Konstantin Dolgov Presenting the 3rd edition of the White Book on Crimes in Ukraine

MOSCOW, December 3. TASS



Neo-Nazi marches in Ukraine pose a threat to the entire international community, Russian Foreign Ministry’s Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law Konstantin Dolgov said on Wednesday, presenting the 3rd edition of the White Book on crimes in Ukraine.



He said that mass marches of neo-Nazis under fascist slogans were held in Ukraine on October 14.
“Why does this happen in Europe of the 21st century?” the diplomat wondered. “What is happening presents a major threat to the entire international community,” he added.

Use of phosphorous and cluster bombs in Ukraine’s east

Ukrainian government forces used phosphorus and cluster bombs, Grad and Uragan multiple rocket launchers and Tochka-U ballistic missiles against the population in the south-east of the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in its White Book.
Along with heavy weapons and warplanes, Ukrainian authorities used such ammunition as incendiary, phosphorous and cluster bombs, howitzer artillery and 240-mm mortar systems, the report said.
Kiev’s actions in Ukraine’s south-east can be defined as war crimes, Konstantin Dolgov said, presenting the third edition of the White Book on crimes in Ukraine on Wednesday.

“Certainly, all such facts can be taken as nothing but war crimes which were committed and are still being committed against civilians,” Dolgov added.

Non-politicized assessment of Ukrainian crisis

Russia urges international media and organizations to make non-politicized assessments of the causes of the Ukrainian crisis, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.
“We are convinced that distraction from reality and attempts to conceal it from the international community or to manipulate public opinion are a hypocritical and dead-locked path,” the ministry said.

Kiev, West try to put up obstacles to Russian aid delivery

The book also runs that Kiev and western countries try to put up obstacles to Russia’s efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to eastern Ukraine.
There’s a humanitarian catastrophe in eastern Ukraine as a result of Kiev’s military operations. United Nations experts said up to 60% of homes were destroyed in cities of the region, the ministry said.
In this situation it is cynical that Kiev and some Western capitals put various obstacles to Russian practical efforts to send humanitarian convoys to deliver aid for the population, the ministry added.

Probe into Boeing crash

An effective and unbiased probe into the Boeing crash near war-torn eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk is soft-pedalled in violation of the UN Security Council resolution, Russian Foreign Ministry said in the third edition of the White Book of rights violations and supremacy of law principle in Ukraine covering the period from July to November 2014 posted on the ministry’s website on Wednesday.
“Yet, an effective and unbiased investigation of this tragedy is not conducted obviously in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2166 adopted on July 21, 2014 and International Civil Aviation Organization rules is soft-pedalled by those who are not interested in finding the truth,” the document said.

A Press Conference by Konstantin Dolgov pressria.ru/pressclub/20141203/949774471.html



The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a third edition of the “White Paper violations of human rights and the rule of law in Ukraine” for the July-November 2014, the text of which was published on December 3 at the Foreign Ministry website.
Presentation of evidence include: inefficient crash investigation Malaysia Airlines Boeing MH17, irregularities during the election campaign to the parliament and the use of cluster munitions.

Thus, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that parliamentary elections were marked by an unprecedented number of gross violations during the election campaign, election day and vote counting.

“Held October 26, 2014 special elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine were marked by an unprecedented number of gross violations of basic international standards for democratic elections, which were recorded during the election campaign, election day and vote counting”, – stated in the publication.

As highlighted in the “White Paper”, this situation, including its roots, “prepared in detail in the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, the analytical report on the said elections in Ukraine.”

On the investigation of the crash Boeing

Effective and impartial investigation into the crash near Donetsk of Boeing MH17 played down in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, according to the publication.

“Until now, effective and impartial investigation of this tragedy is not carried out and it is obvious – in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2166 of 21 July 2014 and the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) – descends on the brakes to those who are not interested in establishing the truth” – the document says.

On the use of cluster munitions in the Donbas

Ukrainian authorities used against the civilian population of Donbass phosphorus and cluster munitions systems “Grad” and “Hurricane” ballistic missile “Tochka-U”, says the publication.

“Along with heavy weapons and military aircraft Ukrainian authorities against the civilian population … used such barbaric means as incendiary weapons, phosphorus and cluster munitions, multiple rocket launchers” Grad “and” Hurricane “ballistic missile” Tochka-U “howitzer artillery 240-mm self-propelled mortar “Tulip”, – stated in the book.

As stated in the publication, these data are confirmed by the media, eyewitnesses, reputable human rights NGOs such as Human Rights Watch and “Amnesty International”, a trusted source of some foreign journalists in Western governments and intelligence agencies.

“In October, as a result of a blow aimed at the residential areas of Donetsk from the territories controlled by the Ukrainian security forces and battalions of the National Guard, once again killed the children that can only be characterized as a war crime committed against the civilian population, – emphasized in the White Paper. – In the Donetsk and Lugansk region mass graves with signs of extrajudicial executions were found.

Refugees and Civilian Displacement

“In the areas affected by the fighting, continue to be about 2.5 million people. The number of internally displaced persons in Ukraine in October approached 415 thousand. Man. The total number of persons on the territory of Russia fleeing the bloody conflict zones of Ukraine, according to the Federal Migration Service of Russia, more than 830 thousand people. – said White Paper.

“At the same time judging by the thriving militant nationalism of Ukrainian politicians, sounding out of their mouths misanthropic calls, support for neo-Nazi actions and torchlight processions in different cities of Ukraine, the above-mentioned figures, seems to have little chance of remaining static.”

About Minsk arrangements

“The fundamental position of the Russian Federation remains unchanged: in favor of strict observance of the Minsk agreement on both sides, – emphasized in the publication. – Kiev’s time to finally stop the reckless attempts to solve the problem of relations with the south-east of the country with tanks, guns and other military ways, renounce violence and to negotiate with the representatives proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics. ”

“No other way, and this without talking heads of Ukraine and their foreign patrons of the establishment of Ukrainian democracy is absurd,” – the document says.

About unjustified detention of citizens

Moscow has information about the unjustified imprisonment of citizens, distributed via the Internet information about the real situation in the Donbas, says the publication.

“The period under review was characterized by the rapid degradation of the situation in the field of freedom of expression and restrict the activities of undesirable Kiev government media – the document says. – International News Safety Institute has recognized Ukraine as the most dangerous country in the world for journalists.”

“In early August, killed near Donetsk was photojournalist MIA” Russia Today “Andrew Stenin – – Continued attacks, assaults, beatings and abductions of journalists. There are reports of arrests and unjustified imprisonment of citizens, distributed via the Internet information about the real state of affairs.”

“Ukrainian information space is under the pressure of tight political censorship, – emphasized in the third edition of the book. – Broadcasting authorities blocked all the popular Russian TV channels in Ukraine. Against local officials who continue their retransmission, initiating a criminal case. ”

“The rapidly developing practice of political persecution and widespread persecution of the politicians supporting an approach different from Kiev held a cynical course – the document says. – For this purpose, the murder of political opponents, the fabrication of criminal cases, illegal searches, confiscation of property, assault and bullying banal tricks such as “junk lustration” and other illegal methods of influence, contrary to the principle of the rule of law and democratic standards. ”

About the delivery of aid to the Donbass

“As a result of the fighting southeast of Kiev Ukraine was able to humanitarian catastrophe. According to UN experts, in some cities of the region partial or complete destruction of the housing stock by up to 60% “, – stated in the document.

“Against this background, cynical and flimsy various obstacles erected from Kiev and some Western capitals against practical efforts by the Russian Federation, directing the population of the southeast of Ukraine convoys of vital humanitarian aid”, – emphasized in the publication.

On the citizens of Ukraine in Russia

The total number of Russian citizens are in the Ukraine was as of the end of November, were more than 830 thousand people, according to the publication.

“According to the Russian Federal Migration Service, November 20, the total number of Russian citizens are in Ukraine is 831,085 thousand people. – the book says. – In Russia there is deployed 795 temporary accommodation centers in which there are 38,643 people, including 12,046 children up to 18 years.

486,233 citizens of Ukraine in the territorial bodies of Russia have applyed to the Russian Foriegn Ministry Service to determine their legal status. 243,141 of them apply for temporary asylum in Russia and 5,721 submitted applications for recognition as a refugees.

Moscow calls for non-politicized estimates

“Russia calls on the international community to exert pressure on the Ukrainian authorities to ensure that they take real steps to comply with the obligations in the field of human rights, including the fundamental and inalienable right to life, prohibition of torture and inhuman and degrading treatment, freedom of expression, the media, assembly and association, – stated in the publication.

“All crimes committed during the Ukrainian crisis must be objectively, fairly and effectively investigated, – the document says. – It is primarily concerned with the murder of Russian journalist, “the case of snipers” in Kiev, the tragedy of the people burned alive in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa, shooting civilians in Mariupol, disaster Malaysian airliner, mass graves uncovered in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions with evidence of mass executions , the deaths of children under artillery shells, disproportionate use of force, the use of prohibited weapons, including cluster, incendiary, white phosphorus, tactical weapons, ballistic missiles. ”

“It is crucial that the Ukrainian authorities to stop the “bandaging” and begin an independent, impartial, effective and transparent investigation of the above facts,” – emphasized in the publication.

“We call on the international media, human rights organizations of the United Nations, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, the organization of the non-governmental sector to take an active, fair and non-politicized approach to the assessment of the causes of the Ukrainian crisis and its development, – the document says. – We are convinced that suspended from the realities of trying to hide from the world community or to manipulate public opinion – the way hypocritical and hopeless. ”



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