Zakharchenko sez that the DNR Would Accept Any Other Ukrainian Oblast that Wants to Join It

Voices from Russia

00 zakharchenko and kobzon. 21.04.15


In a LifeNews interview, DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko stated, “If any other Ukrainian oblast wants to join hands with the DNR, the People’s Republic would welcome them. Any part of the Ukraine can join with the DNR… we’d welcome any of the fraternal republics… Kharkov, Zaporozhe, Lvov, Odessa, Kiev, and others. The country would be reborn. On the Maidan, the activists shouted that the Ukraine needed to fight corruption; it led to violence in the country… nothing changed. Meanwhile, in the DNR, our people built a new state with their own hands. Here, we have a rebirth of the state. We’re doing what they shouted about on the Maidan. As the DNR was as a unifying force in Novorossiya, we’d be able to amalgamate those republics and regions that wish to join us. We welcome all our friends and even our erstwhile enemies”.

In addition, Zakharchenko noted that the DNR…

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