert financial state revenues derived from natural resource exploitation into real economic and defense benefits for the betterment of the people living in the mineral rich zones.
American leadership is clearly not happy about Russia’s cooperation with China and India, the introduction of the practice of the summits in the BRICS format, the successful activities of other organizations, in which Russia holds a leading position (CSTO, SCO and EAEC), and the formation of the Customs Union.
In the context of the burgeoning global economic and financial crisis (2008) it became increasingly important for the  U.S. to  factor in such new major players on the international arena as China, India, Brazil, Iran, and the growing economies of Southeast Asia and South Korea. Here, by the way, the emergence of new conceptual installations of special U.S.-China partnership, strategic interactions USA to India, direct dialogue between Washington and Iran and so on.
The new administration of President Barack Obama began to receive signals about the need to restore a mutually beneficial dialogue with Russia on a range of issues. This positive attitude of US authorities, was impossible not to welcome.
However, it soon became clear that Washington was not concerned with true cooperation. Obama issued only statements about the “friendliness” coupled with the invention of some negotiating tracks, the use of which for Russia in the end proved to be almost zero. After some time, even such non-binding positive conversations stopped, and the attitude of the US towards our country began to recall the times of the Cold War.

Ukraine grown a whole generation, poisoned by the hatred of Russia and the mythology of “European values”

And was the logical conclusion of such a policy the Ukrainian crisis?

Nikolay Patrushev: a coup in Kiev, perfect with explicit support from the United States, conducted by the classical scheme, piloted in Latin America, Africa and the middle East. But never before such a scheme would not affect you so deeply Russian interests.
The analysis shows that, provoking Russia to reciprocate, the Americans are pursuing the same goals as in the 80-ies of the twentieth century in relation to the USSR. As then, they try to determine the “vulnerabilities” of our country. At the same time, by the way, solves the problem of neutralization of the European economic competitors, too, which according to Washington, have grown closer to Moscow.
I want to remind you that Washington has always sought to have leverage on Russia. So, in 1974, was adopted by the famous amendment of Jackson-Vanik, which restricted trade relations with our country. It would seem that she has completely lost its relevance right after the collapse of the USSR, but still operated until 2012, when instead it was immediately adopted the so-called “Magnitsky list”.
The current sanctions are  from the same series. The activities of the administration of the United States in the Ukrainian direction is implemented in the framework of the renewed foreign policy of the White House, aimed at keeping American leadership in the world through strategic deterrence of the growing influence of the Russian Federation and other centers of power. While Washington actively uses on its own terms the potential of NATO, seeking through political and economic pressure to prevent any hesitation on the part of its allies and partners.

Why American elite so stubbornly clings to the right of control over foreign natural resources, when Western experts declared the importance of developing alternative energy sources, allegedly capable of quickly to replace oil and gas?

Nikolay Patrushev: actually, experts are confident that in the coming decades alternatives to replace hydrocarbons as a source for energy will not appear.  Moreover, in the West there is a prevalent understanding that the total capacity of nuclear, hydro, wind, solar and other stations will satisfy not more than one-fifth of the world’s needs.
We should not forget about another important aspect. In the modern world there has been a steady increase in shortage of food and drinking water for the increasing population of the planet. The lack of the most basic means of subsistence pushes desperate people to extremist manifestations, involvement in terrorism, piracy and crime. This is one of the causes of acute conflict between countries and regions, as well as mass migration.
The lack of water and irrigated land is often a cause of strife, for example, between the republics of Central Asia. The problem of water resources is acute in some other Asian countries and especially in Africa.
Many American experts, including former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright argued that “under the rule of Moscow” was such a huge territory, which it is not able to master and thus, “does not serve the interests of all mankind.” Continue sounding claims about the “unfair” distribution of natural resources and the need to provide so-called “free access” to them in other states.
The Americans believe that others also share this similar view and can be found, especially in Russia’s neighboring states, which in the long term and as is now usual, the “coalition” will support the appropriate claims to our country.
As in the case of Ukraine, it is proposed to solve the problems at the expense of Russia, but without taking into account its interests.
Even in periods of relative warming in relations between Russia (USSR) and the United States American partners always remained riveted to such views.
Therefore, regardless of the nuances in the behavior of the Americans and their allies, the Russian leadership as a permanent task: to guarantee the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Motherland, to protect and increase its wealth, properly dispose of them in the interests of the multinational people of the Russian Federation.


ATO-Just Business and Nothing Personal?

Analytics by nikanatin

West again eloquently silent. It is the wests will carried out, appointed by the President of Petro Poroshenko.



Until a few days ago at a meeting of the Security Council of Ukraine, he instructed law enforcement officers:
Form a few new units and that will override the possible occurrence of militias. And said:
It is about the direction of Berdyansk, Kharkov, Lugansk north, Mariupol and Dnepropetrovsk region. On the moral side of this decision even say no. Ask another question, more close and clear as the current Ukrainian government and the West: what money will be equipped a new army units?
Everyone knows: the state treasury is empty. As we recall, this summer statesmen decided to spend in the country share “Support Ukrainian army.”


Ukrainians, as they say about themselves, the people are kind, sympathetic, friendly and, most importantly, peaceful – sacrificed to the needs of their “liberation” army of more than 150 million USD. (Remittances). The press service of the military department specified, then, that from all this, well, absolutely not “frail” amount of donations 138 million 406 thousand. USD. will be spent on the “logistics, the remaining money will be spent on medical care of the Armed Forces.”
But on further collected using SMS (5 UAH. Each) of 80 million USD. Defense Ministry planned to buy … sleeping bags, vests and helmets. No “golden” hardly get bags and other ammunition, given that the amount of about $ 13 million. US ?! So the question to ask yourself even allowed some Ukrainian media, for the most part crushed the SBU, the Interior Ministry and other Controlling-banning-checked by the authorities. Pinned down to such an extent that even the hint of the truth did not come through (and not penetrate!) On their pages. But here the “voice” they served. Apparently, all the same to resolve the “top”. And they told the media that stores the usual “sleeping” cost 200 USD, and the soldiers will sew on the 500, and probably in some prodeputatskoy “office.”

And despite the fact that the servile soldiers recruits who drop in hotspots, actually begging, – commented on the fact that the publication of “AIF” Ukrainian political scientist Denis Omelchuk.
It was then, after a series of major defeats “national consciousness” of military units during the civil war with the militia DNI and LC revealed that’re coming out patriots not only do not know how to fight, so they also “eat” something, even a new form at all not enough. Ammunition and equipment missing, and more abundantly, and with crackers here was tight, with bandages, iodine, aspirin, analginum and other drugs fared even worse. And all because the money for ATO abruptly ended. That has been started the action “Support the Ukrainian army”, which brought the state treasury more than 200 million hryvnia.
On account of Ministry of Defence also received 154.5 thousand. Dollars. US, 77.3 thous. EUR 5.3 thousand. CZK 450 Canadian dollars. 140 CHF 500 PLN. Total – Foreign Currency in UAH equivalent of 3 million 82.4 thousand. Finance Minister Oleksandr Shlapak (former Komsomol leaders of the regional scale, and they are able to take other people’s money) is explained in the beginning of the year (when the war up close and did not smell!) That costs for Ukrainian army increased by 50%, because “we need tangible preload” funds for medicine, “social” and even begging the agricultural sector. After the start of the military operation against the eastern regions, these costs have doubled or even tripled. According to official data, in 2014 the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has received about $ 1 billion., Still more than 11 million dollars. Army was given as a charitable support. Until the end of the year to carry out punitive operations in the east of Ukraine plans to spend $ 800 million.
However, according to the Ministry of Defense, the Army “to ensure necessary” only 30-40%. However, the president Poroshenko once atonement for his high office, immediately promised that “Ukrainian soldiers never to be naked and barefoot.” For additional funding for the troops even introduced a special “war tax” of 1.5% of the income of citizens of Ukraine, which should give an additional $ 300 million.

In general, these millions and billions of dollars and hryvnia – a lot of money for any country and for Ukraine – especially. Ukrainian economy is in a serious crisis, writes the magazine «Forbes». And emphasizes that the earlier the Ukrainian government has reached an agreement with the IMF to provide loans to 17.01 billion dollars., Moreover, that as of September, the country had only 16.3 billion dollars. Reserves. National Bank of Ukraine on November 3, said that the country will pay the current debt to “Gazprom” and for not yet delivered gas just at the expense of foreign reserves. It is expected that this year the payments will be $ 4.5 billion.

However, the soldiers found themselves in a combat zone, and volunteers, volunteer to help the Ukrainian army, still paint a bleak picture: the majority of the military is not only no body armor and helmets, but often the tents and sleeping bags. Units not even got to the ambiance, do not have proper nutrition, and forced to produce it themselves (rob civilians to seek out “grass” food). Similar reports come from different parts of the Ukrainian army throughout the period of armed conflict.
Lack of water, medicines, basic hygiene products for the Ukrainian army became the norm. However, we do not pity them. But here’s a fact I can not accept indifferently. In late October, the former Minister for Social Policy (2012-2014) Natalie King said that the lack of funds in the Pension Fund may lead to the fact that in November many of the 13.6 million seniors will not receive a pension. Or again: Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko recently complained to journalists that “on the nutrition of children in kindergartens and schools have money left over for two weeks.” A need, according to the chairman of the budget committee of city council A. Strannikova, before the year is 100 million USD. Already two months salaries are not paid employees of KP “Kievmetrostroy”, there are many other financial “holes” …

And this is in a prosperous capital, and what is happening in other regions? Ukrainian “backwoods” is already on the verge of survival … And please compare gigantic amounts going to the “needs” of the army and the necessary food to children in the same financial crumbs. The figures are not comparable.
But no one in the state still have not bothered to ask the obvious question: why is the water in the sand left the funds that were released to finance punitive action?

Apparently, quite deliberately not specified.
Here, for example, in some Ukrainian media “skip” information that is used in the Donbass 152-mm self-propelled “MSTA-S”. Military experts explained that the high-precision laser-guided missiles of these self-propelled howitzers allow you to destroy the enemy, minimizing civilian casualties. Lies, of course, the essence of an entirely different. The expert explained that only one shot of “Msta” worth 200 thousand. USD. – Is about 600 thousand. Rubles., And who will be able to calculate how much so already written off the money “at war” and more will be written off?
Every day, the fighting cost Kiev, according to Poroshenko, to 6 million USD. Experts called the figure even 7 million. According to them, the cost of lost Ukraine airplanes, helicopters and armored personnel carriers have already made more than $ 100 million.
At the same time arms dealers gladly calculate profits. If before, for example, a Kalashnikov rifle sold for 500 “buck”, but now it will not give less, than for 1100-1200. And after Lugansk Cartridge Plant was brought under control by militias LC, each cartridge Kalashnikov participants ATO was 10 times more expensive.
Apparently, based on the complete idiots bankers of Ukraine urged people to return the removed deposits. Savings Ukrainian citizens stored “under the mattress” – this is the “blood” in which so require banks. This was at a briefing in the National Bank of Ukraine said the other day the representatives of commercial banks. “Exchange rate stability – is our shared responsibility – said the Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Andrei Lush. – Approximately $ 8 billion. Now lie “under the mattress.” Return them to the Ukrainian economy, let breathe economy. Search equilibrium in the economy – our common goal. ” Chairman of the bank “Credit Agricole” Eugene Chemeris compared the savings of citizens with the blood of the financial system and encouraged them to donate money for the welfare of the banking system:
Now there is a war. Just as we hand over the blood-donor for the soldiers, we must pour the blood into the financial system, the country’s economy. We note in passing that every week under the building of the National Bank in Kiev rallies defrauded investors who complain that they can not withdraw their deposits, but their voices and do not want to hear, and hear not, though quite nearby is the Presidential Administration.
In this situation, somehow, even embarrassing to recall that, for example, that the total personal income of the current Prime Minister of Ukraine Yatsenyuk on the results of 2013 amounted to nearly 2 million USD., And president of Poroshenko – 51,830,000 USD .

Moreover, the International Investment Bank (IIB), whose owner is actually the president Poroshenko because it directly and indirectly owns approximately 59% of the shares since the beginning of 2014 increased its assets by 50%.
Meanwhile, according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the President of the country is forbidden to assume leadership positions in business. Therefore, an international investment bank and a company that owns half of its shares, it is not included in the manual. The company is headed by his father Alexei Poroshenko (Valtsman). The head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valery Gontareva question edition of “Radio Liberty”, which was published this information: Are there any signs of abuse in the rapid growth of income and the cost of such banks as IIS? – Noted that the reason for the rapid growth may be fluctuations in the dollar. Disingenuous pani banker. “Radio Liberty” directly links the growth of the bank’s assets exclusively with its owner – the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. Incidentally, the bank does not hide its head of state supplies all the data is on the site.

But when the industry “bent”, flows into the domestic market collapse, and the banking system is in a state of PIS, the war becomes almost the easiest way to grow your business. To incite a war of the oligarchs and politicians – easy, but deadly for the rest of the people. However, the Ukrainian people have now the power that was worthy: eyes have seen that chooses … The latest example: the National Guard under the buses purchased from a former business partner Poroshenko 31 million hryvnia (about 92.6 million rubles). On September 19 the Ukrainian media reported. Bus manufacturer company “Bogdan Motors” is a corporation “Bogdan” Oleg Svinarchuk, a business partner of President of Ukraine, which in 2009 he was co-owner of this business. Interestingly, the company received an order without a tender. This was told the publication “Nashі groshі” referring to the “Bulletin of the public procurement.” But is it for someone a secret war in the Donbas is profitable to many Ukrainian businessmen?

So, in June gostender fuel supply companies to the tune of 6.2 million dollars. Won the company, part of the fuel group of people’s deputy Igor Eremeeva. When they began to understand, it was found out that the price of fuel is overestimated by 3-5 times.
And about the profits that made himself oligarch Igor Kolomoisky in “nezalezhnoy” already legends.


Recently it became known that his company is in late spring to get most of the contracts from the Ministry of Defence for the supply of fuel for the army. The price of the contract was nearly $ 16 million. Although until recently, many Ukrainian media confidently wrote that this noble man runs the equipment operational command “South” at his own expense. Certainly not! In addition, at least every third hryvnia released after the beginning of hostilities by the National Bank for liquidity and rate of the Ukrainian national currency, goes to the notorious “Privatbank”, controlled by the same Igor Kolomoisky.

Austrian edition «Contra Magazin» recently published material in which journalists have come to the conclusion that the oligarchs, including Poroshenko, cashing in on the so-called antiterrorist operation (ATO). The money that “nezalezhna” receives from the West, are, primarily, on the support of the army and the defense industry.

The authors claim: companies that perform government contracts, own oligarchs, including the very Poroshenko (№1284 in the global ranking of billionaires version «Forbes», state – $ 1.3 billion.)

Thus, at the expense of the public treasury moguls increase their already solid capital, while the citizens of the country in which the left and so little money, are forced to pay higher taxes and suffer from reduced social benefits.

In Ukraine, the mass action cynical schemes by which military lobby richer, says political analyst Sergei Mikheyev.
In the spring it was obvious that there was quite a lot of people who are on the so-called ATO make good money. A striking example – Mr. Kolomoisky. In addition to various frauds with fuel, flak jackets and the like, are used more “gray” schemes related to “Privatbank”: it is known that the oligarch lists participants ATO fees through your bank card.


There were rumors that people money on the card come, but here is to use them they can not. The scam is simple: “Privatbank” skims funds, and hopes that one or the other recipient of money in the end die.

But of those who profit from the ATO, catch the hand can only warlords. They get the money before the fight, but give them to the soldiers after the fighting, not to pay the victims, while specifying that they are either missing or poisoned “counterfeit” vodka …

Such frauds are easy to prove, but none are not engaged. Yes, and would not engage in this “stuff” on a background of total corruption, built by the war in the rank of state policy.

Kiev analyst Oleg Bondarenko said that, from a business perspective, there are forces interested in the escalation of the war:
How Poroshenko personally interested in military action, I have no information. I can only say that he was ready for war even before he became president. So, in private conversations tycoon called for tough military action against the Donbass. How he has a personal interest in the sale of weapons, hard to say, but it can be assumed that such an interest in the case.
And Igor Kolomoisky gives television interview in which he declares the beginning of a new wave of property. Kolomoysky lists of what to take and share. In it the assets of his sworn rivals: the once richest Ukrainians Rinat Akhmetov – he planned to take Dneprenergo, Dneproblenergo, operator Ukrtelecom; and oligarch Dmitry Firtash. Kolomoisky liked Zaporozhye Titanium-Magnesium Works and fertilizer producer “Sumykhimprom”. They say that these plans are already being put into practice. The group “Privat” Igor Kolomoisky start press down under all the more assets.

“Private” – the most aggressive and active player of the corporate sector to seize the assets and businesses for the purchase depressed. These companies continue to control, telling the tale of a beautiful ATO assistance to widows and children. Very profitable, hiding behind revolutionary rhetoric – fog of war – to take away property “, – says Andrey Semididko, head of anti-raider Union of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine. Himself, by the way, the entrepreneur, is now engaged in a struggle with the raiders. Says a redistribution of property has not been since the 1990s. It started when recently to local authorities new people came. “They were engaged in looting. Attempts weaning property: capture buildings, shopping areas, markets, even for a short period of time bring the lease payments – says Semididko.

Ukrainian oligarchs, note there is anyone to learn. The tense situation in Ukraine in recent months is for American defense companies an excellent opportunity to increase revenue. Thus, the head of the concern «Lockheed Martin» Marilyn Hewson said in an interview with German newspaper «Welt am Sonntag», that Ukrainian crisis will help boost sales MEADS missile system and the new generation fighter F-35 NATO countries, primarily – in Europe. Thus, in the military-industrial complex of the United States is well aware that the tension in the Ukraine – a great opportunity to “make money” intimidate Europe vusmert “Russian aggression”. Most of the Ukrainian population under the influence of militaristic propaganda has long rest assured that at the eastern border troops are fighting the Russian army.





China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2014) on Nov. 11, thru Nov. 16

Commencement with the 65th anniversary of China’s  Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF)


{The PLAAF was officially established on 11, November 1949;} China will host China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China 2014) on Nov. 11, thru Nov.  16.
Over 40 countries will be represented with 27 countries sending top military officials. 



Taking part in the Zhuhai Airshow will be the Chinese aerial acrobatic team


known as August 1st 八一飞行 flying the Chengdu J-10.


Although not officially on the schedule, speculation abounds as to whether  the Chinese J-31 stealth fighter will be making its debut appearance. m.youtube.com/watch?v=ToNZ-nbbEG0


Chinese aviation currently manufactures everything from drones, crop-dusters,


transport planes,



commercial airliners, and fighter jets and are poised to become a leading exporter nation of avionic technology.
There remains within China the perception that the US is using its influence unduly by pressuring the Republic of Korea from participation. The South Korean aerobatic team the Black Eagles fly the T-50B. The aircraft is basically the same as original T-50 except for smoke generation system, several cameras, and two wingtip visible lights.


The T-50 is the ROK’s first indigenous produced aircraft with development occurring in the 1990s.  Its maidan flight was in 2002 and it entered service in 2005.
It remains doubtful as to the “security” concerns put forth by the US as a credible reason for denying participation, in view of the surpassed technological advancements since then.
China extended the invitation to South Korea which it has been reported had previously participated however apparently  for political reasons will not be allowed to fly.

Why US is stamping down on Airshow China
(People’s Daily Online)    10:29, November 08, 2014
China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) is developing a growing international reputation. On one hand, the exhibition has enhanced the competitiveness of China’s aviation industry; on the other hand, inexpensive and high quality Chinese products have made a great impact on American and European markets, which is becoming a cause of concern to the US and to other countries.
The 10th Airshow China will run from Nov. 11 to Nov. 16 in Zhuhai, Guangzhou Province. There was considerable global impact when South Korea, which has preeviously been a very enthusiastic participant in the exhibition, suddenly called off the performance of its “Black Eagle” aerobatics team because of opposition from the US.
Since 1996, Zhuhai Airshow China has built a growing international profile. It is now one of the top five aviation and aerospace events in the world. In areas such as quantity, quality, influence, the scale of media coverage, the number of foreign aerobatics performances and professional audiences, Zhuahai Airshow China has improved greatly and even become a very strong competitor to European and American airshows.
Alongside traditional participants like the Aviation Industry Corp. of South Korea, new faces including the Hong Kong Aviation Association will take part in this Airshow. 41 countries and regions, over 700 exhibitors, and 200 media agencies represented by more than 2,000 journalists will participate in this event. 45 percent of the exhibitors are foreign. These new records confirm that Airshow China is becoming more international and professional.
With the rapid development of its aviation industry, China is now threatening to break the monopoly of the US and some European countries in the global field of aviation, and take an important share in the international aviation market. This positive progress, however, is not good news for these competitors. On this occasion the US interfered with South Korea’s T-50 performance, claiming that there was a “risk of information leaks”. The truth is that this is a rather weak excuse – the appearance and basic framework of the T-50 are already familiar to the public. America’s true motive is to try to inhibit the rapid development of Airshow China.
For a very long time, manufacturers of both civil and military aircraft equipment strongly relied on American or European aviation and aerospace events like the Paris Air Show and FarnBorough International Airshow. In the past there were many obstacles for Chinese aviation enterprises trying to display their own products overseas. Now Zhuhai Airshow China provides them with an ideal opportunity to showcase their products to the rest of the world.
With the development of Zhuhai Airshow China, more and more countries are becoming interested in Chinese aviation equipment, resulting in a squeeze on American and European products. From this standpoint, it is very apparent why the US is trying to interfere with Airshow China.
This article is edited and translated from 《珠海航展,美国为何从中作梗?》, source: Beijing News, author: Xie Yongliang




China’s mysterious J-31 fighter jet will make its long-awaited debut at the annual China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai on Nov. 11, reports our Chinese-language sister paper Want Daily.
The J-31, also known as “Gyrfalcon,” or Falcon Hawk by some military enthusiasts, is a twin-engine, mid-size fifth-generation jet fighter currently under development by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation. The jet is said to be even more mysterious than the


J-20, the fellow fifth-generation fighter being developed by the Chengdu Aerospace Corporation.
The J-31 has reportedly been undergoing a series of flight tests to prepare for its official unveiling at the upcoming air show in Zhuhai in southern China’s Guangdong province next month. Analysts say it is important for the plane to be fully prepared as its specifications will inevitably be challenged by experts if there are technical issues that have not yet been resolved.
The debut of the fighter jet is said to be of major significance for China’s aviation industry. On the one hand the J-31 will show off the maturity of China’s stealth technology. On the other, it is believed that the J-31 may become the first figher jet developed by China to enter the global arms market, which could bring in the necessary funds to fund future investments and continue the development of the domestic industry.

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